Personal Response of 'the Merchant of Venice'

The Merchant of Venice has the characteristic of criticism and the contradiction in the period of time in Middle Age of Europe. Seems the movie was much more visualize the Christian’s multiple character in the church and outside of the church, swearing and beating the Jewish, spiting on them and go back to church [...]

Personal review on 'The Merchant of Venice'

I felt friendly to the movie because I have read the book already before watching it. But the book that I read was in a simple form to make the readers understand better. Frankly speaking, I just knew the basic story but not in detail. I understood the movie better because Mr.Macknight explained to [...]

Personal Response to 'Merchant of Venice'

Merchant of Venice! I have read this book once when I was a small kid in Korea and watched the same movie on OCN (Korean Movie Channel). I have felt it was fun to watch at that time, did not really care about the story , only focused on which good and bad person. [...]

Speaking Shakespeare

Acting is hard. Acting is excruciatingly hard. When you’re up there sweating under the spotlight, telling your legs to stop shaking, ‘It comes out naturally’ and ‘Memorising the lines is all there is to it,’ is just a load of bull. Well, that is, for me anyway. It was probably all the memorising and performing—especially [...]

Personal Response to "Merchant of Venice"

“Merchant of Venice” is a play script written by William Shakespeare. It is a story about the people in Venice and it expresses how those people are connected together with love and money.

First of all, the story begins with the scene where Antonio, who is a ‘really good’ christian, spits on Shylock, who [...]

Personal Response- The Merchant of Venice

Personal response- the merchant of Venice

If I say the most interest part from the movie, ‘The merchant of Venice’, for me it was the scene with trial between Shylock and Antonio. That scene showed many things to me, such as justice, groups of people and their conflicts, truth and fake. When I finished [...]

Merchant of Venice

‘The Merchant of Venice’, I’ve seen and heard this name many times before and knew it was something I had to read or watch eventually.

The movie showed us an example of the lives of Jews and Christians in Medieval Europe. The powerful people were Christians so the Jews were the ones who are [...]

Merchant of Venice~~

The movie we watched ‘Merchant of Venice’ was originated from a play written by Shakespeare. The movie wasn’t so terrible, but it wasn’t excellent either. The beginning part of the movie was…um…terrible. That’s all I can say. If I were to see this movie by myself without any background knowledge, I will be like [...]


Just a note to say that, with very few exceptions, everyone who has posted a personal response to ‘The Merchant of Venice’ has demonstrated an impressive capacity to think deeply about the important questions raised by the play. I am delighted to see so many of you doing such great work. BRAVO!

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The Merchant of Venice Personal Response

The Merchant of Venice. Not a very catchy title. It’s not the type of title you’d see in a movie theatre and say to yourself “Wow! Look at that movie! The Merchant of Venice! Let’s go see that one!”, it’s the type of title where’d you probably say “Yeah. That one. When did we [...]

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