To kill a mockingbird

When I first started watching the movie in class, I saw that was in black and white, and I thought it would be a boring old movie. However, since I missed the beginning of the movie, I looked it up on the Internet and watched it. I paid a lot of attention to the [...]

Personal Response to the movie ‘to kill a mockingbird’

I watched this movie called ‘To kill a mockingbird’ which is based on a book. I didn’t really like this movie at the beginning since it was really old and black and white. I usually (almost every time) like watching movies. After like 20 minutes, the colors and when it was filmed didn’t matter anymore. [...]

Opinion about " To Kill a Mockingbird "

OK, for starting information, i am not a black and white film fan. But this one was really good, mostly because of it’s theme and sense.

But this movie was for a b/w movie pretty good. I like the story line and the theme of the movie. Prejudice is a big problem in the [...]

To Kill a Mockingbird — Film

This movie is old. That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird, and it still is. Not that the plot was boring or anything, just the fact that the movie itself was released in 1962. If there was a remake of it, I’m sure that I’d be able to watch it without thoughts like, ‘The actor for Scout must be like 50 by now,’ and ‘This movie was released before my parents were even born,’ and ‘It’s all in black and white.’ It hadn’t occurred to me that the movie was purposely filmed in black and white. Another thing that bothered me was the acting seemed a little awkward and stiff at some places, unless everyone was like that in the 1930′s. That I’m not quite sure of. [...]

About Mockingbirds

If To Kill a Mockingbird has made you curious about real mockingbirds, have a look at this page about them. It has enough information, I think, for most of you, with links for those who want to know more.


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Video:To Kill A Mocking Bird

At first, I had no idea what kind of movie it will be, ‘cause ‘to kill a mocking bird’ wasn’t telling me anything. Also, the movie was black and white which made me think ‘this movie’s going to be boring’ before I didn’t even watched for 5minutes.

The front part was like a story [...]

Personal Response to “Video: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’”

Personal Response to Video: To Kill a Mockingbird

At first, when the movie started, I was kind of depressed that the movie was in black and white. Since usually black and white movies just made my eyes hurt, and usually black and white movies are old, which I did not like to watch. But [...]

Personal Response the movie: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

This movie really surprised me. At first glance it seems to be just a black & white movie, with no real action or ability to relate to modern day life and people. However, by watching the first ten minutes, I felt compelled to continue watching, and to find out what adventures Scout, Jem and [...]

mocking bird video

I think it was a very sensational movie. It was very well made, very epic and very well explained. It was a world class movie (for the 60′s, cause now we have movies with cars using machine guns. aka death race, try it! ). What I really didn’t like from the movie, was the [...]

To Kill a Mocking Bird (vid)

  Just looking at the title of this story kind of makes you not want to read it, “To Kill a Mocking Bird” wow well thats exciting no? Anyhow the video was not half as bad as I suspected, the black and white color did not really bother me and the plot is alright to keep [...]

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