Have I changed as a writer?

My writing has improve for sure since September, I use different words, and somehow it sounds better when i read the most recent bog posts rather then the one i wrote in September. I improved a lot this year because I read so much and reading helps you a lot in the writing. I [...]

Have I changed as a reader?

Have I changed as a reader?

Yeah of course i did, I read many books more then last year and the year before.  This year i read more sophisticated books and I was happy that i liked a lot of them. I read many different books, girly books, hard books, interesting books and books [...]

I love shopping, Journal entry

Title: I Love Shopping

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Page #: 395

Becky, an English Journalist of an economic newspaper. Her job is to give people advices on how to manage their income and expenses. The funny thing is that Becky cannot control herself from buying fashionable expensive thing. She is in debt with her bank [...]

Grail, journal entry by Betty

Title: Grail

Author: Stephen R. Lawhead

Page #: 385

What an intriguing book! This book was really interesting and freaky at the same time with many characters with strange difficult name to remember, and the best part was that you never knew what happened next, that was made me keep reading. It was interesting [...]

Pendragon, Journal Entry

Title: Pendragon

Author: Sthephen R. Lawhead

Page #: 436

Pendragon is not a continuation of the other books of the pendragon cycle by Stephen Lawhead, it is a unique tale about the struggles of Arthur’s kingship in his early age of king. This book had a lot of similarities to Arthur, it had many [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Response by Betty

This was a really nice project, and I really enjoyed it. The most enjoyable aspect of this project was the fact that in group we would choose who to interview and decide what to ask the person. In our case we decided to interview the swimming coach because a lot of students usually forget [...]

Kickoff by Donna King, Journal Entry.

Title: Kickoff

Author: Donna King

Page #: 158

A short interesting soccer novel. Tyra moving from funny California to gloomy London. She finds herself hard to fit it and to adjust. But lucky for her soccer season is coming up, and when she gets in the team, there is of course the mean girl [...]

Merlin, Jornal Entry.

Title: Merlin

Author: Sthephen R. Lawhead

Page #:445

An enchanting love story on the so loved, Merlin. He is my favorite Arthurian character and this books tells you more and more interesting facts that you might have not known. It is such a well written book that completely brings your focus on it and [...]

The horse and his boy, Journal entry by Betty

Title:the Horse and his Boy

Author: C.S. Lewis

Page #: 240

A Place where horses talk, men turn into donkeys, where young boys go to battle, this is Narnia. It’s a story beginning with sadness, and betrays and upset moments, but is at that time that the real story begins, that eventually will end [...]

Love poetry, My opinion.

I actually do not like poetry. But Love poetry is a little bit different from the others, I liked it much better.

Maybe it was because some of them had really interesting, funny and sometimes also ridiculous stuff in them. The one poem that impressed me the most was the one by Andrew Marvell, [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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