The power of stories: Elias Khoury and Amos Oz

Here’s a story from the New York Times that shows the power of stories:

Mr. Khoury’s story itself is very dramatic: his family’s land is confiscated by the Israelis, and his father denied the right to work. Then his father is killed in a Palestinian terror attack. Years later, his son is murdered [...]

Stop Prejudice! - Oppression

Oppression by Betty Rachele Ina and Serena

This poem/rap is about the prejudice that most Asian, Arab, and European men believe in. The prejudice is that their women should be like property. Owned and ruled over. Rachele, Betty, Ina and Serena found that this prejudice needed to be changed. Therefore, they wrote a song, [...]

The Merry Adventures of Bob White and Dick Black

For our ‘Stop Prejudice!’ project, we – Jessie, Shimmona, Emma and Jacelyn -  decided to write a script for a short educational play to let children learn more about the prejudice and racism that exists in the world, so they can form their own opinions on this topic. This said, we now proudly present [...]

Asian Prejudice, My Own Account

So many people don’t know about prejudice. In North America, we are prejudiced about many types of people, like people from Asiaand Africa. Most of there people live in their own little world because no one will accept them. No one will accept them because they are [...]

Prejudice on Education

“The sun will shed nothing more but crimson tears.”

“The society will abolish nothing more but crimson hearts.”


Jun”純”(meaning pure)(He is a poor Japanese boy that fled to Korea, now he lives with Iwan’s family. He is called “Dragonfly Brother” by Snow ) Snow Jiang (Half American,Half Taiwanese [...]

SSIS Newsletter – “阿姨,你好”

Being an AYI is a hard job. You have to wake up early, at around 5:30, and there are no buses to bring you to work, so you have to own either a bike or a scooter. You get to school at around 7:30 and you need to start working at 7:45. You have [...]

OMG SOOOOO COOL :D (Asian Prejudice Problem)

if you delete this now, you will not have any friends. You’ll be a loner and have nothing to show for it.

Jack S. opened this chain email 2 years ago, unknowingly he deleted it. The next day he lost his job. He got fired by his Asian boss because of racism.

Harry [...]

German Prejudice Against Turks

German Prejudice Against Turks


Since the 1950’s, shortly after WW2, Germans have hired Turks to do cheap labor for them; help them build Germany again, and so made a living for them. Nowadays most of the German population is either German or Turkish. We work together, go to school together, party together, [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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