Onward Through the Dark

I’m as good as blind when it comes to analyzing my own writing. Each moment spent reading and re-reading the words I’ve written to look for flaws, there’s an incessant chirping near the back of my head that’s something along the lines of, “I wrote this I wrote this I wrote this…”

I [...]

Rekindling the Fire

My book-reading frenzy had spluttered out somewhere near the beginning of the year. Crime novels made me shudder, horror novels invoked a series of eye-rolling, romance novels were either of the tragic or skipping-through-the-fields type, historical fiction had a drawling (drawly?) writing style, and science fiction tended to be either depressing or robot-orientated. I [...]

Journal Entry: The Year of Fog

Title: The Year of Fog Author: Michelle Richmond Pages: 400

“The vanished are not truly gone – they are only gone from you.”

Think of the most valuable item you’ve ever lost – your cell phone, your wallet, your USB. Multiply that feeling of frustration (and maybe panic) you felt by a factor of [...]

Journal Entry: The Joy Luck Club

Title: The Joy Luck Club Author: Amy Tan Pages: 288

Amy Tan’s “The Joy Luck Club”; sorrow heaped upon tragedy heaped upon misery, until it swirls and coalesces into a mass of fog, everywhere, anywhere. It begins with one story that captures your attention, and you begin to sympathise with the girl who’s lost [...]

Thinking Too Deep

There’s this thing I find annoying about blessings in disguise; they tend to be in disguise. Which means that before you manage to strip off their layers of costume and make-up, (if you do think of stripping them off, and to do that you have to at first consider the fact that they are [...]

Journal Entry: The Nostradamus Prophecy

Title: The Nostradamus Prophecy Author: Theresa Breslin Pages: 470

“Murder! Murder and foul betrayal!”

These opening sentences, spoken by a prophet named Nostradamus, probably meant that the forthcoming story plot would either be set somewhere around the seventeenth century, or in a fantasy world. People just don’t say these sorts of things these [...]

Journal Entry: Breath

Title: Breath Author: Donna Jo Napoli Pages: 260

When is a novel considered original? If you take someone’s idea and write your own story, is that plagiarism? Or maybe you just have to wait till the author’s dead. Then it’s fair game. But to be fair, this was based on a legend, and in [...]

Journal Entry: Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters

Title: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters Author: Rick Riordan Pages: 279

Second book in the series. I just realized how long I’d rambled on for the first book, but at least that means I’ll have nothing left to say for the second book, yeah? Cuz after all’s been said and done…

Same [...]

Journal Entry: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Title: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Author: Rick Riordan Pages: 375

This book was almost exactly what I’d expected it to be.

I wouldn’t really have read this at all, except I happen to be in possession of the almost the whole series save one. Actually, I still wouldn’t have read it, were [...]

And I Realize:

Why is Shakespeare so famous? Is it because he wrote all his plays in ‘blank verse’ form? Is it because he wrote stories where everybody died? Is it because there’s this large chunk of his life that nobody knows anything about, which makes him delightfully, spookily, mysterious? Shakespeare is one of those authors that [...]

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