Cento Poem

I hope, I fear, resolved, and yet I doubt, I’m cold as ice, and yet I burn as fire; We hear our hearts grate on themselves: I kill To bruise them dearer. Yet the rebellious wills Of us we do bid God bend to him even so. Whilst I embraced the shadow of my [...]

How Have I Changed?

Reading Prior to the start of Grade 9, I was averaging a book a day. However, after my entry into Grade 9, and more specifically, Independent Reading, my reading pace slowed down considerably. I did not relish the idea of being forced to read; before Independent Reading, I read whenever it pleased me. Even [...]


Author: Homer Title: Odyssey Number of pages: 560

The Odyssey is a fantastic piece of work. The fact that it has survived as one of the oldest pieces of Western literature over the years is a testament to just that. The main character is Odysseus; this story picks up where the Illiad ends, and [...]

Personal Reponse - Names & Faces

Our Names and Faces project was quite a success. We did not encounter any major challenges over the course of the project; however, this is not to say that we did not encounter any problems at all. In the beginning, everything was going according to plan, and soon enough, we had in our possession [...]

Love Poetry

Love, along with every other positive emotion, is all a lie. Love is often thought of as the ‘good’ emotion, the motive of heroes, but is it really? In order to love, one must first learn to trust. When one starts to trust, he or she is essentially inviting an attack on himself or [...]

Understanding Portia

In order to deliver a speech effectively, one must first understand the context of the speech, along with understanding the character you are impersonating. What I understand of Portia is that she is an excellent liar. After all, she assumed the role of a man without anyone finding out for quite a period of [...]

Penndragon: The Rivers of Zadaa

Machele, D.J. 495 pages

The Rivers of Zadaa is the sixth book in the Penndragon series. The story takes place in Zadaa, Loor’s homeworld. In the previous books, it has been suggested that Penndragon has romantic feelings towards Loor. It clearly states Penndragon’s feelings towards Loor in this book, when Penndragon almost kisses Loor, [...]

Penndragon: Blackwater

Machele, D.J. 338 pages

Blackwater is the fifth book in the Penndragon series. This story takes place in the world of Eelong, the only world where non-humanoids aren’t the ruling species. In fact, quigs, the ‘security guards’ for Saint Dane, are humans. The dominant species are instead speaking tigers. Humans are slaves to the [...]

Penndragon: The Reality Bug

Machele, D.J. 348 pages.

The Reality Bug is the fourth book in the Penndragon series. The story takes place in the territory of Veelox, a technologically advanced territory where the citizens have succumbed to a virtual world known as the ‘Lifelight’. Because of this, the physical world of Veelox is falling apart due to [...]

Penndragon: The Never War

Machele, D.J. 354 pages

Penndragon: The Never War is the third book in the Penndragon series. This story takes place somewhere closer to home; First Earth, which is basically Earth in around 1938. The traveller of First Earth is Gunny, one of the oldest travellers in terms of physical age. The turning point of [...]

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Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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