Toby Wheeler

Author: Thatcher Heldring

 Title: Toby Wheeler Eighth-Grade Benchwarmer

 Pages read: 211

 The main character of this book is an eighth grader benchwarmer basketball player called Toby Wheeler. He used to be an ordinary gym rat; he played at the rec center and tried to beat the captain of Hamilton middle school, Vinny Pesto. But [...]

Box out

Author: John Coy

Title: Box out

Pages: 276


The main character of this book is a sophomore called Liam Norbert Bergstrom. He just got picked to the varsity basketball team to replace an injured senior. When he first joined the varsity basketball team, he was really excited. But then he found out that [...]

Max Remy spy force “The Amazon Experiment”

Author: D. Abela

Title: Max Remy spy force “The Amazon Experiment’’

Pages read: 274

 In this story, Suave is one of the main characters. He is a new agent to the spy force, he is perfect, with great manners and always seems to do the right thing. When the pilot of the invisible jet [...]

Poem Pastiche on ‘The sea’

The Sea

By: James Reeves

Pg 47


The sea is a hungry dog,

Giant and grey.

He rolls on the beach all day.

With his clashing teeth and shaggy jaws

Hour upon hour he gnaws

The rumbling, tumbling stones,

And ‘ Bones, bones, bones, bones!’

The giant sea-dog moans,

Licking his greasy paws.


The Kite Runner

The author: Khaled Hosseini

Title: The Kite Runner

Number of pages: 324


The main character of this book is called Amir, he spend his childhood in Afghanistan then he escaped to USA with his father because the Russians invaded the country. Amir is timid and weak when he was young, when he saw [...]

Holden in China

Boy! China was the worst place I’ve ever been to.

I mean, when you look around in the morning, you expect to see goods views, but the only thing you see are goddam Chinese spitting and some phony parents screaming at their children.

Then you can’t even take a walk on the street or [...]

Personal response on ‘Catcher in the rye’

‘Catcher in the rye’ is a very weird book compared to the other books I’ve read before. The main character Holden is a very special and unique teenage boy. He swears a lot, went to bars, gets prostitutes and failed nearly all of the subjects in school. Sounds like a really bad boy to [...]

The Lovely Bones

Author: Alice Sebold


Title: The lovely bones


Pages: 328


One of the major themes was in the beginning of this book. Where Susie Salmon the main character was getting back home from the junior high, she took a shortcut through the cornfield and then she saw her neighbor Mr. Harvey.  He [...]

Who will I be?

Who will I be?  I have been wondering this question since I was Grade 6. I used to be confused when people asked me this kind of question, simply because I had too many dreams. But now, I have come to realize that all I want is to be an ordinary person, who is [...]

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