Love poem

The poems outline the three stages of love: courtship/seduction, fidelity and infidelity, and separation. The common theme in the poems of seduction is the man is desperate for a relationship and the argument he uses is that the woman will not be young forever, so she should not be coy. For example in “Oh [...]

Personal response to Love Poetry

The love poems were okay to me, but most of them were hard to understand. Of course it was easier to understand after Mr. Macknight’s explanations of the meanings. It wasn’t my first time learning love poetry, I’ve learnt it before but it was a long time ago. The love poems are like some [...]


Poetry has a way of of telling the truth… It describes things in so much details and usually with an immense power. But if I say; poetry, you usually end up thinking about love. Why? Because it’s beautiful? Because it’s light and happy like a lot of poems are? Or simply because it’s so easy to [...]

Love poetry personal response.

I never thought love poetry could be so confusing and complicated. Some poems just sound so desperate and hopeless. Reading the whole booklet of love poems, there was one of them that caught my eye; “Song” by Edmund Waller. This poem talks about how this man talks to a rose which is the symbol [...]

Love poetry, My opinion.

I actually do not like poetry. But Love poetry is a little bit different from the others, I liked it much better.

Maybe it was because some of them had really interesting, funny and sometimes also ridiculous stuff in them. The one poem that impressed me the most was the one by Andrew Marvell, [...]

Love Poetry

Love Poetry… before I read those love poetries, what came out in my mind is just that when a men falls in love with women, they write love poetries to impress them, all of them are the same thing basically. They are using words that is different, harder, deeper to understand. What I thought [...]

Response to Love Poetry

I never really liked poems. I preferred to read a long storybook than a short poem. I felt that most of them were somewhat complicated especially when the poems had words with a few different meanings. To me, love poems were just paragraphs of words men used to impress ladies. I never thought about [...]

Love Poetry

Love, along with every other positive emotion, is all a lie. Love is often thought of as the ‘good’ emotion, the motive of heroes, but is it really? In order to love, one must first learn to trust. When one starts to trust, he or she is essentially inviting an attack on himself or [...]

Love poetry

Love poetry

Before we started learning about love poetry I thought that it was going to be one of the most boring topics we could learn in English class, because I though that love poetry is to much into the relationship between a boy and a girl. But when we started learning love poetry [...]

Love Poetry <3

   Love is actually a simple thing if you think about it, you either love someone, or you don’t. It exists around us in many different forms: Letters, speeches, songs or dances. Some are so big it becomes impossible to miss, and some are so small it is hard to notice. Love poetry is [...]

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