My Thoughts On “The Early Purges”

This poem brings up many questions about our world, of which I believe the most important theme to be the difference between how people view the world and how these visions might be caused or affected by the environment.

The contrast between the attitudes of people in town and rural areas is an example of different views from people. People in town, who grew up in an environment in which most people care for animals as pets, and probably in a family with a stable income, would think that killing is cruel. On the other hand, people in the countryside, who fully rely on crops or livestock for a living, and are used to other animals roaming around destroying things, would most likely view the animals as pests and try to get rid of them. As the poem states, “living displaces false sentiments” — the reality often takes away many ‘useless’ emotions. Perhaps you would think a kitten is cute, but if it starts harming crops that you rely on for a year’s living, you would probably forget about your fondness for it. Because of the environment, these animals regarded as ‘pests’ are treated the same way city people treat insects such as mosquitoes. They are killed for good, and not an extra thought is wasted on them in this busy world, where there are much more important things to care about.

The change in the author’s attitude throughout the poem also shows how a strong influence the environment might be. Similarly, I probably would not ever kill a kitten in my lifetime, but if I’ve grown up in the same environment as the author, when there are more urgent and realistic problems I would have to face, then perhaps I would someday.

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the early purges

The early purges is a poem about how “pests” were treated at a farm. It starts out with a young child witnessing someone drown kittens in a bucket. At first he is surprised and sad but as he becomes older, he gets used to the deaths of unwanted animals at the farm.

At one point he says,”Still, living displaces false sentiments.” Here he is saying that his own life and wellbeing is more important than the unwanted animals. Some people believe that this is wrong, me included. The whole poem is about moral judgment and how it changes as you grow older.

Some people, such as the man who killed the kittens, would feel completely justified killing these animals because they are considered pests and there is no point for them at the farm. He called the kittens, “scraggy wee shits.” This also allows people to feel more at ease killing the animals because they don’t feel as though they are pets but as unwanted creatures.

Finally, the end of the poem is about how the city people think differently about killing than people in the farm. The people in the city believed that “death is unnatural” and cruel while the people from the farm believe that killing the unwanted is the right thing to do, even if it is painful and cruel.



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the early purges

The early purges, for me, is about a young boy/girl witnessing a scene that is classed as disturbing for him, yet to dan taggart it is like he is doing them a favour “isnt it better for them now?”. This is portrayed in modern society via euphanasia, and is it right to kill one animal but not another? For example, if your frail old dog was suffering excrutiating pain every day, you would probably put it out of its misery, however, if your grandpa was your dog in this scenario would you try to keep him alive for as long as possible? Similarly, another moral debate is: Is it right to kill one animal over another based on, looks for example. I believe that if an animal serves a purpose that is useful and isnt a pest then it should not be killed unless it has a greater use when dead, e.g. Cows, pigs.

Moving forward, the young child grows up to become much like dan taggart (probably due to the fact that they have grown up in an environment  where this is considered normal. Also, the last stanza states that the people in the town consider death unnatural, which brings up the question: Are natural things always good? I think that most natural things are essential, growth, reproduction, death, the list could go on. What i think Heaney is trying to get across is that people adapt to certain environments and come to think of them as normal, then when an opposite belief comes along it seems extreme to them, like in the poem. The last line of the poem however, unites the difference of opinion and says something that is true for most situations: But on well-run farms pests have to be kept down.

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The Early Purges

I was quite surprised about the topic of the first few stanzas: drowning some kittens. This section and the rest of the poem raise many moral questions; some about whether it is acceptable to kill certain animals and others about the definition of “pest” and species-ism (compare racism). In class we were introduced to the idea that marking something using the word pest made it somehow less than human and acceptable to kill.

Death and morality are both quite touchy subjects, because they allow us to question the beliefs of ourselves and other people. Deciding what animals and plants are worthless enough to kill is a common dilemma that most people don’t think about. On the one hand, killing a human or letting a human die is very bad. On the other hand, we need to kill living things in order to survive, for our energy.

Another dilemma resulting from being close to death is when it would be kinder to keep a being alive or to put it/he/she down. One example given in class was an old sheepdog, who has grown old, weak and very sick. In most cases, the dog would be put down. However, if the same thing happened to a great-grandfather or great-grandmother, who is also very sick from old age, he or she would be kept alive as long as possible.

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Over the Summer holidays I read a book called wake by Lisa Mcmann. Nothing is scarier than being pulled into someones nightmare. Thats whats happening to Janie now she’s 17 years old and goes to a school called Fielridge high school. She has an alcoholic mother who is never there for her therefore she spends all her free time in an elderly home. Her best friend  is called Carrie, they do lots together and is there for her more than her mother is. Carrie has another best friend called Melinda. Melinda is rich and hates Janie without a doubt.

If a door or window is left open over a certain amount of distance she gets drawn into their dreams. She gets paralyzed and blind. She was eight this all started. when She gets sucked into people nightmares the distance usually increases. She keeps this all a secret because she thinks this is crazy having this ability and seeing their dreams and fears. At school she meets a boy named Cabel and they fall in love. Cabel is a loner and supposedly a drug dealer but is in much further. He starts suspecting something when she starts to act weirdly. As she grew up her powers have been getting stronger and stranger. In her dreams people keep asking for help but she doesn’t know how to help them. As they were falling in love on a class trip in Cananda he finds out about her abilities. Their relationship doesn’t last very long because he starts eeping secrets and hanging out with Melinda.

Although he keeps working in the drug business they still love each other. Janie then finds out how to help the people in their dreams and learns more about herself. She also finds out that Cabel is actually an under cover cop helping with a drug bust which he actually achieves with the help of  Janie as she gets pulled into the dream of the eager of the drug business.

Janie Discovers she is a dream catcher and starts helping others. In the end of the book Cabel’s boss gives her a paycheck for her help, a scholarship offer and a contract to help out the police.

