Firewall- Andy McNab

Author: Andy McNab Title: Firewall Pages: 528

The follow up book to Remote Control Nick Stone is on another mission. If Nick Stone didnt need money so urgent he would have never been involved with the Russian Mafia. To get this money he was to kidnap a mob boss and transport him to St. [...]

Brute Force- Andy McNab

Author: Andy McNab Title: Brute Force Pages: 477

A ship loaded with enough weapons to start world war 3 has been stopped outside of Spain. As Nick is coming back from a vacation, he is out jogging nothing out of the ordinary and finds a bomb under his car. This brings his normal life [...]

Remote Control- Andy McNab

Author: Andy McNab Title: Remote Control Pages: 512

Nick Stone has left the SAS in 1988 after being involved in killing 3 IRA terrorists. Now working for the British Intelligence on various operations he is able to discover who has murdered his fellow SAS soldier Kev Brown and all of his family in DC. [...]

Crossfire- Andy McNab

Author: Andy McNab Title: Crossfire Number of pages: 555

Nick Stone former SAS operator is located in Feemance for the search of money. He is to protect a news reporter that has gone missing while he was on body guard duty. He is on a wild goose chase to find out who is responsible. [...]

Personal Response-

The biggest difficulty I encountered in this names and faces project was getting them to talk more and me asking more follow up questions. Even though I could speak Chinese well there were still some vocabulary I yet to master. But as I said was to ask follow up questions. Because I just didn’t [...]

Love Poetry <3

Love is something that surrounds us everyday. It the intense feeling of deep affection. This one fateful day we were given a booklet of nothing put love poetry. The first thought that came to mind was “Oh darn, I hate poetry.” What even made it worse it was 12 pages! Back to back!!!!! Anyways [...]

My Shocking Discovery (Portia's Speech)

*Well not shocking*

After being tasked with memorizing the speech and performing it as a dramatic and meaning piece, I was really up to it. But the first question that hit me should I do Shylock’s or Portia’s? Well somehow in the end I decided Portia’s speech because I didn’t really understand its meaning [...]

Breaking Dawn- Stephaney Meyer

Title: Breaking Dawn Author: Stephaney Meyer Pages Read: 768

*I would like to say out of the 4 books this has the coolest name by far *

In the beginning Bella Swan and Edward Cullen get Married and go on a honeymoon. Bella gets pregnant and the baby is killing her. The whole [...]

Eclipse- Stephaney Meyer

Title: Eclipse Author: Stephaney Meyer Pages Read: 629

Bella wants to become a vampire and has put it to a vote, and the vote becomes a yes and Edward says he’ll do it if Bella marries him. Bella realizes that if shes gonna get married she wants to uhm…you know with Edward before [...]

New Moon- Stephaney Meyer

Title: New Moon Author: Stephaney Meyer Pages Read: 563

It all starts out with when Edward’s family throws a birthday party for Bella, she slices her finger on an envelope and Jasper attacks her because he can’t control his want for blood (urges). After that Edward decides to leave Bella forever because he [...]

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