Independent Reading: Bec


Written by Darren Shan

272 Pages

1600 years ago, in Ireland. Bec was a girl who had extraordinary memory from when she was born that she even remembers her own birth. Her mother died before she even gives her a name, and so she was brought up by an old warrior Goll.  After [...]

Independent Reading: Demon Thief

Demon Thief

Written by Darren Shan

288 Pages

Kernel Fleck could see lights. No one other than Kernel could see it, and of course, it was something, which doesn’t exist to others, so no one believed Kernel. One night he accidentally opens the window to Demonata and became missing for few days. After few [...]

Independent Reading: Lord Loss

Lord Loss

Written by: Darren Shan

Page Number: 240

As I have introduced it in the past entries, this is a book about a family, which has the gene of turning into a werewolf, somewhere around the age of 10 ~ 19 (So around teenager). There are some people, who don’t turn into a [...]

Independent Reading: Slawter


Written By: Darren Shan

Page Number: 256

Grady family is a family with a cursed heredity. Around the time when they become teenager, few of them will turn into werewolf. Grubbs Grady was an ordinary boy, until demons killed his sister and his parents. After then, he gets put into a mental hospital, [...]

Independent Reading: Twilight


Written by: Stephenie Meyer

Number of pages: 544

Twilight is the first book of the series written by Stephenie Meyer, which is very popular, and loved by teenager girls. This book is about a 17 years old girl, Isabella, who moved into Forks, Washington, to live with her father. Isabella was a girl who [...]

Personal Response to "Merchant of Venice"

“Merchant of Venice” is a play script written by William Shakespeare. It is a story about the people in Venice and it expresses how those people are connected together with love and money.

First of all, the story begins with the scene where Antonio, who is a ‘really good’ christian, spits on Shylock, who [...]

Personal Response -

“Lord of the Flies”

Written by: William Golding

This book is about English schoolboys stranded on an island, without any adults, because of an accident. This story starts from young boys trying to escape from war, and way to escape, the airplane crushed into an isolated island. The survivors were only children, oldest 12 [...]

Independent Reading: OBASAN


Written by: Joy Kogawa

Number of pages: 300

OBASAN is a novel written by Joy Kogawa, a Japanese-Canadian author, who had experienced World War II. This book seems to be written according to her experience there. This story goes on in the view of the main character, Naomi, a girl who was born [...]

Song Pastiche: Blowin' in the wind

Original Pastiche:

Blowin’ in the wind

By Bob Dylan

How many roads must a man walk down

Before you call him a man?

Yes, ‘n’ how many seas must a white dove sail

Before she sleeps in the sand?

Yes, ‘n’ how many times must cannon balls fly

Before they’re forever banned?

The answer, [...]

Personal Response to “Video: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’”

Personal Response to Video: To Kill a Mockingbird

At first, when the movie started, I was kind of depressed that the movie was in black and white. Since usually black and white movies just made my eyes hurt, and usually black and white movies are old, which I did not like to watch. But [...]

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