You Tell Me

I stared at the Assignments page, and it stared back at me.

“Has your writing changed this year?” No.

“Has your attitude toward writing changed?” No.

“Do you use different strategies now than you did in September?” No.

To just end this post right now is tempting. But of course, the last few questions [...]

The Host

Stephenie Meyer — The Host — 809 pages.

Our bodies being the only thing that belongs to us the day we’re born, I suppose it’s natural that we take it for granted. We never seem to be satisfied with it. Whether it is the limits in what it can do or the way it [...]

The Dark Horse

Marcus Sedgwick — Dark Horse — 217 pages.

Marcus Sedgwick has this weird way with words. His sentences seem so simple, yet the imagery you get is so detailed and descriptive. Clicking the zoom button 500 times (?) to see the bacteria on the main character’s face wouldn’t be a problem. His writing is [...]

Noughts & Crosses

Malorie Blackman — Noughts & Crosses — 446 pages.

There was once a time when prejudice against blacks existed. More strongly, that is. Imagine an alternate reality where the blacks ruled over the whites, where whites were the ones treated as second class, where whites had to fight for their freedom.

In Noughts & [...]

Lovely Bones

Alice Sebold — Lovely Bones — 328 pages.

A fourteen-year-old girl is murdered and raped. That bothered me. A lot. This was probably because—well, besides the fact that she was, um, raped and murdered—she was fourteen. Around the same age as us, not so different from us. And I guess that makes ourselves feel [...]

What the Birds See

Sonya Hartnett — What the Birds See — 196 pages.

“The word boring felt branded into him with the blistering burn of an iron. His father thought him boring, a thing to be rid of. There is nothing good about me.”

Adrian’s a boy who has accepted that he is not wanted by his [...]


Holly Black — Tithe — 331 pages.

“You know what the sun looks like? Like he slit his wrists in a bathtub and the blood is all over the water. And the moon is just watching. She’s just watching him die. She probably drove him to it.” Kaye is a weirdo. And that—that was [...]

Our Avid Search

Discovering a new species is pretty hard, you know.

You’re supposed to get up off your arse and like, walk out of the classroom. But you can’t do this yet, of course, not until you finish preparing those awful, awful questions. Oh, and you were supposed to be careful with these questions—asking things like [...]

The Convicts

Iain Lawrence — The Convicts — 198 pages.

Tom Tin really surprised me. At first he struck me as a meek, silly little fourteen-year-old boy who was too chicken to hit anyone. He turned out to be a selfish, shallow, meek, silly little fourteen-year-old boy. Not another one of those awful, terrible, atrocious, dreadful, execrable, abominable, [...]

Celery and Cheesecake

I don’t know why the wretched booklet had to come but it flopped onto the desk, flaunted its diabolical words, grinned and cackled — and the voice inside me said, That’s the next unit, Shimmona.

Love poetry.

Woo-hoo. Hooray. Hallelujah.

Whatever. NEXT.

To be honest, reading, discussing and analysing twelve—double sided, might I add—pages of poems [...]

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