“Point Blanc” – Journal Entry #8

Title: Point Blanc (Book 2)

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Pages: 229

The Main Character of this book is Alex Rider, This book “Point Blanc” is the second book of the Alex Rider Series written by Anthony Horowitz. In this book Alex’s Mission is to enter an elite prep school for rebellious kids, as an Undercover [...]

“Stormbreaker” – Journal Entry #7

Title: Stormbreaker (Book 1)

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Pages: 237

The main character of the story is Alex Rider, since this is the first book of the series, this is where his whole life changed from an ordinary schoolboy to a super spy. recruited by force into the MI6. Alex Rider is a Fourteen Year [...]

“Night Rise” – Journal Entry #6

Title: The Power of Five “Night Rise”

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Pages: 402

In this book The Power of Five “Night Rise” the main characters are Scotts and Jamie Tyler, Both are fourteen years old and are twins. They are two of the five unique kids, but they don’t know who are they and how [...]

Evil Star – “Journal Entry #5″

Title: The Power of Five “EVIL STAR” (Book 2)

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Pages: 350

The main character of this book is Matt Freeman, one of the five unique and special kids, whom has the power to defeat an evil which is known as the Old Ones. After Matt had defeated the Old Ones and [...]

“Box Out” – Journal Entry #4

Title: Box Out

Author: John Richard Coy (John Coy)

Pages: 276

This book is mainly a bout high school basketball and a student called Liam Norbet Bergstrom, who is also the main character. He is post player playing in the JV team in Horizon high and when one of the Varsity’s Big Man got [...]

Peom Pastiche – “Acquainted with the Night”


Acquainted with the Night Robert Frost

I have been one acquainted with the night. I have walked out in rain – and back in the rain. I have outwalked the furthest city light.

I have looked down the saddest city lane. I have passed by the watchman on his beat And [...]

Holden in Adam Sandler’s house

So here I am in Los Angeles, going to meet Adam Sandler, a goddam prostitute, who thinks he is a hot shot and all, but actually he is just a damn crazy person, I mean his movie aren’t that good at all, but still I got to go with my Brother D.B to meet [...]

“Toby Wheeler” – Journal Entry #3

Title: Toby Wheeler Eighth-Grade Benchwarmer

Author: Thatcher Heldring

Pages: 213

Toby Wheeler is the main character and is a eight-grade benchwarmer in basketball, actually befor he joined his school’s basketball team, he plays at the rec center, a gym where people goes to play basketball and other stuff. But when he joined his school [...]

Personal Respond on “The Catcher In The RYE”

This book “The Catcher in The RYE” is a very weird book compared to all the book I have read befor in English class. Also comparing it to all my other books that i have read i could say that it is an average book, because there isn’t much of an adventure and excitement. [...]

“ARK ANGEL” – Journal Entry #2

Title: ARK ANGEL (Book 6)

Author: Antony Horowitz

Pages: 344

The main character is Alex Rider, he is a teenager between age 14 and 16. Alex is an undercover agent working for the MI6 till the death of Yassen (an assassin trained by his father), So when Alex was walking outside the MI6 HQ [...]

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