How Have I Changed as a Writer?

This school year, personally, I think my writing changed a little bit. In the beginning, I was a bit uncomfortable with writing in the highest level of English, especially not where everyone can see it, since I came from BA, but as the school year went by, I got more and more comfortable in [...]

How Have I Changed as a Reader?

At the very start of the year, the first day actually, Mr. Macknight already assigned us a daily homework, the homework was reading every day fifteen minutes. For the first couple of weeks, I didn’t really take it seriously and I must admit, I barely ready anything. But when our first report cards came [...]

Journal Entry: Digital Fortress

Author: Dan Brown

Pages: 510

In the book ‘Digital Fortress’, one of the main characters is David Becker. During the beginning of the story, he didn’t ask a lot of questions, he just said yes to the single job Susan Fletcher’s boss, commander Trevor Strathmore, had asked him to do. David is a very [...]

Personal Response: 'Names & Faces' project

When we first started this project, I thought this was not going to be a challenging project at all, but by doing this, I was proved wrong. My first challenge was to come up with interview questions, of course anyone could come up with the usual questions, but if you actually want to get [...]

The Alexandria Link

Author: Steve Berry

Title: The Alexandria Link

Pages: 443

One of the major characters in this book is George Haddad. George had experienced the most in the whole story, when he was young, he fought in the war to divide Palestine into two states, one Arab and one Jewish, during that time he was [...]


Author: Anthony Horowitz

Title: Snakehead

Pages: 414

One of the major characters in ‘Snakehead’ is Ash. He is the godfather of Alex, which is one of the reasons Alex experienced this adventure. Ash was Alex’ father best friend and colleague in MI6 Special Operations. He watched over John Rider when he was on his [...]

Love Poems Response

At first, when I heard we were going to start love poems, I was really bothered with it, because I never even studied them before and never tried to understand them. But as we went through reading multiple poems and understanding them, I started to think they were more interesting then before. For example, [...]

Shylock's Speech

For the past couple of weeks, we have been working on memorizing and understanding one of the many speeches of Shakespeare’s play ‘The Merchant of Venice’. The speech I memorized was Shylock’s speech. At first, when we finished the movie, I didn’t really understand Shylock’s feelings until I actually had to act like him [...]

The Two Towers

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Pages: 398

One of the most important characters in this book is Aragorn. At the beginning of the book, he is the one who goes hunting for the Uruk-Hai that captured Merry and Pippin, together with his friends, Gimli and Legolas. Aragorn is a very skilled fighter and a great leader, [...]

De Erfenis van de Tempeliers

Author: Steve Berry

Pages: 500

One of the main characters in this book is Cotton Malone. I really liked him, because he is courageous and smart, which made him very important. He had worked for the American government, but retired, the reason being that he couldn’t take all the action anymore. But later on [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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