Personal Response to Names and Faces

A mango. An enticing summery flame colour, just waiting to be cut open and hungrily devoured, delicious juice ready to drip down your chin. But on the surface lies a noxious little bruise, deep black and sickeningly squishy, making the wonderful mango suddenly seem undesirable.

This mango is our mission.

Most of this project [...]

Personal Response- Names and Faces

    ‘Names and Faces’ project was pretty interesting. And it gave me a deep impression because was my first time doing this kind of project. I’ve never thought about interviewing the ayi’s before because I wasn’t interested about what their names are, what time they finish work, what they feel about SSIS, and lots [...]

Personal Responses: to Names and Faces Project

The biggest difficulties I’ve encountered is translating part. Even know my home language is Chinese, but there are still some part with what she said, it can be different when it’s Chinese and when it’s english. It’s hard to translate isn’t all about the language problem, it’s more into the meaning of it. Translating [...]

Personal Response - Names & Faces

For past few weeks, we’ve been working on this project called ‘Names and Faces’. We walked all around  the school to find someone that works in this school, but barely noticed or left with no attention at all. First target was a guard outside. We asked every single guards, none of them had spare [...]

Personal Response about "Names and Faces Project"

  The biggest problem of our group members, including me, was that we trust each other too much. We thought that since we are doing a group work,  each of us only have to do a bit of work, and didn’t pushed our selves hard. It was a big mistake. As a result, at [...]

Personal Response-Names & Faces

I really enjoyed this project because it was different from our other projects. In this project, we got to interview someone and write about the person. The biggest difficulty I encountered in this project was actually writing the article because we had to translate what he said from Chinese to English and we couldn’t [...]

Personal Response-Names and Faces

This project was really new for most of us, in my opinion. When I first got this topic I was little surprised at the fact that I have not recognized those people who are working for our convenience around us. From that day I started to notice that many A-yis and guards are working [...]

Personal Reponse - Names & Faces

Our Names and Faces project was quite a success. We did not encounter any major challenges over the course of the project; however, this is not to say that we did not encounter any problems at all. In the beginning, everything was going according to plan, and soon enough, we had in our possession [...]

Personal Response to Names & Faces

The Names & Faces project was a new and interesting experience. We had to make up questions and interview people we see a lot but have no idea who they are. And after all that we still have to write an article about them.

The biggest difficulty my group encountered during this project was [...]

Personal Response: 'Names & Faces' project

When we first started this project, I thought this was not going to be a challenging project at all, but by doing this, I was proved wrong. My first challenge was to come up with interview questions, of course anyone could come up with the usual questions, but if you actually want to get [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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