Independent Reading-Pride and Prejudice

Title: Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen

Page: 532

This book is the best book I read in this year. I think I cannot enjoy more than this time with reading book. I was put to feel inconvenience as I read it to the end. I really did not want to finish the story [...]

Independent Reading-The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Title: Monk who sold his Ferrari

Author: Robin S. Sharma

Page: 274

What do you think about change? Is that type of thing that makes your feel uncomfortable or is it seems all right to you? Most of people normally feel anxious and dread for change, even though we are living with the tons [...]

Independent Reading-The Chronicles of Narnia

Title: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Author: C. S. Lewis

Page: 766

The Chronicles of Narnia is series book, which totally have seven books. Those books have different stories but also have connects between those stories, with the gab of time of about hundreds years. It is very [...]

Personal Response-Names and Faces

This project was really new for most of us, in my opinion. When I first got this topic I was little surprised at the fact that I have not recognized those people who are working for our convenience around us. From that day I started to notice that many A-yis and guards are working [...]

Independent Reading-Jane Eyre

Title: Jane Eyre

Author:  Charlotte Bronte

Page: 476

This book, Jane Eyre, begins with her piteous childhood, when she was living with Reed family. One day that she received punishment from Mrs. Reed for trivial reason, as usual, Mrs. Reed locked Jane in the ‘Red room’, which Jane is most afraid of. In that [...]

Love Poetry

There are tons of poems and songs, which talking about love. It is because ‘Love’ is the one most common thing for people to feel the sympathy. The love poems, which we read in class, also contain similar stories in different way of writing. Most of them were about women who keep coyish attitude [...]

~Speech~Portia's Speech

Memorizing and performing the speech in front of many people feel like stand on stage with mask, which hides myself from audiences. However, the ‘mask’ is so weak and light and it is easily taken off as soon as I found out the fact that I am not real Portia and my audiences are [...]

Independent Reading- The Silver Blade

Title: The Silver Blade

Author: Sally Gardner

Page: 303

This book is sequel story of ‘The Red Necklace’, which is continues of story about Yann and Sido during the later days of the time period of Terror. They are still threatened by Count Kalliovski, who resurrected with huge anger with Yann. When I just [...]

Independent Reading-Those Faraday Girls

Title: Those Faraday girls

Author: Monica McInerney

Page: 634

When I first meet this book in bookstore, I think this story might be very similar with “Little Women”, which was my favorite book. Because I spent my childhood with many cousins and siblings in noisy atmosphere, I like the stories about the daily life [...]

Independent Reading- The Red Necklace

Title: The Red Necklace

Author: Sally Gardner

Page: 384

The background of this story is when the French Revolution is happening. Yann Margoza, a Gypsy boy, who works in the theater with his special abilities. He has the ability of reading other’s mind and throwing his voice. When he is getting order, he found [...]

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