The Crazy Man

The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter, 214 pages.

When I read a good book, I think about

the way it’s written.

And I think about the style of writing The author uses and how it Affects the novel.

Things I Enjoyed About The Crazy Man: One: Tragedy [...]

Song Pastiche #2, Bombin’ in Baghdad

How many souls must Hitler gun down, Before you call him a jerk? Yes, ‘n’ how many hearts did George Bush bomb, Before they called upon the queen? Yes, ‘n’ how many times must Obama raise his hand, Before Iraq unites in peace? The answer, my friend, is bombin’ in Baghdad The answer is [...]

Pastiche (6th Edition)

If I had a rubbish I’d throw away to the river I’d throw away to the ocean All over this earth I’d throw out the dusts I’d throw out the rubbish I’d throw out rubbish between the heaven and hell of evil All over this earth

If I had a bomb I’d blow it in the city I’d blow it in [...]

'Birmingham Sunday' pastiche

Come gather round students and listen to me A really good pastiche is something to see The sounds are important, including the rhymes, And the words should have power and meaning.

If you want to imitate somebody’s song, It can’t be too short and it can’t be too long. The rhythms and stresses [...]

Song Pastiche



How many pens must a student use

Before he is proud of himself?

Yes, ‘n’ how many times must he timidly smile

Before he can laugh out loud?

Yes, ‘n’ how many times must he shout out loud

Before he gets a good life?

The answer, my friend, is rolling in your [...]

Song 'Blowing in the wind' Pastiche



How many words must a person finds out

Before she call him a man~

Yes ‘n’ how many foods must a person eat and drink~

Before he sleeps in the ground?

Yes ‘n’ how many times must the chicken eggs fly?

Before they’re forever boiled

The answer, Li fan, is blowing in [...]

If This Was My Homework - Song Pastiche

This Song Pastiche is on “If I had a hammer”

————————First Paragraph————

If this was my homework

I’d do it in the morning

I’d do it in the evening

All my precious time

I’d not think about it

And use my time wisely

I’d now be playing games with my best friend and my [...]

Civil Rights Song Pastiche

If I had money

                                            Yisu Kang

If I had a dollar

I’d buy sweets in the morning

I’d buy sweets in the evening

All over this town

I’d buy gobstoppers

I’d buy [...]

Song pastiche

I wish I knew how it would feel to be a tree. I wish I could feel all the winds around me. I wish I could see all the birds that I can see. See them fly, see them sing. For the whole wide trees to feel.

I wish I could feel All the [...]

Song Pastiche – If I had a hammer

Diana Lee, 9N

If I have a small fish 

It would swim in the daybreak

It would swim in the sundown

All over this state

It would swim without danger

It would swim without caution

It would swim out love between my buddies and neighbors

All over this place


If I have a [...]

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