Poetry has a way of of telling the truth… It describes things in so much details and usually with an immense power. But if I say; poetry, you usually end up thinking about love. Why? Because it’s beautiful? Because it’s light and happy like a lot of poems are? Or simply because it’s so easy to [...]


Title: Specials

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Pages: 372

After being forced to become pretty, Tall now finds herself being forced to becoming a Special, one of those monster humans, the ones made to survive in the wild, who don’t need long hours of sleep, food for nutrients. The ones that move at lighting speed, that [...]


Title: Pretties

Author: Scott Westerfeld 

Pages: 370

Tally has finally become pretty, but it was the only way for the others to see if their cure against the brain lesions worked. Tally is now bubbly all day long, with this innocence that only pretties have. She goes to parties and her only worry is what to wear! But when her [...]


Title: Uglies

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Pages: 425

Tally Youngblood is like any other ugly, apart from her fizzy hair that never listens, her eyes a little too close together, her nose to big, her non-flawless skin,  she is just like the rest of them; she can’t wait to turn sixteen and finally have the [...]

Sushi For Beginners

Title: Sushi For Beginners

Author: Marian Keyes

Pages: 603

Lisa Edwards is the glamorous editor of a famous magazine. Until she was exiled to Dublin, Ireland. What else could have gone wrong? she had been waiting for a promotion since forever but they crushed her and sent her over to a country where it rains [...]


title: Hunted

Authors: P.C & kristin Cast

pages: 323

Stark is a character that we don’t really know about, he enters the story very briefly before dying,  but he has a huge impact on the principal character. Mysterious bad boy style, he also awakens the curiosity of the readers. Stark has powers f his own, that [...]

“The Quality Of Mercy”

When you memorize the speech, you truly learn each word. You can make your way in between all the commas, the emotions that inspired Shakespeare take control of your tongue and your voice. Before you memorize and act the speech out, you don’t really know what the character was thinking, you can only guess. [...]


Title: Untamed

Authors: P.C & Kristin  Cast

Pages: 338

Aphrodite, also known as”the hag from hell”, is a blond, blue eyed gorgeous rich girl with words as vicious as a snake. She used to be the leader of the Dark Daughters but got kicked out because of her Terrible actions. But maybe her hateful [...]

The RopeMaker

title: The RopeMaker

Author: Peter Dickinson

Pages: 132

Tilja is the principal character of this story, outcast of her family since she they discovered that she was not to be the the succeeder of her mom. Tilja doesn’t her the voice of the cedars, instead it is her little sister, Anja, who has been gifted by such [...]


Title: Chosen

Author: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Pages: 307

With her funny Oklahoma accent and her unique sense of style, Stevie Rae is just one of those girls you automatically grow close to. Her affinity to earth brings her closer to her best friend, Zoey, and she takes up an important place amongst the other [...]

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