Book vs. Movie: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

Normally I prefer books to movies because the books always have more information, and detail. Many movies I have watched are not as good as the books they are based on, because I feel that the filmmaker is rushing to conclude the film. However, I think To Kill a Mockingbird the movie was better [...]

Book vs Movie!’To kill a mockingbird’

Book vs Movie

Books and Movies. They are completely different but have so many similarities. Books give information or tell stories in the form of ‘text’. On the other hand movies do the same thing, except it does it by showing image. However both books and movies give information and tell stories. Like [...]

To Kill a Mockingbird - Book vs. Movie

The book most definitely feels different to the movie—it’s got more depth, more meaning, more personality. Omitting minor characters and minor events from the story is like taking off all the icing on a cake. But personally, I hate lemon icing so I guess it just depends on your own preferences for things.

In [...]

Book versus Movie *dramatic music*

Just as the movie had failed to do, the book wasn’t very interesting. However that was most likely just me because of all of its awards. The book, comparing to the movie was probably better because of all the extra content it had included. The movie seemed a bit rushed through if you ask [...]

Personal Response-To Kill a Mocking Bird

To Kill a Mockingbird

Movie vs. Book

There are many movies that based on book, such as Harry Potter. I think when we make a movie from book, it decreases the impression from dramatization and I normally prefer to read book rather than watch movie. However, in this movie, to kill a mocking bird, [...]

Personal Response: To Kill a Mockingbird

To kill a mockingbird



If there were two mediums given to you with the same topic, what would you choose: the book or the movie? It is always hard [...]

Movie VS. book-Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny :D

There are many details in the book that don’t appear in the movie. it couldn’t fit. if they did put all the details, we would be watching a 10 hour movie, which is pretty sweet. First of all, we don’t see in the movie what happens in Scout’s three grade classes, Scout didn’t find [...]

book vs movie – who will win? :)

There are severly a lot of differences in the book and the movie. The book has more details however because, well, they couldn’t fit all that useless junk in the movie. First of all, they didn’t show how Scout’s class was (for the 3 grades), Scout didn’t find chewing gum on the tree hole, [...]

To Kill A Mockingbird - Movie vs Book

To Kill A Mockingbird was originally a book by Harper Lee. It was then transformed into a movie, but with this transformation, the story both lost and acquired meanings and happenings. The book was more about Scout and Boo Radley than the Tom Robinson case. The trial was, of course, still important in both [...]

Book and Movie 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

Many movies are filmed based on the book. For example, there are ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Da Vinci Code’. However, the movie cannot have all of stories in the story, so they summarize the story and change the story little bit. We can also find this kinds of problems in the ‘To kill a mocking [...]

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