Personal Response to Names and Faces

A mango. An enticing summery flame colour, just waiting to be cut open and hungrily devoured, delicious juice ready to drip down your chin. But on the surface lies a noxious little bruise, deep black and sickeningly squishy, making the wonderful mango suddenly seem undesirable.

This mango is our mission.

Most of this project [...]

Personal Response - Extras

Extras by Scott Westerfeld – 417 pages

The main character in this book is Aya Fuse. Fame-obsessed, self-centered Aya. All she ever wanted was to be noticed, to not feel invisible, like she was fading away. So Aya did what Aya thought Aya should do. One day she found the Sly Girls, so decided [...]

Personal Response - Specials

Specials by Scott Westerfeld – 400 pages

So far in this series, Dr. Cable has been labeled as the “baddie”. She’s manipulative, extremely intelligent, cunning, sneaky – everything that the perfect villain is. Her cruel beauty sends shivers down everyone’s spines, and rightfully so. She’s the inventor of the special operation, after all. The [...]

Personal Response - Pretties

Pretties by Scott Westerfeld – 384 pages

Zane was a Pretty, but unlike all the other ones, he was bubbly. He found a way to overcome the lesions put on his brain during the operation. He was the leader of the Crims, so obviously very tricky. Zane was smart, outgoing, and pushes all the [...]

Personal Response - Uglies

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld – 425 pages

Tally Youngblood is an Ugly. And just like every other Ugly, she wants more than anything else in the world to be Pretty. So when she’s forced between following Shay to the smoke by herself so that Special Circumstances can finally discover it’s whereabouts, and becoming Pretty, [...]

Love Poetry – Old guys are such drama queens

I know it all has a purpose, and some of it really is quite clever. But it’s all still pretty much the same old thing – the lover is writing to/about their beloved, who is a woman and playing hard to get. The lover thinks he’s going to DIE and everything. Old guys are [...]

The Dragonfly Pool

“The Dragonfly Pool” by Eva Ibbotson – 398 pages

Tally is only a kid, but she cares more about other people than most adults. She is unbelievably kind, caring and un-self-centered. She has such a deep understanding of life at such a young age. In the story, she went to see her assigned teacher [...]

Gilda Joyce – Psychic Investigator

“Gilda Joyce – Psychic Investigator” by Jennifer Allison – 321 pages

Gilda is odd. That’s the easiest way to describe her. She’s immaturely mature, extremely determined, overconfident, wacky, strongly opinionated, old fashioned, strange at dealing with her emotions and she likes the weirdest of things (including pink wigs and real haunted houses). Gilda believes [...]

The Wish List

“The Wish List” by Eion Colfer – 252 pages

Meg is a teenage girl who committed a lot of crimes, but whose final act was pure good. So she was perfectly balanced between good and evil – heaven and hell. Because of this, Meg got another chance to prove she should go to heaven, [...]

The Thief Lord

“The Thief Lord” by Cornelia Funke – 345 pages

This novel is about two boys, Prosper and Bo, who run away from their aunt who wants to adopt Bo but not Prosper when the boys mother dies. They flee to Venice, the city their mother described to them as a paradise on Earth. They [...]

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