Last But Not Least~

How have I changed as a reader?

At the beginning of the year, I didn’t read the right books. Sure, they were books with pages and a plot, but they weren’t the type of books that were really worth reading. It seems my book choices have changed so much throughout the year, first being [...]

Personal Response: Names & Faces

To find someone you have seen so many times and actually talk to them. An interesting challenge. Everything they have done for us has been hidden as our own lives seem more important. However walking out of the nurses office after the interview, I suddenly felt a stab of guilt.

I am not the [...]

Love Poetry~

Ah, Love. It surrounds us everyday, sometimes our friend and sometimes our greatest foe. It comes in many forms and in our English class it arrived in the form of poetry.

Now poetry is definitely not my favourite thing to study. It can be confusing, annoying and just plain boring. And when that 12 [...]

Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman


Polly Shulman

198 pages

Jane Austen. A woman, a writer and a role model to many. This is how Julie sees her. Yet her best friend Ashleigh, who is a complete enthusiast does not see how Jane Austen is so great. Until now. As Ashleigh starts another craze about another topic Julie can [...]

When mercy seasons justice.

Portia. The words she says are those that are used to persuade Shylock to give mercy. Yet I found myself having to persuade him too as I stood up on the “stage” in front of my class, willing myself not to forget the lines I had memorized. It was difficult and definitely not something [...]

Girls Out Late

Girls out late

Jacqueline Wilson.

183 pages

From the series Girls in Love, this book is all about Ellie and her friend Magda and Nadine, and how they survived through the ups and downs of teenage life. Mostly getting into trouble but also trying to find the balance between love family and friends. Ellie [...]

Hypocrite in a pouffy white dress

Hypocrite in a pouffy white dress

Susan Jane Gilman.

351 pages

The theme of this book is basically cluelessness and discovery. Throughout the others life she has hit roadblocks, and met strange and wonderful people but she is still totally clueless about the rest of her life. She just lives it day by day, [...]

Reading Journal: Fix


Leslie Margolis

Pages: 241

Plastic Surgery. Love it, loathe it, want it, need it. So many things one little surgery can go. Cameron had a nose job before transferring schools from La Jolla to L.A. Before the surgery she was miserable, bullied, and felt totally ugly. After the surgery though everything changed. She [...]

Reading Journal: Love Lessons

Love Lesson

Jacqueline Wilson

Pages: 169

Prue has been home schooled since she can remember. Her old fashioned dad always made them read books he wanted them too and controlled all aspects of Prue and her sister Piggy’s life. Yet when their dad has a stroke and is unable to come out of the [...]

Personal Response: Merchant of Venice

” The Merchant of Venice” is originally a play written by Shakespeare. Like Shakespeare’s other work, this play shines light on different issues, some which are from his time and some that have continued to the present day. This play was then taken and made into a movie which I then watched with my [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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