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1. How have you changed as a reader? Think about where you were as a reader in September, and where you are now. How are you different? What has caused the changes? What reading experiences this year have been most important to you? If you have not changed, why not? How do you see [...]

The Client - John Grisham - Independent Reading

1a) John Grisham 1b) The Client 1c) 566 pages 2) One of the main characters in this book is Mark Sway. He is a simple grade-school child who is eleven years old. He has one younger brother and both of them share secret cigarettes. He has been smoking for a while, but only with [...]

Love Poetry Response

This unit of love poetry struck me as rather boring in the beginning. The poetry was old and unappealing to me. I think it was only because the poetry was quite repetitive. However, the poem One Perfect Rose by Dorothy Parker was a quite exciting poem. It was funny and made the entire class [...]

Blog Post Regarding Shylock's Speech

When I memorized Shylock’s speech, I learned a part of it I never knew could be there. I did not know that Shylock could be a funny person. With the right words, Shylock’s speech came to life; it became funny. It still held the same meaning, but was not the same. When something is [...]

Riding Lessons - Independent Reading

1a) Riding Lessons 1b) Sara Gruen 1c) 245

2) One of the main characters in this book is Annemarie Zimmer. She is thirty-eight years old, with a riders’ body and an aging face. She has a daughter Eva, who she constantly argues with and beats up on. Annemarie handles stress pretty well, considering that [...]

This Lullaby English Journal

1a) Sarah Dessen 1b) This Lullaby 1c) 270 Pages 2) The main character in this book is Remy, the daughter of a serial divorcée. Her mother has been married and divorced twice, and is getting married again, to Don, a cheesy car salesman. Remy drinks constantly, and has very low expectations from the boys [...]

The Merchant of Venice - Personal Response

Upon first sight, the Merchant of Venice left an impression of a boring old play with bad, incomprehensible English and silly, old people. But if you look closer, there is much more to the play than first seen with thine eye. It is a play about more than just money and stereotyping between religions. [...]

Society Shaping Us - Serena A. Ahmad

Society Shaping Us Serena A. Ahmad English 9N What would happen if you grew up in a poor society? What would happen if you grew up in a rich society? Can the environment really shape who we are? I believe that environments do shape our personalities and the way we live. If you were [...]

Stop Prejudice! - Oppression

Oppression by Betty Rachele Ina and Serena

This poem/rap is about the prejudice that most Asian, Arab, and European men believe in. The prejudice is that their women should be like property. Owned and ruled over. Rachele, Betty, Ina and Serena found that this prejudice needed to be changed. Therefore, they wrote a song, [...]

Lord of the Flies – English Personal Response

Personal Response: Lord of the Flies Serena A. Ahmad Grade 9N Lord of the Flies by William Golding was a ridiculous book. The story was about a group of school students from different private, all-boys’ schools who get stranded on an island from a plane crash. They struggle to survive, and out of desperation [...]

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