I like this book because I like the concept of her being able to catch dreams. The book was also really interesting to read through as it was more like a diary. I couldn’t stop reading as I got further into the book. This book captivated me.

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I have read a wide range of books and series however I have only gone back and re-read 3-4 of those series. Eragon is included in one of those series. It is written by Christopher Paolini and is set in a mythological place named Alagaesia. The genres of this book are almost identical to the ones that would be ideal to me. Fantasy, adventure, action, mythological and a bit of dungeons and dragons. Ironically that is part of the plot. A small village farm boy, Eragon, who lives in the remote area’s of a mountain range called the Spine, one day finds a stone magically appearing in front of him. However, the stone is unlike any he has perviously  seen. It is harder then diamond but hollow and it seems to be made of more then pieces. One morning when Eragon is getting ready to tend the fields, the rock begins to wobble and finally cracks. Out emerges a dragon. When he touches the dragon’s snout a jet of pain like a flame flies through his veins. Waking up he sees a silver symbol on his hand. It is used to mark dragon riders. He is the last of its kind, except for the king who has used arcane magic to twist his dragon and his subjects to do his wishes. When strange men arrive in the town asking questions, Eragon flees with Saphira, the name of his dragon, into the Spine and in the process removes almost all skin from his legs by riding her without a saddle. Returning the next morning he finds his uncle dead and with the help of a local story teller goes out to seek revenge. Through their travels Eragon learns more about the abilities of a dragon rider and the changes that occur. They travel city through city, Eragon growing stronger and Brom, the story teller, revealing more and more about his past. However in some unfortunate events, Brom is killed and Eragon barely escapes with the help of Murtagh. To find out more you can read the book. I believe most readers would enjoy the book and series because it has a bit of everything from romance to explosions. It is not long to the point that you cannot continue reading but not so short that detail and a thorough plot can be established. I believe those who would not like this would would be people looking for a one book thriller and not a series that can take a while to read. I have enjoyed this book for a multitude of reasons. First it goes perfectly to what I look for in a book. Secondly, the language and structure is more advanced as well the length is more appreciable as I do not finish the book in 1-2 days as I would normally and lastly, the book is very captivating and demands focus and attention from you. There are parts for example: when Eragon has his fortune read by herbalist and the prophecy that is told plays a part till the last page of the last book. I really urge many people to try and read this series as well to try and read a similar book by the name of Belgariad by David Eddings. The books are very similar and yet have a completely different plot.

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dear presentation


Over the summer i read Ungifted;is a book about a boy named Donavan Curtis.Donavan is preserved as a very naughty and mischievous kid.He is also portrait as quite stupid until one day he is accidentally moved to the gifted students program by the headmaster who was actually giving him into trouble.In the end he is caught and is given into a lot of trouble.

i think this book is targeted at people my age because most of the characters are my age and is in a school-like setting.i would recommend this book to readers who are less experienced but still want an interesting book and would not recommend it to experienced readers because there is no challege. as a overall rating i would give it 8 out of ten

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The Maze Runner review.

The maze runner by James Dashner is a dystopian fiction novel, also contains bits of romance and adventure. It is written in the third-person’s(narrator’s) prespective. This is the first book in the triology, although there is a fourth book. I would recommend it to people who are  into fiction writing, and will not be EXTREMLY disappointed by a tragic ending. The story has lots and lots of twists and the plotline can sometimes be unclear, because there are many things going on all at once. But overall it’s a great book.

The storys talked about a bunch of boys who got sent to a place called the Glade, a square area sorrounded by 4 giant gates that leads into a enormous maze, one on each side, that would close at night to protect the boys from nocturnal robotic creatures called Grievers. Every month on the same day, a new boy would join the others in the glade. Non of the boys knew the purpose of being here, how or when they got here, the only things they remember are their name and the Glade is going to be their new home. But they want to know the answers to all the questions they had and to escape back to their normal life. There is a group of atheletic boys who call themsleves the runners, they would run into the maze during daylight and trying to find an exit that will lead them back to reality.

Thomas was one of the runners, his friend Minho and him discovered an invisible hole near the cliff while throwing rocks down the cliff for fun. The news got spread around the glade and soon the leaders decided for all the boys to go together to the griever hole( they called it that, because grievers come out of the hole..) But when they got there, they found out that all the grievers are gathered around the whole , ready to attack. It’s a bloodbath, but eventually most of the group made it down the griever hole.

Thinking they are back in reality and could go back to live their normal lives. They are wrong, there is no reality. The book ended with a suspence, telling parts of the truth and leaving some left to be explained in the second( The Sorch Trial) and the third (The death cure)




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Of mice and men contains four topics: American Dream, racism, women’s right and migrant workers. During Steinbeck, the writer’s time, everyone believed in the American dream that rarely came true. Racism was at its worst, women were treated as property and mostly used for sexual pleasure and the amount of migrant workers could have filled up the whole of china.


The novel is about two migrant workers who moved around and tried to get a job. The story was based during the Great Depression; thus the two migrants, George and Lennie, believed in the American Dream. George and Lennie’s American Dream was no different from others during their time. They believed that one day they would be able to save enough money and buy a farm of their own. Lennie loved hearing George telling him what their future could be because Lennie loved stroking soft things hence when George tells him what their future could include, he would always ask about the rabbits George promised they would get.

Lennie is presented as an extremely large and strong person meanwhile George has the brains.


The two migrants ended up on a ranch were most of the novel was set. Lennie and the owner of the ranch got off to a rough start. Curly, the owner, had thought that Lennie was hitting on his wife (which during their time, she would be counted as something the ‘belonged’ to curly.) Throughout the whole story, curly and lennie got into two fists fights both ending with curly being severely injured. After the fight, many sided with curly thus almost everyone on the ranch disliked Lennie.


The rest of the novel is about the conflicts Lennie and George had with the people on the ranch. Also lennie and George continue to plan their own American dream. It is a very simple novel and it is worth the read. Though it may not seem like a page turner book, it does contain a twist that is not expected by the readers.

