Five Quarters of the Orange

Title: Five Quarters of the Orange

Pages: 307

Author: Joanne Harris

Framboise Dartigen is a woman now of 60 years old with a very intriguing childhood that still haunts her even now, forcing her to conceal her identity when she moved back to her hometown. At the age of 60, she is more like [...]

The Scarlet Letter

Author: Nathaniel Hawthrone

Title: The Scarlet Letter

Pages: 287

Arthur Dimmesdale is one of the main characters that was portrayed most often throughout the whole book, allowing us to see what his personality was like the most. Mr. Dimmesdale is the minister whom Hester Pryne, the woman who wore the Scarlet letter, had an [...]

Pastiche on Poem

The Shell- James Stephens pg 49

And then I pressed the shell, Close to my ear. And listened well. And straightway, like a bell, Came low and clear The slow, sad murmur of far distant seas Whipped by an icy breeze Upon a shore Wind-swept and desolate. It was a sunless strand that never [...]

Holden at the Mall

So here I am in the stinking mall with old Phoebe dragging me along. There were hotshots everywhere and I just about died by the sight of them. They were milling around that big old fountain with their phony girlfriends hanging off their arms, talking about god knows what. Then old Phoebe dragged me [...]

Personal Response for Catcher in the Rye

Catcher in the Rye was unlike any other book that I have ever read in my whole entire life. For the first time, I actually enjoyed a book that was written a few decades ago and still, at the same time, understood some parts of what the author was describing. Holden himself is a [...]

A Ring of Endless Light

Author: Madeleine L’engle Title: A Ring of Endless Light Number of Pages: 324

Vicky Austin is a girl of not quite sixteen who is discovering what life is all about, the pain that death bears, and what love is. As a teenage girl who knows little of how cruel this world is, she learns [...]

The Boleyn Inheritance Reading Journal

Author: Phillippa Gregory

Title: The Boleyn Inheritance

Number of Pages Read: 518

Anne of Cleves is the girl that has come all the way from Germany to England to marry King Henry. She doesn’t know what Henry, her new husband, is like and what terrible acts he can commit to to destroy his wife. [...]

Only Time Will Tell -Angela Wang 9A

The future is something most of us almost always constantly wonder and worry about. What will happen to us? What will our lives be like? But more importantly, who will we be? All of us will go down our own separate paths, becoming whatever fate has in store for us, becoming what we worked [...]

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