Pastiche on a Poetry; Out of School (Hal Summers)

Original Poetry:
Out of School (Hal Summers)

Four o’clock strikes,
There’s a rising hum,
Then the doors fly open,
The children come.

With a wild cat-call
And a hop-scotch hop
And a bouncy ball
And a whirling top.

Grazing of knees,
A hair-pull and a slap,
A hitched up satchel,
A pulled down cap,

Bully boys reeling off,
Hurt ones squealing off,
Aviators wheeling off,
Mousy ones stealing off,

Woollen gloves for chilblains,
Cotton rags for snufflers,
Pigtails, coat-tails,
Tails of mufflers,

Machine gun cries,
A kennelful of snearlings,
A hurricane of leaves,
A treeful of starlings,

Thinning away now
By some and some,
Thinning away, away,
All gone home.

Pastiche on a poetry:

Sound of the alarm,

An encouraging odor,

A temptation of the bed,

A knock from the door.

Staring at the door,

The eyelids fall,

The sight covered with soar,

The white fogs roll.

The world of dream,

A snow-like rabbit,

A cake full of cream,

A world without git,

A bird sings out,

A girl dances out,

The sweets run out,

And I walked out.

There’s a door in front,

And a voice,

And a knock,

And the door makes noise.

The door squeak opens,

The sight blacks out,

The recover of consciousness,

The mind clears out.

The time was eight,

The bus had gone,

I will be late,

I ran out the door.

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