Catcher in the Rye personal response

This book sounds a bit like my life 3 years ago but not the personality. I say it sounds like my life 3 years ago is because I was having home stay in United States and the life that I had over there wasn’t very good. It was as terrible as Holden’s life or maybe even worst because at that time I was still younger than him, have lousy guardian and they are so mean to me. I really kind of enjoyed reading this book and kind of not really enjoy reading this book because it brings me back the bad memories that I had in United States but it also reminded me about the good memories with my friends at my school United States as well and it especially reminds of the camp I went with my friends and how fun and awesome it was since the school camp is coming up. The part I liked most about the book was when they mentioned that Holden is kicked out of the school because it makes me feel a bit better because at least I didn’t get kicked out of the school and I did okay with most of the subject. Over all the story is just about a teenager going through his worst time in his life time and I think the book is trying to tell people that don’t be negative as well as telling that teenagers are very negative. I would rate it 8 out of 10 because Holden’s life is similar to mine 3 years ago and I think it wasn’t too bad to read it but I wouldn’t really suggest others to read it because usually people thinks these stuff are boring. What I wrote is my opinion about this book. Thanks for reading it!

by Hiroyuki Okazoe

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