The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan, 381 pages

Nico di Angelo is a half blood. He’s not just any half blood either, he’s a son of one of the big 3, which means he’s dangerous. He’s not a son of Zeus, nor a son of Poseidon. He’s a son of Hades, Lord of the dead. He is only 12 in this book, but in the end, he’s one of the heroes, bringing in undead soldiers when they are really needed. His father is harsh, but Nico tells him that he is needed and they both lead the army. Nico can control the dead, he can talk to them and get them to do stuff that he wants them to do.

This was, by far, the darkest book in the series. There was corruption and turmoil everywhere as the strengthening Titan lords are trying to attack New York, more specifically the Empire State Building. This is the focal point of attacks, because on the magical 600th floor, there is Olympus, the home of the gods. The gods move with the West. The gods are busy keeping one Titan at bay, but the need their sons’ and daughters’ help to guard Olympus from the advancing enemies.

I think that this book was a good end to the series. It solved the main problem. Olympus was saved from the rise to Kronos, all of the undetermined demigods were determined, and everyone was happy. Then they get a new Oracle, who bursts out a new prophecy. I don’t think the prophecies will ever end. What I liked about this series is that they weren’t focused on romance or anything like that, appealing to both boys and girls. I also liked how the books flowed together, and how they all lead up to the fulfilling of the great prophecy in the end. I also like how the great prophecy is always an underlying measure in all the books, but how each book still has their own prophecy.

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  • Tina Zhang

    HOW MANY BOOKS DO YOU READ WITHIN A DAY???!? omg…lol but this was a really good journal entry. This book seems cool too

  • Hannah

    Ummm, yesterday I read 3, the day before 2, and the day before 1. It was a cool book. Thanks!

  • Dom

    Holly Crap!!! That’s insane!!! Do you do something else then EAT books???

    • Hannah

      I don’t eat books. If I did, my bookshelf would be empty. Actually, I don’t read much. If you can believe it. I know some people who read all the time, but read slowly. I don’t read a lot but I read fast and can still understand and take it in.

    • a s h l e y :]

      Hehe if she ate books then I think the library would be empty!
      Another great book review Hannah!

  • Lifan

    Good post!

  • Amy

    Looks like a great book to read

  • Maya

    I love this series!!! :D I’ve read the other four, but not this one yet, but it sounds really good. Anyway, have you seen the movie yet? I thought it’s okay, though definitely not as good as the book :P

    • Hannah

      This one, I though, was the best. Hope I didn’t spoil anything for you! I have seen the movie, but the whole time I was criticizing it because it didn’t match the book. I think that if it followed the book plot it would have been a better movie, and if the characters looked like they were described in the book. I think the overall movie was good, and some the extras they put in instead of the plot were good ideas, but being based on a book makes me want to criticize it.

      Did you know this author is coming out with a new series about Egypt? I think it will follow about the same type of stuff but in Egypt, the first is called “The Red Pyramid” and there’s a link to the first chapter on Rick Riordan’s website. It looks good, but I think I will still like this series better, unless that series is really really good.

  • Dom

    The movie has Pierce Brosnan in it :D
    I might go watch the movie… and if the movie is just halfway decent, I’m going to read the book :D

    • Hannah

      I can’t tell you which to do first since there are 3 dilemmas,

      1. If you watch the movie first, you won’t have much clue what’s going on in the beginning, so you will get confused and when you read the book, you won’t get your own picture of what the characters etc, look like.

      2. If you read the book first, then you will spend most of the movie comparing it to the book, and that hurts your brain ( I know from experience)

      3. Don’t decide on reading a book based on it’s movie. The book is WAY better than the movie, and you will probably like your own imagination better than the director’s imagination.

  • Belle

    Nice review, because of it, makes me wanna read this book! Good Job!!!

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