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dear project – the fault in our stars

The fault in our stars by john green was a sad yet enjoyable, realistic-fiction book. It is about two cancer patients, Gus and Hazel who meet in a support group for other cancer patients. As the book progresses, they begin to fall in love.

At one point, Gus gives up his wish (a “gift” from the make a wish foundation which allows them to get one wish, it can be anything)  for Hazel to go to the Netherlands and meet her author however, it doesn’t end well.

Later on, Gus begins to become more and more sick. Eventually, he dies and Hazel is extremely broken up about it, of course. She becomes very depressed which makes this book even more sad.

I enjoyed this book at the start but as it became more and more depressing, I began to dislike it yet I liked how good the writing was. I would give this book an 8.5 out of 10.

I would think that most people would enjoy this book if they enjoy love stories that are different from your average love story. People that don’t enjoy reading sad books or books about love won’t like this book.

Overall, the fault in our stars was a great book.

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DEAR: Presentation

Over the summer I read a series of books. My favourite book that I read is Percy Jackson: Lightning thief. It is about Percy who’s father is the God of the sea. His mum is a human, which makes him a demi-god. I enjoyed reading this book because it has my favourite genres; Fantasy and adventure. Readers that would like this book are readers who enjoy reading about fantasy and adventure because Percy and his friends go on many adventures through out the book series. Readers that wouldn’t enjoy reading this book are those who like reading about romance or comedy. I would rate this book a 8.5/10 because it kept me flipping pages over and over again.

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As a writer

As as writer, I don’t really enjoy writing about topics that require researching. I prefer writing about my previous  experiences in life. Once when I was in the third grade, my class went on a school trip to a Zoo. After the trip, I really wanted to write about what i saw, smelt, and heard. That was my favorite writing experience. I hate forced writing, where I am forced to write about something that I don’t want to write.

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DEAR book task

I’m sorry it’s late.
During my holidays, I read very little but I enjoyed the Percy Jackson series, by Rick Riordan. The book I liked most was Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, the second in the series, but I am trying to read through the full series.
The idea used throughout the Percy Jackson series is that various places and concepts from Greek mythology move with the centre of Western civilization, which in the book is the United States. In Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, Percy ventures through the Sea of Monsters, a.k.a. the Bermuda Triangle, to recover the Golden Fleece. It is the only thing which can repair the magical borders of Camp Half-Blood, a sanctuary for people like Percy who are the sons or daughters of a god.
I think people who know a bit about Greek mythology are more likely to enjoy the book, because it makes interesting, yet somewhat obvious links between modern culture and Greek mythology. An example of such a link is that instead of the gods living on the top of Mount Olympus, they live above the Empire State Building.
I knew a bit about Greek mythology and some of the links made were funny or shocking. Examples of these that I went over were the Sea of Monsters being in the Bermuda Triangle and the home of the gods being above the Empire State building. Also, Hermes, the messenger god, owned a mobile phone with two snakes around the antenna and claimed that he invented the Internet. I think the majority of people will like this book.

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“Wool” by Hugh Howey is a book I enjoy a lot because of its very interesting dystopian themes used throughout the book. The book belongs in the genre dystopian fiction, as it describes a future dystopian society in which people live in a giant underground silo.

The environment outside the silo is polluted – the atmosphere is toxic and and the land is ruined by human activity. The 144-story silo is roughly spit in to three parts, the mechanics and farmers at the bottom, the IT department in the middle, and important people such as the president on the top. This presents a typical dystopian theme of the difference between social status.

There are strict regulations throughout the silo. Working-classes wear their special color-coded uniforms. Energy is limited. People are confined by rules that limit everything from the kinds of pets allowed to the number of children someone can have. In a society which the main goal is to survive, freedom is not important — in fact, it is regarded ‘useless’. This is where another theme comes in with contrast between the attitudes of people. Some people don’t wish, don’t dream; they just do the work they’re supposed to — and most people are like this. Yet, some are curious. There are always those who dare to hope, who dare to dream. They are the dangerous people, the ones who cannot be controlled, the ones who should be eliminated before further ‘contamination’.

Therefore, a new law was formed. The punishment for anyone who speaks about the outside is simple — they are sent outside, with a suit the IT department designs, meaning to protect them from the hazardous air. But the suits always breaks apart and nobody ever survived — until a bright woman from the mechanical got elected for president, and became curious as soon as she traveled up top. She investigated things. Piece after piece of the puzzle was found, containing secrets of the IT department… and then it all came together. The materials that were meant to break. The murders. The speech. The suit. The discovery. The decision. Then the riot.

‘Wool’ is the beginning of a series which consists of three books. People who might enjoy the series are those who like the genre ‘dystopian fiction’ or ‘adventure’. Readers who might not enjoy it are people who like books that talk more about relationships and the world in which we live in.  I would rate this book 8 out of 10 and would strongly advise someone to read it if they’re interested.

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My Summer Reading

One Seriously Messed-Up Week: in the Otherwise Mundane and Uneventful Life of Jack Samsonite written by Tom Clempson. This book is often compared to the inbetweeners series however i found this book surprisingly tamer than the Inbetweeners, which is a good thing, because I don’t think they should be compared, as they are both different and originally brilliant in their own ways. Our hero of the book Sam Taylor, who has renamed himself Jack Samsonite for his school project, has three aims for the week. Firstly he needs to study to pass his GSCE’s which are coming up soon. Secondly, he really wants to go out with the girl of dreams – Eleanor Wade – a girl he spends many hours a day dreaming about. Lastly he wants to survive the week without getting his head kicked in by the nastiest bully in the area. What do you think his chances are of achieving all three in a week? This doesn’t sound like a particularly exciting plot, but luckily tom clempson makes up for that with witty humour and dialogue that is appealing to most teenagers, much like in the inbetweeners. This book is not for people that prefer a tension filled, high intensity storyline, nevertheless i would say that it is a great introduction to reading due to the fact that the book flows neatly from beginning to end. The only real concern i have for this book is the title, because it doesn’t do the book much justice, (with the use of the words mundane and uneventful) and it is particularly long. But in all, it is a hilarious book that even adults enjoy to read involving a dramatic twist at the end, i really do think that Tom Clempson has a great writing career ahead of him.

