How have I changed as a reader?

I guess I haven’t changed much as a reader.

At the beginning of the year, I aimed to read more. I somehow managed to do so every now and then but bit by bit, slacked…

I would name two reasons to why I slack: 1. I am a lazy reader. 2. I seldom find [...]

“The Amanda Project: Invisible i”

“The Amanda Project: Invisible i” by: Melissa Kantor 296 pages

Amanda Valentino is an intelligent yet secretive girl. She seems to know everything, but always seems to be hiding something. She is a hot topic in school, as she does whatever she wants, even if it challenges the vice principal or the snottiest girl [...]

Personal Response – “Names & Faces” Project

“Hey! Sorry, are you free for an interview?”

Maya, Yvonne, and I followed the strong coffee smell and appeared at the edu cafe stall. Our interviewer for “Names & Faces” is the edu cafe lady – Micky.

Edu Cafe has been around for about 2 years time, but have we really get to know [...]

“True Believer”

“True Believer” by: Nicholas Sparks 250 pages

Jeremy Marsh, a science journalist believes that everything that happens can be scientifically explained. A coincidence brings him exploding popularity on tv and he becomes famous within the country in a few day’s time. With the famous name, Jeremy was then sent to a ghost town – [...]

Love Poetry

Love, can be expressed in various ways.

We have come to learn the way to express love through words.

Words are considered a way to communicate with other people; without having to speak it. But, it also fully represents the writer’s feelings and personality. One uses direct words to say how much he loves [...]

Speaking Shakespeare - Being Portia

Memorize and recite Shakespeare… Wow. It was a challenge. But the challenge did not fall on the memorizing; it was to be the character myself. In the movie, the speech Portia made was a spark. It was full of wisdom, and hidden agressive. I admire this, and wish to present it myself during my [...]

“Hush, hush”

“Hush, hush” by: Becca Fitzpatrick 391 pages

The major theme of this book would be the forbidden love between human and non-humans. Patch is a normal transfer into Nora’s school, but there is something about him that makes Nora creep. Whenever Patch is around Nora, things go wrong mentally. Nora’s mind will start to [...]

Personal Response - "Merchants of Venice"

“Merchants of Venice” is yet, again, another play by Shakespeare. Another Shakespeare movie.

Like the other Shakespeare plays, the movie contains elements such as forbidden love, wealthy and poor people -as contrast-, and unexplained love.

But, this time it also contains prejudice.

The movie starts with a scene that could be seen in Venice [...]

Personal Response – “Lord of the Flies”

A group of boys stranded on a island without adults? I’ve never thought of that before. 

The book opens with a plane crash on a stranded island and then the follow up of all the survivors. The boys elects a leader (Ralph), and follows upon him. Soon, a signal fire, several shelters are built [...]


“Pretties” by: Scott Westerfeld

370 pages

Following up the story of the “Uglies”, the main characters are transformed into pretties in this book. During the operation of turning pretty, authorities insert a special lesion into the brain to stop people’s ability of having negative emotions and behaviours. This resulted in a peaceful and happy [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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