Pastiche If i had a bullhorn... new version by Luis Schelbert

If I had a bullhorn,

I ‘d yell it in the morning,

I ‘d yell it in the evening,

All over the day

I ‘d yell out danger

I ‘d yell out fear

I ‘d yell out love between my friends and  family

All over the night

If i had good time,

I ‘d [...]

Opinion about " To Kill a Mockingbird "

OK, for starting information, i am not a black and white film fan. But this one was really good, mostly because of it’s theme and sense.

But this movie was for a b/w movie pretty good. I like the story line and the theme of the movie. Prejudice is a big problem in the [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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