Personal Response- Freaky Green Eyes

Joy Carol Oates- Freaky Freen Eyes, 314 pages

Franky, a teenage girl is the one girl people wish they could be. The perfect house with everything they ever wanted. Father who was a famous baseball celebrity traveling around the world, and of course they had the most perfect mother. Until one day things start [...]

Poem Pastiche (Nicole9E)

There was a Naughty boy – John Keats

There was a naughty boy, A naughty boy he was, He would not stop at home, He could not be quiet——- He took His knapsack A book Full of Vowels And a shirt With some towels, A slight cap For night cap, A Hair brush, Comb [...]

Journal Entry – The Notebook (Nicole 9E)

Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook – 207 pages .

Noah, the main character of the story starts as a young boy who lived in New Bern, North Carolina during the year ___.  At the time he was only a teenager, he was not wealthy but had a simple life style. It was during the summer, [...]

Holden on Basketball(Nicole9E)

Anyways, I was in some sort of place called Suzhou. This guy Emery i met told me about Suzhou which is in some country called China. I decided to like meet him and his friend i think is called Jeremy or something. They were playing basketball together, Jeremy was putting his hand way up [...]

Personal Response – Catcher in the Rye(Nicole9E)

After reading all these pages. I thought it was a very interesting book that brought me to many different thoughts, but I liked it even more after discussing it with the whole class. Like at all the times when he’s swearing, complaining and being all negative, there was something behind it, like there was [...]

I have a dream.

Everyone has a dream, whether it is a BIG dream or just a small dream. Anything is possible RIGHT  ?

As children, we watch the television and watch the powerpuff girls save the day. At that time isn’t that our dream to save the world from all the bad guys ? You grow a [...]

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