Have I changed as a writer? :D

  I never really liked to write, and neither was I good at it. It’s hard to use the right vocabulary, to make sure the grammar is correct, and that the finished work are smooth to read. Ever since I came here at 6th grade, grade 9 English class is definitely where I wrote the [...]

Did you change? :p

Were you good at reading?

Nah, I was not good at reading English books, when I was trying to read the books, I started to sleep after 5 minutes of reading. However, this year was different. Mr. Macknight had asked us to read any books everyday 10 minutes, so I started to read. It [...]

As a writer…

I think that my writing had improved every year as long as I am still surrounded by English speakers. I still could not write as good as I wrote in Chinese essays because my English level has not reached the level like Tina. (Kidding, but it is true!!!) I needed to fill up my [...]

How Have I Changed?

Reading Prior to the start of Grade 9, I was averaging a book a day. However, after my entry into Grade 9, and more specifically, Independent Reading, my reading pace slowed down considerably. I did not relish the idea of being forced to read; before Independent Reading, I read whenever it pleased me. Even [...]

How have I changed as a reader + writer?

Lee Hae Yeon                                                           G9E

Question 1: How have you changed as a reader?

I didn’t really get to read any English books in September because I was in Korea reading Korean books. I didn’t really have a good access to English books that I do as now. If I had more chances to read [...]

How have I changed as a writer?

Although I have been in English A since the second half of G6, my work was almost never public displayed. When I heard that we had to post majority of our work on a PUBLIC blog, which EVERYONE can read, I was a bit nervous. I was afraid of criticism, but I then learned [...]

How have I changed as a reader and writer?

By the very first time I came to English A class, I was very nervous, I know that from the very beginning my english was horrible. By the very first day of class, honestly, when Mr.Macknight was talking through the whole class, I couldn’t even understand what we have to do! By the end of that [...]

How Have I Changed as a Writer?

This school year, personally, I think my writing changed a little bit. In the beginning, I was a bit uncomfortable with writing in the highest level of English, especially not where everyone can see it, since I came from BA, but as the school year went by, I got more and more comfortable in [...]

The Grand Finale of the Blogs – The end of the Navarrian Blog Era

When i first came into Mr. Macknight’s class of elite english speakers, my reading wasn’t that good. I didn’t know a lot of words back then, so i sometimes couldn’t understand the books i read. My writing wasn’t in the best level too, so i didn’t get used to writing in the blogs immediatelly. [...]

Last Blog Posts - Serena A. Ahmad

1. How have you changed as a reader? Think about where you were as a reader in September, and where you are now. How are you different? What has caused the changes? What reading experiences this year have been most important to you? If you have not changed, why not? How do you see [...]

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