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What I Think About Writing

The atmosphere is a very important aspect for me as a writer. When I write stories or imaginary descriptive writing, I prefer dark and cool environments because they leave area for creativity. Essays and speeches are nice to write in quiet areas such as the library, while poems fit for writing outside when the weather is perfect.

Despite my captious preferences for atmospheres, I am not a big fan of descriptive writing. Essays and speeches are things I can cope with, but descriptive writing and expressive writing are areas I do not like. This is probably because I am not good at it.

When it comes to expressing emotions, I enjoy music more, as writing is not as interesting and expressive. Writing is too narrow — it is only for those who understand a particular type of language, while music is for everyone around the globe, regardless of ethnics or country background. Although literature such as poems can be read aloud or transformed into music, their meaning still cannot be fully understood by people who do not use that language. Writing is valid and precise, while music is symbolic and abstract. Words have specific meanings, while music does not. Words are limited, while notes are free. Writing is used to communicate ideas, while music, on the other hand, is used to express feelings.

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As a writer

as a writer i enjoy writing murder mystery books because of the feeling of adrenalin pumping around my body as i create the scene of a murderer edging ever closer towards his target, ready to strike with his sharpened knife.But being a writer and having wrote pieces of work that i thought that have been worthy of a good mark have just made me miss out on a good grade  for example, because of stupid mistakes such as grammar which is annoying indeed especially when it is a simple spelling mistake or a missed exclamation mark. But there is also positives to being A writer such as receiving a good mark for a small paragraph. Also the other positive of being a writer is that you get to write about things that you enjoy, so in this case murder mystery.


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Describe yourself as a writer

I only write when it is necessary , like when it is an assignment. In my spare time, i don’t like reading fiction or classic novels. When i read, sometimes i’d search up the vocabulary  but most of the time, i just ignore them.

I can’t think of a topic or what to write about when i’m just told to write anything. I’d sit there and watch TV or do whatever that might give me ANY idea about what to write about. When I TRY to write, other things distract me, ALWAYS. Because everything seem more fun than writing. Instead of writing, i draw very random things to tell stories instead of writing, i just find that so much easier and fun. Also, I make grammar mistakes ALL THE TIME !

Writhing is much easier if it is statical, because we don’t have to think about what to write, just have to put statistics into your own words.

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Enter title here

I admit that I am not good at fiction writing, but I write computer programs and their documentation. The reason I am not good at writing fiction is that I cannot come up with enough content to fill more than about two pages. Incidentally, I can also hide content, so any amount of it can fit on a page. I can also be quite secretive, and I enjoy seeing that I have a unique skill (programming) in other people’s incomprehension. I also like helping people, so I often try to explain my code to them. For another example of text hidden in this way, see . For your information, I did not make that site.
My, that was a long paragraph break; or not?

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How I like writing

I like writing occasionally. Depending on what I feel like I start writing about what comes to my mind; Not like a diary but more like writing stories. I don’t like writing Essays cause most of the time they give you a topic to write about and i like writing my own stories. I always start writing stories but most of the time the stories just end because I don’t know how to continue. In year 9 my teacher gave a writing assignment on the book “Of Mice and Men” where we had to find quotes from the book and explain them in  T.S.E.X.T structured paragraphs. This was quite difficult but I got it done and got an ‘ok’ grade for it. The next time I will have an writing assignment like that I will know how to write it.

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describe yourself as a writer

There are many people that like writing however I am not one of them. I am more of a reader than a writer, I mostly read online books written by individual writers, not actual,published books.

I usually don’t write but when I do, it’s usually for school. Even so, I think that writing is a good way to convey messages even if it just is threw an unpublished, online story to a text message.

When I write, I prefer writing fiction over non-fiction so I don’t have to do any research. Research is difficult and it is very easy to mess up statistics and stuff. Fiction is more creative and you can think of everything yourself, which know I’m realizing that those are the same things.

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As a writer

I prefer to write short stories rather than essays or poems. Short stories allow you to be imaginative and there is close to no limits as to what you can and can’t do. I find writing poems the hardest out of all of the different catagories. Last year we had to write a T.S.E.X.T structured essay on Macbeth, we had to have quotes from the play for each body paragraph. The dead line was after spring break; being the genies that i am, i left all my homework to the last day of the holiday. Thus, on the day before we had to hand in my work, i rushed the entire essay. Surprisingly i had more then a 1500 words in my essay. I didn’t think id do well on that assignment but it ended up getting me an A.

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My writing experience

As a writer, I prefer to write creatively, as in: Narratives, poems etc; Compared to non – fictional topics. Usually i write about some sort of mystery that takes place, this is the foundation on which i build my stories. My main weakness is probably, planning what to do in the time i have, e.g. Sometimes when writing i may rush the ending of a story, or not be consistent in my analysis of a text. At my old school i completed three or four controlled assessments, and either getting an A or A* on each one, this would probably be my greatest achievement in english. On the other hand, speaking and listening activities i do not excel in quite as well, however collaborating with others is very enjoyable for me.

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As a writer

As a writer, I like to write many different genres but i only mainly write for assessment.I prefer to write short stories because they are easier and take less favorite genre is comedy, it is funny and tends to have less complicated words.I have not had many experiences in writing because i don’t really like to experience would be that i we had a descriptive writing exam but i had no idea what to write,i then decided to write a short story because they are easier and tend to be more interesting.

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Me as a writer

When I would see myself writing I would see myself explaining a diagram or a describing a process like in science or math. Creative writing is not something I enjoy and neither writing by topic for example letters, poems, essays, creative stories and those criteria. My best experience is during math and science exams when the questions ask of us to explain and I will have no problem to put my thoughts on paper while my worst experience would be when I am asked to create a story during English exams when I have no thoughts and when I think of something I do not know how to put the pen to paper. This is me as writer.

