book vs movie – who will win? :)

There are severly a lot of differences in the book and the movie. The book has more details however because, well, they couldn’t fit all that useless junk in the movie. First of all, they didn’t show how Scout’s class was (for the 3 grades), Scout didn’t find chewing gum on the tree hole, Ms. Maudies’ house didn’t get on fire, Ms. Dubose didn’t die, (Part two) Jem isn’t a mister, Jem and Scout didn’t go to Calpurnia’s church, Dill didn’t hide under Scout’s bed, Aunt Alexandra doesn’t come to Scout’s house, there aren’t afternoon parties with friends, Atticus stays near the jail and doesn’t go home, and finally: there was no roly-poly in the house. :) That’s all i can remember, sadly. but hey, no one can remember all the lines in the book.

8 comments to book vs movie – who will win? :)

  • a s h l e y :]

    Cool title Nicolas, it made me curious about what you wrote which is a good thing! :)

  • Belle

    I agree with ashley, how you make up the title, is good, it makes the people curious about what your writing! But I think you have to write more about the comparisons between the two though… but you still did a good job! :)

  • Dom

    YEA, pretty cool title.
    Next time write more tho. But Good Job. IF your next comparison is as good as your title, u did an amazing job :D

  • nicolas

    little writing, but very well done, THAT’S life!

  • Belle

    ummm… ok.. alright hahaha no comment :D

  • nicolas

    It’s long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to make it interesting.

  • Dom

    I agree it’s long enough…. not so sure about the interesting part :P but hey, good job

  • nicolas

    the interesting part is that it’s short enough to be interesting (in this post the dragon drawing of words).

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