How have I changed?

How have I changed as a reader?

During the start of this school year, I never had any problems with reading and would usually pick up a book whenever I was bored and had nothing else to do. Now, nothing has change except that I now read at a faster pace and I prefer [...]


Title: Cell

Author: Stephen King

Pages: 449

The main character of this story is Clay Riddell. He was just having an ordinary day when a lot people suddenly became crazy and violent without warning. He is forced to change his way of life in order to survive and meet up with his son.

The [...]

Lord Sunday

Title: Lord Sunday

Author: Garth Nix

Pages: 376

The main character of the series is Arthur. He has already defeated 6 of the Trustees and will confront the last one in this book. Throughout his fight to rejoin the seven parts of the Will and get the Seven Keys, Arthur has gain lots of [...]


Title: Bloodline

Author: Katy Moran

Pages: 309

The main character of this story is Essa. He was abandoned by his father at a marsh-village trapped between to warring kingdoms. He grew up not knowing much about himself, not knowing where he came from, not knowing why his father left him. When the one of [...]

Night Runner

Title: Night Runner

Author: Max Turner

Pages: 261

Ever since his parents died, Zack Thompson has been living in Nicholls Ward. He had developed strange allergies and that mental institution was the only place he could be properly looked after. He had always thought of the place as home and never thought of leaving [...]

Gods of Manhattan

Title: Gods of Manhattan

Author: Scott Mebus

Pages: 340

The main character of this story is Rory Hennessy. He is the last remaining ‘Light’ in New York that can see the spirit city, known as Mannahatta that co-exists alongside modern-day Manhattan. But with this ability to see what happens in both worlds, Rory is [...]

Personal Response to Names & Faces

The Names & Faces project was a new and interesting experience. We had to make up questions and interview people we see a lot but have no idea who they are. And after all that we still have to write an article about them.

The biggest difficulty my group encountered during this project was [...]

Response to Love Poetry

I never really liked poems. I preferred to read a long storybook than a short poem. I felt that most of them were somewhat complicated especially when the poems had words with a few different meanings. To me, love poems were just paragraphs of words men used to impress ladies. I never thought about [...]

Reciting Shylock’s speech

For the past few lessons, we have been given a task to complete. That task is to memorize a speech from the Merchant of Venice and perform it in front of the class. Before this task, we had watched, heard, read and discussed about the speech but memorizing and then performing the speech was [...]

Cherub: The Killing

Title: Cherub: The Killing

Author: Robert Muchamore

Pages: 306

The main character of this book is James Adams. He is an orphan who was recruited by a branch of the British Intelligence, known as Cherub. He has already completed a few missions and earned a navy t-shirt, which is a reward for outstanding performance [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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