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Descriptive Writing About Portrait

As I walked into the courtroom I laid eyes on George Seaborn. He appeared exhausted. He had a thick yet elegant beard in the form of a goatee. It was a unique part of his appearance, however so were his piercing maroon eyes and his aggressive nose. His skin was pale and looked tired from the stress of being a judge. His skin was wrinkling and was no longer youthful. His worn out robes reveal that he had been a judge for some time. He did despite being filthy rich not purchase a new robe. But he wore his judicial robe with great pride. He had a faint shade of crimson in his round cheeks. George had long lustrous hair that flowed down his back. His ears were petite, but he had a stout nose. When George spoke his large lips would make him stumble on words, forcing him to repeat them. However even whilst frowning his plump red lips were still alluring. George walked with a limp which was quite visible. I have heard many things about George one of so many things is that he is a true gentlemen. He is known for being the fairest judge on the New York bench. This was the most important case of my life. If I could prosecute this felon then I would be looking at a large promotion.

According to his legal record he had recently gotten a divorce from his 15 year wife. George was a very wealthy man after marrying a distinguished wall street broker which had added millions to his name. With this money he purchased a luxury apartment on one of the most expensive apartment blocks in Manhattan. George at the age of 40 frequently visited the Sports club LA gym. George’s wife was called Jane Seaborn she was a tall and elegant women. She had long brown hair that was often curled. She was not a quality wife. Jane was very self absorbed. The only subject she was able to discuss with any interest was her job. Her career was plastered all over the internet. I could only assume that living in such a large home by himself could be lonesome. Jane had grown close to another man called Caleb Jones. Caleb had spent many evenings at clubs and parties with Jane. George must have assumed that they were having an affair. Judge Seaborn was a person who did not let his reputation get dragged through the dirt. This resulted in him filing for divorce.
Judge Seaborn was the most important judge I have faced in the courtroom. I found out everything about him, his likes his dislikes, his social media posts. For example I know that George likes apple pie but despises raspberry pie. I know that he likes dogs but dislikes cats. All of these small details. Could be the swaying factor that decides if I am in the higher income bracket or the lower. It decides if I buy the silver SLS AMG Mercedes or if I purchase the navy blue Volvo V60. For over 5 year I had worked at the same position. If I prosecuted the man then a promotion was definitely in order.

In Manhattan a persons reputation was everything. The biggest thing that me and George had in common was that we both understood this fact very well. Knowing that most people were relying on a good reputation was a powerful weapon. Going to and from work I made sure that me and George were always on the same subway. We had some brief conversations about cases but non about the case that we are both working. Because of his judicial position judge Seaborn rode the subway for free. George of course did not have to ride the subway however was an economical man that disliked wasting money. I spent hours tweaking my speeches, my responses and my clothing. I included that the suspect had a cat. I wore a blue suit that is similar to one that he owns. I drank a double expresso identical to the one of judge George. Winning a case for me was everything no matter how much work I had to put in. But it always paid off. As soon as I walked into that courtroom I could not have been more prepared. I knew exactly what to say and how to say it. After studying George for such a long time, I became close to him in a way. We got the sort of connection that I had never experienced before.

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Life of Alfred Avtandil Juansheriani Bobokhidze – Portrait

The portrait that is a painting involving young middle-aged man. The portrait symbolizes the mans life in just one portrait of him. This is not just a regular man. This man has a vast amount of impactful background.

This man must have a name. But what is it? His name with first name, middle name, surname and second surname is Alfred Avtandil Juansheriani Bobokhidze.The man in the portrait has a unique appearance. His long dirty blond hair straying down his shoulders. His skin as pale as if he had just been frightened from a ghost. He is pale because he lacks nutrition. Although he looks obese to be lacking nutrition because he does not eat healthy. He is also pale from not going to sun and staying indoors. His hazel eyes looking as if they were the trunks of pine trees. His pupils looking massive most probably because he is in a dark room. Usually where he spends most of his time, explaining why he is so pale. His nose was ginormous for a ordinary looking fella, it inherited from his father. His face has barely any wrinkles meaning that he is quite young. Maybe around his late 20’s. The man is obese. You can tell by his broad shoulders, fat arms, fat face, skin hanging from his face, round and expanded cheeks, and much more.

Alfred has a very high voice for a grown man. This is because as a young child he attended the Vienna Choir. You know what they to children in the Vienna Choir to remain their voice high pitched. Until this day his voice still remains like he was a child. He will use very long and sophisticated words, since he was very well educated. For example, instead of saying, ‘Pass me the tea’, he would say, ‘Well GoodMorrow, young sire, I shall be delighted if you hand me the relaxing and nutritious tea. That would be all, thank you, and have a pleasant day.’ Since Alfred has lived in France the most he has a French accent. Alfred speaks quite fast because he wants to get the words he is saying quickly out of his mouth.

Since Alfred was well educated and raised by very well educated people. His behavior is very mature. Although he does have some disrespectful habits and disorders. Alfred can act like a prince, he will be polite. When it comes to talking, walking, and greeting. Although when it comes to food, he will never share and be extremely greedy. He will hog up all the food and eat it all. That explains his obesity and weight. That is his disrespectful behavior and disorders. He can also get very defensive. If you insult him in any way even if he thinks you insulted him, he will get hurt. When he gets hurt he will say insult you in any way possible to the maximum. Even if your his mom, me. This is another disrespectful habit and behavior. When Alfred walks he walks very awkwardly. This is because all his weight is holding him down and he rarely walks anymore. Since he has back spasms, low bone density, terrible knees, arthritis, and very common muscle strains. Although he is in his early years and still has these problems is because as a child he would break his knees, ankles, and wrists very common since he has low bone density. The wounds never heals properly therefore the outcome was arthritis. He has back spasms because once he fell back first to the ground out of a running horse. The muscle strains are from not doing enough exercise.

