Independent Reading Journal - Brave New World

I read a book named Brave New World wrote by Aldous Huxley and I read 237 pages. This book is a negatively utopia related book. Not typical, but very good. Author Aldous Huxley wrote about educating people when they are sleeping. The people inside were separated and all thought they are the happiest. I [...]

IRJ - Night

I read Elie Wiesel’s Night. I have read till 115 page of this book.

This book have discussed about the cruelty of Nazis and war. I see this very interesting and feel sorry for them. War is an efficient way to make people in one country cooperates. In history, many kings and emperors have [...]

Lu~~ve Poetripod

We have studied love poems.

There is no instruction about this assignment on assignment, so I assume that I can write anyway I want.

Love poems has been used for centuries and it is still being used by people. In “The dead poets society” there are many guys who uses poems to attract girls. [...]


I have memorized the speech and performed it. When I was memorizing it, I have realized that Shylock’s speech is very logical and it makes sense. By this speech, I realized what Christians in Middle age Europe have done. I see the site of Shylock representing the thought of Jew and other people as [...]

Merchant of the Veniceeeeeee? EVKTY (1st Edition)

We have watched a movie called Merchant of the Venice. This is based on a novel written by William Shakespeare. But who cares about these kinds of things.

This movie is just a movie. But quiet special. For example, these person are quiet realistic compared to other novels. But I didn’t really like the [...]

Lord of the Flies // Personal response

I have read the “Lord of the Flies” because it have to be read. I think it is quiet a good book because it is fun. I like this kind of story because it makes me fun.

We did that discussion thingy before actually reading the book. We were divided into boys group and [...]

Animal Farm (hmm?? IRJ)

George Orwell, Animal Farm, 193

I have read a book called animal farm by George Orwell. This book was in my shelf and I think I have read it one time but I think this book is quiet good so I read it again.

I found that this book did a very good job in [...]

1984 (hum? IRJ)

1984, this book was in my book shelf for like 3 years already but I only started reading this semester. I still remember Mr. Macknight saying “Do you understand what this three sentence means?” on the BB’s slogan. But now, I understand it.

First one means that the BB use war to make peace [...]

Wave (hum? IRJ)

This book is not mine. Mr. Macknight make me to read it. It was just a novel about an experiment a class did and this experiment is about how can Nazi cooperate(?) so well. The experiment was about making people to join and like so and so. Those main characters found that this is [...]

20000 League under the sea (hum?)

This book was good. Because the submarine “Nautilus” was similar with my dream, the great ship. I found this very interesting because it reminded me of that project. I knew this book from before and read it. So it was very easy to read.

The main thing in the story is the submarine “Nautilus”. [...]

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