Journal Entry-The Hunger Games

Title-The Hunger Games

Author-Suzanne Collins


The protagonist of this story,Katniss, is a sixteen year old girl whom attends a secondary school somewhere amidst the coal mines of District 12. She’s quiet,humble, kind and is generally liked by District 12′s residents. She is also an excellent hunter, archer, and trapper, skilled just like her late father. Katniss loves her little sister Prim more than anything in the world and when Prim gets selected as a tribute to represent District 12 in the Hunger Games, Katniss,without any hesitation,takes her sister’s place in this mere death sentence.

While reading this book, I discovered that it possessed similarities to another book that I have read before, The Giver. The reason being for this is because both societies in these two stories were portrayed as futuristic societies where every district has their own specific input to the Capitol. Another significant similarity is the sacrifice of the innocent; whereas in The Giver some children were sacrificed solely because of who they are and in The Hunger Games faultless children were placed for bets in The Hunger Games, the sacrifice in these books had the same intention-To obtain a stable and organized society.

I wouldn’t say that I hated this book, nor would I say that I loved it either. If somebody asked me my opinion on this book, I would reply simply and say, “It’s contents are just too faraway for me to give an answer.” I think that there is quite a substantial difference between fantasy and realistic fiction whereas this book has fallen right in the middle of the two. The time period that would fully rely on this system of society that is illustrated in this book is just too faraway to be true.

Even though China is a communist country I wouldn’t say it plays real communism. A real communist country is a country like that in The Giver and The Hunger Games, where everything is owned by the government and everybody just worked for the government. My Chinese teachers always described China’s dream to become a fully communist country like communism was some sort of paradise and even at first I thought that becoming fully communist would be a good idea to lead into an orderly society however now that I come to think of it, it would just crunch away peoples hearts(and people’s love for facebook and youtube).

Even though this story had the same moral as The Giver, unlike The Giver, it has failed to express it out clearly to the reader. The ending was too predictable for it didn’t leave me with questions, in fact, it just chucked a big fat and oily answer in my very eyes. In fact,I had to rub out all the greasy oil before I could see clearly.


Does an organized society always lead to a happy society?


The Capitol-”Only one person is aloud to survive the annual hunger games.”

Peeta-”Nahh” *kisses Katniss.* “I’ve loved you for 10 years!”

Crowd-”Love overpowers all!”

The Capitol-”= =” *Fine make that two*


Whereas the earth’s crust is whittled by violence, people’s hearts are sculptured by love.

2nd Moral

The society needs to be owned by the people, and the government needs to remain empty-handed while leading it.

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13 comments to Journal Entry-The Hunger Games

  • Chong Hao Goh

    Just what does the word ‘protagonist’ mean?

  • Tina Zhang

    it means main character…?? >.<

  • Jacelyn

    I’m curious. Just because the time period seems so far off into the future, does that make it unrealistic?
    About the ending, I see your point, but of unclear morals not so much. The very existence of the Hunger Games should already have been the answer to your question, placed neatly on a platter and served cold.

  • Tina Zhang

    It’s not that the time period is so far in the future, it’s that it just wouldn’t happen. Come to think of it, how can people really have districts without being greedy? How can real communism work without the leaders being really strict? Lol. My morals are really clear. History can prove this. That’s why the soviet union collapsed, because communism wouldn’t work since one dominant trait of humans is greediness, and how can we promote equality if everybody is greedy? And also about the love and violence thing, refer to the chinese cultural revolution. Kuomingdang didn’t win since they used weapons whereas the communists used compassion for the people.

  • Tina Zhang

    i mean not used compassion, gave compassion

  • Dom

    What’s up with the big greasy chuck of oil in your eyes???
    I seriously wonder if every one in this class despise a book as soon as it gives answers.
    I for one enjoy it. :) without my answers a book bores me.

  • Tina Zhang

    hahaz i don’t like too obvious endings. no fun >.<

  • Dom

    Yea, obvious endings are boring, i agree with that. I don’t like books that raise too many questions though. In the end you spend more time thinking bout the novel then actually enjoying it, don’t you agree?

    • Mr. MacKnight

      So what you’re saying, Dom, is that thinking is not enjoyable?

    • a s h l e y :]

      But isn’t it good that a book makes you think? I mean that it sticks with you, and raises questions that make you think twice about something?
      I agree with Tina, obvious endings aren’t fun at all. T~T (insert agreement high-five from Tina)

  • Kevin

    At first I thought you were talking about a sequel to the movie District 9 but as I read on I realized it was not… From the way you describe this I probably won’t like this book too much since everyone is a drone to the government. Another thing, why did you mention your 汉语 teacher? Its about quality not quantity.
    ~side note~ Other languages work here ^^

  • Tina Zhang

    hmm yea dominik. And kevin, mentioning my Chinese teacher is just example

  • Dom

    I don’t mind thinking, i just get bored if too many questions come up :D I prefer entertaining books, not so much books that raise lots of questions. But that’s just MY opinion.

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