As a child and now Alfred was not fond of having mates. He was more of a solo-kind of man. Until this day he does not regret not having any friends. Also Alfred is not keen in a relationship with a woman nor man. Although his mother insists for him to ask the woman across the street to a ball, he refuses every time. He has no siblings and his father was murdered when he was 3 years old. It has been and his mother alone ever since. Till this day lives with his mother. All his mother says about him is described above. Alfred is in a difficult situation in life. With all his body problems he will probably not live very long, and even less since it is the year 1875. Me, his mother will die sooner or later, I am 46 and I am a heavy alcoholic. Alfred lives with his mother, in France. In a nice apartment since Alfred’s’ father heritage had loads of gold, and it was all passed down to Alfred and his mother. They are trying to spend it all since there is no future in the Juansheriani or Bobokhidze family.

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Portrait: CW2

Please publish no later than Friday, June 20th, your Language Coursework descriptive piece (CW2) based on the painting you chose.

Category: “Lang: CW2 Description”.

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June 15 DEAR Journal

I have started reading a book called Ender’s game by Orson Scott Card. This book is sci-fi novel about things that occur to a little boy named Peter, Valentine, and Enders Wiggin. They are all smart and talented. However they are bit abnormal humans. They get trained right after they are born. Though they are young and weak, they go through all the tough training-just like an army. What they are aiming for is to defeat the creatures from outer space. I thought it was ironical that they did not ever disobey or been rude to their commander. Young kids were acting like grown-ups. I felt a sense of incompatibility about the kids being more and stronger as they get trained.

“Occasionally, false is more reliable than truth.” –page 26

This was the most impressive part of the story. I have never thought that false can be dependable before. I have read only few pages from the beginning, so I did not get the lesson of story and what writer wants to tell us. However I found this book interesting and will continue reading during the vacation.

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DEAR June 15th

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies is definitely the best novel my brother offered me, it’s also the best novel I’ve read. I really liked it due to its brilliantly put together story plot and characters. I also liked it cause it’s the only book that made me read it over and over again.

The dystopian story is about the struggle of survival and man power after recovering from a plane crash in a remote island in the Pacific. The survivors are only middle childhood boys. The main characters consist of Ralph, probably the most responsible and respectable character in the story. Piggy, the fat one and also Ralphs’ accomplice. And Jack, the protagonist.Once on the island, Ralph immediately showed sign of leadership among the others. Jealous of his power, Jack protested against Ralph and managed to get a few people to side with him in order to seize leadership. Soon the remaining survivors joined him as well. A lot of chaos, violence and other gruesome things happened after that which may or may not involve the death of one of the main characters

I don’t want to spoil the rest of the story because I strongly encourage everyone else to read it. From reviews I’ve read, no one disliked it. It even won a Nobel Prize for Literature which proves its greatness and awesomeness. I would rate it 10/10

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DEAR ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker

I have started reading ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker. This book is set in rural Georgia in America during the 1930s. It tells the tale of the life of Celie, a young black African American girl, through a series of letters she writes to God. Celie faces abuse, rape and domestic violence and this book tells these issues explicitly to the reader so as to emphasise the life of poor, black women at the time (their low position in American culture). The quote I have chosen is taken from the part of the novel when Harpo’s girlfriend, Squeak, has been sent to the prison in attempt to persuade the guard and get Sofia released. Harpo is Celie’s stepson and is married to Sofia, who ran away from Harpo for several months. However, on Squeak’s return from the prison it is evident that she has been raped: ‘Poor little Squeak come home with a limp. Her dress rip. Her hat missing and one of her heels come off her shoe.’ Yet, even though she has had to suffer so much at the hands of men, she can still manage to muster up what remains of her courage and give this small act defiance against Harpo.

‘She turn her face up to Harpo. Harpo, she say, do you really love me, or just my colour?
Harpo say, I love you, Squeak. He kneel down and try to put his arms round her waist.
She stand up. My name Mary Agnes, she say.’

I like this quote because considering what Squeak has gone through, she does not allow herself to be trodden on or made to feel inferior to Harpo. She has been described earlier in the novel as a submissive, shy character who will only do what Harpo tells her to do, yet in this one instance she decides to stand up for herself and fight against her controlling boyfriend, who could not even be bothered to learn her real name. Even though this act of defiance is only small, Squeak is standing up for the women of her culture who have had to suffer under their tryannical husbands, fathers, brothers, boyfriends, which makes this bold rebellion even more incredible.

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June 15th Journal Entry – The Year Of Living Biblically

The Year Of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest To Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible by A.J. Jacobs is a book in which the author is writing about his adventurous year of following most of the laws of the Bible for a year. It is hard to choose a favourite quotation form the whole book as there are many interesting and meaningful quotations to choose from, but my most thought about phrase is,

“. . . my obsession with gratefulness. I can’t stop. Just now, I press the elevator button and am thankful that it arrives quickly. I get onto the elevator and am thankful that the elevator cable didn’t snap and plummet me to the basement. I go to the fifth floor and am thankful that I didn’t have to stop on the second or third or fourth floor. I get out and am thankful that Julie left the door unlocked so I don’t have to rummage for my King Kong key ring. I walk in, and am thankful that Jasper is home and healthy and stuffing his face with pineapple wedges. And on and on. I’m actually muttering to myself, ‘Thank you. . .thank you. . . thank you.’ It’s an odd way to live. But also kind of great and powerful. I’ve never before been so aware of the thousands of little good things, the thousands of things that go right every day.”

This is said by Jacobs in the middle book when he is following Thessalonians 5:18 – “… In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ.”. I chose this quotation as it is talking about something that is close to me and it made me stop and think about it. This quotation is one of the closest to us as it is talking about how we take so many things for granted and that we shouldn’t.

