As a writer…

I think that my writing had improved every year as long as I am still surrounded by English speakers. I still could not write as good as I wrote in Chinese essays because my English level has not reached the level like Tina. (Kidding, but it is true!!!) I needed to fill up my [...]

As a reader…

I wasn’t in Mr. Macknight class in September and we did not have independent reading or blogs. I did not read much until I came to English A. At first, I read a lot because I knew that the independent reading could make a different in my report card grade. I am not a [...]

Eat, Pray, Love

Title: Eat, Pray, Love Author: Elizabeth Gilbert Pages: 350

The main theme of the story is to find the real you. For example, in the story, Elizabeth goes to Italy, Indonesia and India to search for the thing she always wanted. She is not clear on what she wants but she knows that she [...]

The Pursuit of Happyness

Title: The Pursuit of Happyness Author: Chris Gardner Pages: 330

The theme of this story is hard work. No matter how bad is the situation we are facing, the only solution is to try hard, putting all effort to make it better. In the story, Chris has face many problems like racism because he [...]

The Lovely Bones

Title: The Lovely Bones Author: Alice Sebold Pages: 330

The theme of this story is grief. People cannot/did not want to face death. People cannot get through the process. It needs time to recover. It is a long process that everyone will have to get through even though we don’t want to. Having loss [...]

Personal Responce

I speak Chinese everyday but it is still very difficult to translate from English into Chinese because the words arrangement and grammars in English and Chinese are different. For example, in Chinese, we put place at the front of the sentence but English is the opposite. That is why sometimes I got stuck during [...]

“My sun rise since I met you.” – Love Poetry

This is my first time of reading love poetry. Every poetry are different according to their theme so I am not surprise that it is all going to be romance or heartbroken. It is kind of boring at first when I did not know the true meaning of each poem because I never experienced [...]

“Oh My God, it’s my turn now!”

“Oh My God, it’s my turn now!”

I was very nervous on the stage (even when I was “under the stage” because everyone is going to perform later!) although the audiences are all my friends. I realize that whoever stands on the stage needed a lot of gut and have to be the [...]

Journal Entry – Leap Day

Title: Leap Day Author: Wendy Mass Pages: 214

The main character of the story is Josie Taylor. She is born on February 29th, which is on Leap Day. The time taken of the story is on Josie’s “fourth birthday”, which is on February 29th and there are many events happen during one day. The [...]

Journal Entry – Alphabet Weekends

Title: Alphabet Weekend Author: Elizabeth Noble Pages: 425

There are many characters in this book. The main character is Natalie, which is a girl who “fall in love with love” when she was a teenager. But she grown up be a mature lady and love her boyfriend Simon very much, which just break up [...]

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