Have I changed?

Have I changed as a Reader?

Yes, I’ve changed as a reader. When it was September, in my english BA class, our english teacher Mrs. Adams didn’t assign us much about the independent reading, and I didn’t get really deep with reading, didn’t really spend a lot of time on reading as much as [...]

How have I changed?

How have I changed as a reader?

During the start of this school year, I never had any problems with reading and would usually pick up a book whenever I was bored and had nothing else to do. Now, nothing has change except that I now read at a faster pace and I prefer [...]

Read and Write

Since English is not my mother tongue, and I am not that kind of person who loves challenging, I hated most of the things that related to English. When I first came to SSIS and read an english book, I almost cried, I thought I was too stupid. I took almost a month to [...]


I changed a lot in reading during this year of grad 9th. As I’m getting older, I started to become lazy on reading books. However, there were differences between the first year of semester and now the ends of semester. By the assignments from language teachers of reading books changed me a lot. Beginning [...]

How have I changed…

As a reader…

Since I moved into Mr. MacKnight’s English class, I changed a lot, improved I think. I read a lot more than before now, and more varieties of book, think more through the books. Reading different varieties of book make me think a lot, some serious, some just imaginary, but the most [...]

Have I changed as a reader?

Have I changed as a reader?

Yeah of course i did, I read many books more then last year and the year before.  This year i read more sophisticated books and I was happy that i liked a lot of them. I read many different books, girly books, hard books, interesting books and books [...]

Enjoyed reading but still not initiative enough in writing.

How have I changed as a reader?

Back in 2009 September, I did not really read much book at that time. In fact reading was on my top dislike list, but now reading became one of my habits everyday. This change started from the day I entered Mr. Macknight’s classroom once again after grade [...]

How did I change as a reader?

  I will remember this school year as the most important school year in SSIS. I could had chosen to go to Chinese middle school near my house, but for the new experience and English skill, I have chosen international school, which is one and half an hour away in car. This school year [...]

Have I changed as a reader?

When I first have to read a book in English, it took like five or ten minutes to read a page. As I read every sentence I circled the one that I don’t understand and looked it up. It worked at the beginning, but, if you are learning English for second language you might know [...]

Have i changed as a reader?

Looking back at the beginning of the school year, I realize that I actually changed as a reader. I started to think about what all the books I read were about and what I could learn from all of them. I thought about serious questions I could get out from the stories, because all [...]

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