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Y10 —> Y11 Summer Work

  1. Required of all students
    1. DEAR reading 7 days / week
    2. Freerice vocabulary work 3 days / week
  2. Optional work #1
    1. Revise all the set texts (stories and poems) that we have studied in class this year.
  3. Optional work #2
    1. Read all the set texts (stories and poems) that we have not yet studied.
  4. Optional work #3
    1. Read some essays by George Orwell and/or Paul Graham as models of good writing.
  5. Optional work #4
    1. Follow the advice given in “How to improve your English”.


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A horse and two goats response

A horse and two goats is a comedy, albeit not a very good one. It has the elements that could make it funny, they are just not used effectively. The older meaning of comedy (where the story has a happy ending) does not apply here either, as Muni’s wife left to stay with her family at the end, Muni’s community loses their horse statue (which is now forgotten and overgrown), and the goats are left with no owner. The current meaning of the word comedy is not applicable either, as while it does try to be funny, with the two men talking about two totally different things and the mistake about the horse and the two goats for which the story is named. The confusion, both men saying what they think the conversation, and hearing what they want to hear, the American, about the sale of the horse, while Muni is talking about the dead body found between the villages. The American and Muni start off at odds, because the American is wearing khaki clothes, and as Muni knows, he should ‘beware of khaki’, so when the American starts talking Muni assumes that he is from the police and is talking about the recent murder, while the American is just talking about his home. And at the end when the American thinks he has bought the horse, while Muni thinks he has sold the goats, whilst neither sale happens.

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‘A Horse and Two Goats’ Response

Even though ‘A Horse and Two Goats’ may not initially stand out as a comedy, R.K. Narayan has made the clash between Indian and Western culture humorous by making Muni and the American tourist have very different characters. In the beginning of the story Muni is described as a poor, uneducated, old man whose ‘fortunes had declined gradually’ as he surrendered to poverty and his low status in the Hindu caste system. This contrasts against the image of the American man with his ‘red-face’ and ‘khaki clothes’, which is stereotypical of the wealthy, seemingly educated, Western tourist. It is an early difference between the characters that allows us to the see the comedy in their pairing. Muni suspects the man of being a ‘policeman or soldier’ because of his ‘khaki clothes’ and consequently refuses to trust him (‘Beware of khaki’). An example of this can be seen when the American offers Muni his business card of which, Muni ‘shrank away’ from, as he fears it could be a warrant. However, the main element of the story that suggests towards the extreme contrast between the two characters is the “conversation” that takes place between Muni and the American. It is because Muni and the American are such opposites in both personality and situation, that the inability for them to communicate successfully is made comical whilst still emphasising the differences between Indian and Western culture. The American tourist is focused on the sale of the horse statue and Muni is interested in proving his innocence from the recent murder, the story of his age, his history and the time when he had to dress up in a’brocade sari’ as the Goddess Laxmi. The American only values the horse statue for its aesthetic appearance, whilst Muni values it because of the culture and heritage it represents. Despite the American’s best efforts for Muni to understand English- he is even ‘uttering each syllable with care and deliberation’- both men only understand what they want to understand. The American understands that Muni will sell him the horse statue and accordingly, Muni understands that the American wishes to buy the two goats from him. In the end both men get what they want. This ultimately makes it a happy ending- which is a common feature of most comedies- Muni receives one hundred rupees for the statue which does not belong to him and still gets to keep his two goats, whilst the American is able to take the horse statue and use it to decorate his living room.

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What details in the story tell us that “A Horse and Two Goats” is a comedy?

Muni is from a small village by the name of kitram. Muni is a old deprived man living alongside his wife who are both poor. In the beginning, Muni is begging his wife to make him some drumsticks, but he does not have all the ingredients. In order to receive the food Muni is required to get the necessary ingredients. These details create a comedy for the story, as Muni has to fetch the what he needs in order to eat his breakfast most of the mornings. In the end of the story Muni encounters a strange american business man who happens to pull up in a station wagon. When talking Muni’s english is very poor leading to him answering “Yes” or “No” questions. This language barrier leads to Muni, talking about his past, the statue and his past childhood, while the American explains to Muni how he will be rearranging his furniture back in New York, to suit the statue. When reading this part, the details really make it funny. They have no clue what each other are talking about and this leads to a interesting but funny conversation. The american. Muni believes he has just sold his goats, while the American believes he has just purchased the statue. The American makes his leave with the horse statue towed in his station wagon, while Muni returns home to his wife with 100 rupees. We find this humorous as neither know what they are buying. This leads to Muni’s wife leaving and the American receiving what he wants.

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‘A Horse and Two Goats’ by R.K. Narayan

‘A Horse and Two Goats’ is a comedy because of the characters misunderstanding each other due to the different languages being spoken. The main aspect of this story focuses on Muni and the American attempting to have a casual conversation, however both the foreigner and Muni are talking about completely separate things. For example Muni is desperate to sell his two goats to an American in exchange for a hundred rupees, however the American is interested in the statue of the horse. However due to a language barrier, the American winds up having both the goats. Munis’ belief in the stereotype that only police man and military personal leads him and his wife into thinking that they’re in trouble after the goats have returned. Terrified of the thought that Muni has stolen the hundred rupees, his wife told him that she’s going to her parents house. But before that, Muni starts talking to the goats believing that they’ll understand and reply back to him. These are the few reasons why ‘A Horse and Two goats’ is a comedy.

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What details in the story tell us that “A Horse and Two Goats” is a comedy?

The communication between Muni and the American is intended to be comical. Muni and the American do not speak the same language resulting in a miscommunication. For example in the beginning of the conversation Muni thinks that the American is a police officer and that he is going to arrest him for a murder. Meanwhile the American is discussing New York, his occupation and his house. If the were to speak the same language the miscommunication would be resolve quite quickly, but because they do not speak the same language this continues for a long time and this is funny. Later in their conversation Muni assumes that the American is trying to buy his two goats however the American is in fact trying to purchase the statue of the horse. That doesn’t belong to Muni. The ending is funny because Muni receives one hundred rupees, that he thinks is for the goats. So Muni goes home happy because he received a lot of money for the goats. The American also leaves happy because he received the statue for a low price. However Muni will not be happy when we realizes what has actually happened. The humor in this is that the reader is aware of the miscommunication but the characters aren’t, making him seem silly and stupid.

