How have I changed as a writer?

  My English writing has also changed during this school year. The amount of writing I had to practice was much smaller in last year, but during this school year, I there was at least one writing home work for an unit. I was tired of it, but I couldn’t complain about it, because [...]

How did I change as a reader?

  I will remember this school year as the most important school year in SSIS. I could had chosen to go to Chinese middle school near my house, but for the new experience and English skill, I have chosen international school, which is one and half an hour away in car. This school year [...]

Personal Response about "Names and Faces Project"

  The biggest problem of our group members, including me, was that we trust each other too much. We thought that since we are doing a group work,  each of us only have to do a bit of work, and didn’t pushed our selves hard. It was a big mistake. As a result, at [...]

Journal Entry about KALLOCAIN

(The book ”Kallocain” is written by “Karin Boye”, 193 pages.) 

We are living in a group of people. We call it “society”. There are always a small amount of people who rules the others. There are many ways for them to rule people. Some of them allowed the people to be free on many things, [...]

Journal Entry about

Women were treated unfairly by men for many years. We still see this happening in some developing countries, and even in the developed countries. This problem has been issued for many times, by many people, but isn’t solved completely. The book “Woman at Point Zero”, which is written by Nawal El Saadawi, tells us a [...]

Journal Entry about "Cannery Row"

I’ve read two books that are written by John Steinbeck. His books aren’t thick, so I could choose them to read easily; because it seems like I don’t need to spend too much time to finish them. The trick is that John Steinbeck likes to use abstract sentences, and it makes me spend even [...]

Personal Response about the "Love Poems"

I haven’t studied any English poem before, and neither love poems. I’ve watched some love acted by actors on TV, but it, different with reading love poems. Poems are written by the real lovers, so we can see some real love thorough the love poems. But actors are “acting” love, so it’s not real. [...]

The difference between

  We read something every day, whatever it is. However, we don’t think about the writers or characters’ emotions and try to look like them. This is the biggest difference between “reading” and “acting”. For the most of the times, daily reading is just reading the sentences on papers. But in acting, we have [...]

Independent Reading; Dreams from My Father

  I remember that there were many articles about the result of American President Election, even on Korean websites. I also remember that quite a number of the articles were named like this; Who’s President Obama? Most of them were about his family and childhood. When I was reading those articles, I only thought [...]

Personal Response about the "The Merchant of Venice" by Jangwon.

  The name “Shakespeare” has been famous for hundreds of years. Shakespeare is one of the well known play writers of the Renaissance. I’ve read most of his best plays in Korean, and there was something that really makes it very special in his plays, even when it’s translated into the other language. I need [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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