How Have I Changed As A Writer?

At the beginning of the year, (I had just moved up from English BA) I was a little worried about my writing abilities compared to the rest of the class. I didn’t wanna be the worst writer in class! That would have been embarrassing, and my grades would not appreciate it as well. The idea of [...]

How Have I Changed As A Reader?

I remember, back in 2009, first day of english class. Mr MacKnight handing out papers, and telling us about the course for the upcoming year. When i heard i had to read every day, i was like: “yeah, right!!! Who on earth reads every day???” It turned out, that this person was me. Since [...]

Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down By: Mark Bowden 555 pages

Black Hawk Down is a true story about American Soldiers going into Somalia to re-establish peace and end civil war, during the early 90′s. The whole story centers around a mission that went fatally wrong, when the americans tried to catch war-lord Aididi. What was supposed [...]

Personal Response to the Names & Faces Project

During the names & faces project i learned a lot. It was a totally new project and something that we’ve never done before. I especially enjoyed it because it was something new and i got to learn something about someone that i had seen 3 years since i’ve been in China, every school day, [...]

Puppet Master By Mike McQuay

Puppet Master By Mike McQuay, 555 pages

On Capitol Hill, The game is POWER. Power over the United States Of America. Money, Sex and Power is all that counts when you want to make it in the government. Ben James, got it all. He got the girls, the money and the trust of the people [...]

Love Poems -

When we first talked about Love Poetry, the enthusiasm was not very high. I think love is a personal topic, and i don’t like talking about personal stuff, but reading was still a little different, and i kind of got to like it. There are so many ways to tell a girl that you [...]

Personal Response to the Shakespeare Speech Assignment

This assignment was a little different then the others we had this year. Speaking Shakespeare!!! Reading it is ok, writing is hard, but speaking is something totally new and utterly weird. When we started reading it, I was kind of: OMG, how boring. But that changed fast when we started analyzing the speech and then rehearsing. It [...]

Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix By: J.K. Rowling 956 pages

Harry Potter is due to start his 5 year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With his 2 best friends Ron and Hermione being all secretive over summer, Harry is desperate to go back to school and find out what’s [...]

Raven’s Gate

Raven’s Gate by Anthony Horowitz, 254 pages.

Five Children saved the world, Five Children will save it again. Matt is the First.

Something sinister is happening in the small village of Lesser Malling; where Matt is send for a crime that he didn’t even do. He had 2 options: Jail or Lesser Malling. He [...]

The Real Bravo Two Zero

The Real Bravo Two Zero BY: Michael Asher 248 pages

This was a very different book then the others i’ve been reading before. This book wasn’t a novel, nor a story but a kind of documentary about the trip Michael Asher did to Iraq, 10 years after a very famous war story, that happened [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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