Cento Poem

Rain is falling through the roof, and all that prospered under the sun.

Half the day lost, staring at this window. In signing and dismay.

The rain tastes like salt, and rises in the streets like a ruinous tide.

We spoke of hours and hours; we [...]

How Have I Changed as a Writer

Throughout the rest of year in Mr Macnight’s class, I have learned a lot but my attitude towards writing has not changed very much, this is because, I still think writing is annoying that you have to plan for organization and think carefully to the question. However, Even though my attitude hasn’t changed so [...]

How Have I Changed as a Reader?

Honestly, Before I attended SSIS, In Taiwan I didn’t have any reading habit and I barely read any books unless I am instructed to do so. I was busy playing online games with friends. I didn’t like reading even the book is in Chinese, as I didn’t have a good patience plus I was [...]


Millions Frank Cottrell Boyce 250 pages

Whenever Damian talks about any topics, he always likes to start with the patron saint of the story.Damian is fascinated by saints, but unlikely, his big brother- Anthony is completely into money and investments. One night, Damian was inside his hermitage, the one he built with cardboard boxes [...]

Feather Boy

Nicky Singer 288 Pages

Robert Nobel, the main character of the story who has always been bullied at school, he is the class victim, the boy who’s never picked up for the team, a leftover. However, during a project with the elders, a strange old lady sends him on a quest to solve the [...]

Personal Response To ''Names and Faces

Having a lot of fun with this project! The works should be quite easy since there are 2 people who speak Chinese everyday in 3 of us including me. However, as for me, the biggest difficulty that we have encountered is communication! we were having debates about the grammar or structure about the article, [...]

12 Again

Sue Corbett 227 pages

Patrick Mac-bride’s s mom vanished on the labor day, the day before her birthday, the day before Patrick Mac-bride starts his seventh grade. The main theme of this book talks about a 40 years old woman who turned back into a 12 years old girl after drinking a potion of [...]

The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-TIme

The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time

Mark Haddon

272 pages

The main character is Christopher Boone, he is a 15 years old boy and has a born illness called Asperger’s Syndrome (no idea what that is). He is a great mathematician that knows how to solve any kinds of math question, [...]

Boy Overboard

Boy Overboard

Morris Gleitzman

183 pages

The main theme of this book talks about a family in Afghanistan who must flee away as far as possible from the government.  The father is very hard working who takes two occupations which is taxi driver and a baker. However, his wife is a teacher who opens an [...]

Be More Chill

Be More Chill

Ned Vizzini

291 pages

Jeremy Heere is the main character in this novel, he  is a normal high school student who had been ignored by all the ”cool people (rather bullies)” at school. He failed to communicate with people at school, he also failed to socialize with the girls. However, under [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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