Have i changed as a writer? Rachele Consolini

It was only at the end of the year, when I took my final English exam that I found out how much I changed as a writer during the whole school year. If I look back at some essays I wrote in the beginning of the year, I cannot recognize myself in them. I [...]

Have i changed as a reader?

Looking back at the beginning of the school year, I realize that I actually changed as a reader. I started to think about what all the books I read were about and what I could learn from all of them. I thought about serious questions I could get out from the stories, because all [...]

Tomorrow, when the war began Personal Response

This book is very hard to follow in the beginning. Teenagers going camping in what they call “Hell”. Yes, it seems very easy and unlikely. But once you get to the point where the story starts to tangle up and you can’t even keep track of it, that’s where it gets interesting. Teenagers are [...]

White Teeth Personal Response

“White Teeth” is quite an interesting and funny book about immigrants in London and about destiny. It’s one of those books where it gets hard to put it down once you get into it. All the characters are different, but mixed together they all seem to be working perfectly. I think the book is [...]

Personal Response to “Names and Faces” – Rachele Consolini, 9N

This project was a success for our group, even though in the end I felt like I could have done more and better work. Like every project we make, there are some difficulties my group and I faced, for example when we had to interview, we had to come up with a lot of [...]

Love poetry personal response.

I never thought love poetry could be so confusing and complicated. Some poems just sound so desperate and hopeless. Reading the whole booklet of love poems, there was one of them that caught my eye; “Song” by Edmund Waller. This poem talks about how this man talks to a rose which is the symbol [...]

Speech Post ~ Portia ~ Rachele Consolini

What did you discover by memorizing and performing your speech that you did not realize beforehand?

It’s really amazing how a speech in Shakespearian language can seem so simple by just listening to it or even watching it in a part of the movie.

All this changes when you’re asked to learn all of [...]

The Merchant Of Venice. – Rachele Consolini 9N

The first day I heard about what movie we were going to watch in English class, I was pretty excited myself, “The Merchant Of Venice”. I was curious to see how Venice was like a long time ago, since I live very near to it. I wanted to see how the actors talked and [...]

Personal response – Lord of the Flies. Rachele Consolini

Rachele Consolini, 9N                                                                                               24/01/10

Lord of the Flies personal response.

Before starting to read the book Lord of the Flies, we did an assignment where our job was to pretend to be on a deserted island with a group of only girls or only boys. We divided ourselves into boys and girls and discussed [...]

New Moon – Rachele Consolini

The Twilight saga is a series of books that talk about Bella Swan, a teenager that meets a vampire and falls in love with him. I read the book New Moon, the one that comes after Twilight, the first book of the series, so to understand it you need to read Twilight first.

New [...]

‘Names & Faces’ Now Online!

Have a look at our Names & Faces project, where we introduce members of the SSIS support staff to the school community.

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