I think that people who love to read books, also like to write. It’s only natural to wish to copy a style or come up with your own, and simply write something interesting. But as Mr. Macknight pointed out several times, you learn to write. Just as much as you would learn to read, [...]

Me & Books

I have always loved to read, and I could just spend one whole day reading. But it’s more difficult to find time to read in a school week. You have homework to do, things to study for, you might be tired and just want to go sleep right away, no reading. But it’s not [...]

Journal D’un Vampyre 3

Title: Journal D’un Vampyre 3

Author: L.J Smith

Pages: 522

Shinichi is a manipulative the demon, his real appearance is the one of a fox like creature, with six tails. Famous for causing chaos in covens of young pure girls, The Shinichi has an undeterminable power, strong enough to take over the minds of others, t [...]

The Joy Luck Club

Title: The Joy Luck Club

Author: Amy Tan

Pages: 288

The joy luck club is a very interesting book. It talks about the life of four chinese woman who moved from China to America, and all four of their daughters. It’s very captivating and i learned a lot about chinese culture. The chinese mother give their [...]

Names & Faces with He Yi Juan

The biggest difficulty that I encountered in this project, was simply the language! I speak only some words of Chinese, and our interviewee doesn’t speak English at all, so when I first met her, I could only smile and say “Ni hao”, in my best Chinese accent…of course… Right away, I could feel the [...]

20 fragments of Ravenous Youth

Title:  20 fragments of Ravenous Youth

Author: Xiaolu Guo

Pages: 204

Fenfeng, the heroine of the book, is an average chinese woman; coming from a village where she used to work the fields, she had big ambitions for her future and wants to become an actress. The book is sorted into 20 fragments of that period [...]


Title: Leviathan

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Pages: 434

The Darwanists have been at war for god knows how long against the mechanists. Their fabricated animals, airbeasties and monster weapons  against the metal airships, bombs of the other empires. A war of belief, between what is wrong or right, what is against our nature, and protecting [...]

Watermelon =]

Title: Watermelon

Author: Marian Keyes

Pages: 614

Claire has just given birth too this gorgeous little baby, she couldn’t be happier! But what happens to a happy loving wife when her husbands leaves her the hour after her giving birth  to their child? What happens when all she can think about is how she [...]

Mon nez, mon chat, l'amour et ... Moi

Title: Mon nez, mon chat, l’amour et … Moi

Author: Louise Rennison

Pages: 190

Goergia Nicolson is 14 years old and thinks her life is a total hell! With her cat who thinks he’s a rottweiler, her pathetic dad, her mom who wears skirts too short for her age, her best friend who is [...]


Title: Extras

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Pages: 417

Aya is still an ugly, her big nose well in place on her small face, her lips a little too full, but what is the worse in Aya’s life is having a famous brother. He became such a snob!!! But Aya will be famous too, with her [...]

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