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In English class, we’ve been watching “The Merchant of Venice.” It’s a play of Shakespeare. It’s not his most famous piece, but from the beginning of the movie I could tell it’s Shakespeare. The language, the setting, the plot. It was so typical for Shakespeare. At least what I was used to from [...]

Seawolf – Book Review

Seawolf By: Patrick Robinson 488 pages

“Seawolf” is an epic, breathtaking action thriller about the US Navy. The story is about a corrupt president that tries to save his son from prison in China, after the USS Seawolf (the best nuclear submarine in the world) got captured by the Chinese. A breathtaking thriller about [...]

How does our environment shape who we are???

How does our environment affect who and what we are is a hard question, that many have tried to solve and so far we only have controversial answers. Even mine is going to be controversial. I might think it’s more our environment that shapes us, rather then our genes, but i think i leave [...]

Personal response to Lord of the Flies

My personal response to “Lord of the flies” is probably different to most others. I seriously did NOT like the book. In my words i would say: “It sucked”. I think so because it was kind of weird, the kids started acting like “savages” and the story wasn’t too good for my taste. I [...]

Remote Control

Remote Control By: Andy MacNaab 507 Pages

Remote Control is about an MI6 spy called Nick Stone (he has more names) who goes to Washington to visit his friend Kevin, and finds him and his family dead. Only his 7 year old daughter survived. With Kelly, Nick tries to go off and solve the [...]

German Prejudice Against Turks

German Prejudice Against Turks


Since the 1950’s, shortly after WW2, Germans have hired Turks to do cheap labor for them; help them build Germany again, and so made a living for them. Nowadays most of the German population is either German or Turkish. We work together, go to school together, party together, [...]

The last Kingdom

By: Bernnard Cornwell

Pages: 329 + additional historical information

This book is about a young man called Uhtred, or Uthred of Bebbanburgh… He became lord when the Danes invaded England in 860, and his dad was killed. But because of his young age he grows up with the Danes. His life is good and [...]

If I Had A Stereo

If I had a stereo

If I had a stereo

I’d blast it in the morning

I’d blast it in the evening

All over the place

I’d blast it for my people

I’d blast it for my friends

I’d blast it for everyone to make them dance

All over the place


If [...]

“To kill a Mockingbird” Book vs. Movie Comparison

I think the book and the movie are very much a like. The movie basically goes exactly by the book. You also find certain phrases from the book in the movie. I personally like that. But there are more information in the book then the movie. In the book it explains how Atticus (and the rest [...]

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer (754 pages)

Breaking Dawn is the fourth book of the Twilight Saga. It is a really good book. Very catchy and easy to read. I like it even better then the other 3 books. I like how Stephanie Meyer wrote from different perspectives in this book. This was a [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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