The RopeMaker

title: The RopeMaker

Author: Peter Dickinson

Pages: 132

Tilja is the principal character of this story, outcast of her family since she they discovered that she was not to be the the succeeder of her mom. Tilja doesn’t her the voice of the cedars, instead it is her little sister, Anja, who has been gifted by such a mysterious power. But that also means that the family farm will be owned by Anja when she gets married.Tilja is devastated by this, she who had been sure to be the gifted one. But when The magic of the valley starts to grow less powerful, Tilja decides to go on a quest to find the one who had long ago gifted their valley of magic for their protection. But Tilja soon discovers that she isn’t as alone as she thought she was.

I think the author did a good jobe with this book, but that it was too childlike for me, which is why i didn’t continue reading the book. The author wrote a good book, simple and with magic as well as magical creatures, and fantasy and mysteries.
But even if it might sound like a good book, I didn’t enjoy it that much. I thought is was boring and way to predictable, and maybe a little too magical, fairy tales for me. Maybe if I had kept reading more I would have finally gotten interested in the plot, but it was just not catching on to me well enough.

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