Independent Reading – Our Twisted Hero

Our Twisted Hero

Author: Lee Mun Yeol

Pages: 128

I’ve read this book during world language class, Korean. Since the book consisted of both Korean and English version, I decided to read English version, too. This story is set in 1960′s. And Korea was in chaos during this period, government was unstable because of [...]

Personal Response – ‘ Lord of the Flies ‘

I’d read the book ‘ Lord of the flies’. By just looking at the title, it seemed like it’s a fantasy story consists of young boys traveling. However, it was totally different from what I’ve expected. It starts off by a plane crash and boys including Ralph being left on an island without any [...]

Independent Reading – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


309 pages

Like all the orphans in the novel, Harry Potter must take care of himself. And his aunt’s family is against him. Even though his mother and father he did not know about magic until his 11th birthday. He finds out that the truth about his [...]

Independent Reading – Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

Stephenie Meyer

754 pages

This is the fourth and the last book of the Twilight. I really liked all of the series and I was surprised to know that Bella and Edward are married. It seemed that Bella would not marry to Edward unless he turns Bella to a vampire. And Edward [...]

Independent Reading – The Luxe

The Luxe

Anna Godbersen

433 pages

The story starts off in September,1899. Elizabeth Holland is the eldest of the Holland daughters, and she is now in marriageable age. Her family is one of the high class. However, her family was now very poor, only themselves know this, not others. Because of this, her family [...]

Independent Reading – The Hostile Hospital

The Hostile Hospital

Lemony Snicket

256 pages

This book is the eighth series of the ‘ the unfortune events’. The book starts with Violet, Klaus, and Sunny escaping from the VIP. Only their friends and the man were able to escape VIP with the hot balloon. And the triplets became a murderer. The daily [...]

Book vs. Movie : To Kill A Mockingbird

Movies made based on the book always have some characters or scenes different from the book. Movie ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is no exception for this.


One difference I found is the view point of the movie. In the book, the story carries out by Scout. The book is about how the world [...]

Song Pastiche

If I had a wing I’d fly in the morning I’d fly in the evening All over this sky I’d fly out PE classes I’d fly out Math classes I’d fly with friendship between my friends and others All over this sky

If I had a wand I’d use it in the morning I’d [...]

Independent Reading - The Goose Girl

Title: The Goose Girl

Author: Shannon Hale

Total pages: 383

The book Goose Girl is a story about a girl who can talk to animals. The difference about this book comparing to the other kind of books is that the girl was only able to talk to a horse, which she had known from [...]

Independent Reading – Eclipse

This is the third series of Twilight. It continues with the part Bella and Edward returned from Italy and happy together. Despite of good times with Edward, Bella is concerned about Jacob. While she’s having a hard time between Edward and Jacob, there’s a murder going on in Seattle. Since Edward and his family [...]

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