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What details in the story tell us that “A Horse and Two Goats” is a comedy?

The story “A Horse and Two Goats” is a comedy. Throughout the story it is shown in distinct ways that it is a comedy, it is distinct for us since this story was published in the 20th century (more specific in 1970), and we are use to the 21st century form of writing. Comedy can mean two things. One that is ends happily and two that it is a funny story throughout the story. What I actually found funny in the story is this, “The shopman paid no attention to him. Muni kept clearing his throat, coughing, and sneezing until the shopman could not stand it any more and demanded, ‘What ails you? You will fly off that seat into the gutter if you sneeze so hard, young man.’ Muni laughed inordinately, in order to please the shopman, at being called ‘young man’. The shopman softened and said, ‘You have enough of the imp inside to keep a second wife busy, but for the fact the old lady is still alive.’ Muni laughed appropriately again at this joke.” This extract from the short story actually makes me have a individual giggle. This is funny because the shopman is not faking to ignore him, he actually is ignoring him. During the story the main character, Muni, gets married at the age of 10 while his wife at the age of 8. For me this is quite funny because they are extremely young to get married. But they get married early because is it the old times. I do not know if the writer intended to do this, even though I started cracking up in laughter. This part is the latest definition of comedy. And a detail that “A Horse and Two Goats” is a comedy. Towards the end of the story is both happy and sad. So mixed with comedy and tragedy. Muni gets a pack full of money for selling a statue of a horse but he thinks that he sold goats instead of the horse. This is funny because he doesn’t know what is actually happening while the reader is. Also the comedy that ends happily because he earns money. It is tragic because his wife divorces him because she thinks he stole the money he earned while Muni did not. This is funny because again they do not know what actually is occurring while we do. This is how the story shows it is a comedy.

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May 15th DEAR Post – Insurgent

Previously in my last DEAR post Tris and her group were welcomed to stay in the Amity sector to hide themselves from the Erudites. Now the Erudites and a few enslaved Dauntless found the escaped group and started shooting them. Once again they manage to escape despite the losses on the way.

“Tobias turns toward me.
“What was that, Tris?” he says.
“What?” I say, and I am ashamed of how weak my voice sounds. I don’t know whether he’s talking about Peter or what came before or something else.
“You froze! Someone was about to kill you and you just sat there!” He is yelling now. “I thought I could rely on you at least to save your own life!”

Although this passage is not so important in the story we know that Tris panicked when the Dauntless pointed his revolver at her, which is unusual because by now she is supposed to react differently in those kinds of situation since she’s a Dauntless as well. This builds tension in the story as we know that something odd is going on with our main character.

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May 15th DEAR post

Death Cure by James Dashner

I’ve recently finished reading Death Cure. Death Cure is the third book in the Maze Runner Trilogy written by Jams Dashner.

The entire Trilogy is about children being used as test subjects as part of a trail ran by the company ‘WICKED’. The test began when a new disease that goes by the name of ‘Flare’ began an international pandemic. Children were randomly selected by WICKED as part of their research in search of a cure, hence the title of the novel. Thomas, the main character, and a few hundred other test subjects find themselves immune to the Flare. WICKED main goal is to rebuild society with the immune children, however the assistant director, Janson has his own intentions. Thomas later discovers that Janson is suffering from the Flare and is eager for Thomas’ operation in order to save himself. ust before the operation, Thomas is saved by Chancellor Ava Paige, Wicked’s leader. The story ends when Ava Paige helps Thomas escape and in the process, also helps hundreds of other Flare-immune people escape. He is then transported to an undisclosed location along with the other Flare-immune people.

Death Cure is a science fiction, dystopian novel. Not entirely sure who may or may not enjoy reading this because I didn’t particularly enjoy reading the whole book. I skipped a few pages to avoid the boring parts such as the monologues that may take up 3-4 pages. However the entire series as a whole is far better, with then end of every story ending with a cliff hanger. I would rate it 8/10 as a whole, but being more specific, I would rate the novel 5/10.

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DEAR: “Feed” by M.T. Anderson

I have finished the entertaining novel, “Feed”. I did not write a middle entry journal, because I have already finished it in less than one month. The book “Feed” is not a novel I would expect myself to read. I have never heard of this novel until I was introduced to it by the librarian. This novel is about the future, and how a transition device is transmitted into your brain. You can virtually talk to the people around you with thinking words. It is science fiction, and has sci-fi and very little romance (did not see that coming). I would say nobody would like this novel. I did not enjoy it. I would say that sic-fi and romance does not go together. I would not read any sic-fi or romance novels. Boys usually like sic-fi and not romance and would not read this. Girls usually like romance and not sic-fi. Meaning that this novel is not a good combination, resulting to very few people liking this book. I did not enjoy this novel, because of the genre it has. And the context. For me it seems a bit cheesy. With the main characters girlfriend dying slowly and him being depressed but not really, and doesn’t care. I really do not like the context and genre. I do not recommend this book. Unless you like cheesy stories or sic-fi and romance combined into one.

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May 15 DEAR Journal

I am currently reading a book called “To kill a mocking bird” by Harper Lee. The story happens in America. In 1930s, severe racism existed between Anglo and others. Also a big economic depression raid on. Everyone was undergoing a hard time in their life. This book is about one family living in the 1930s. Dad, Atticus, is a famous lawyer. He works for the Alabama. He has two children- Jem, the older brother and Scout the younger sister. Jem is now undergoing puberty, so he is quite offensive to the society. His sister Scout is a young girl, who is always full of courage. While they live their life, they discover lots of ironical incidents that happen in their society. For example, teacher teaches that Hitler is a mad guy because he hatred of Jews, who are very innocent. Scout thinks this is nonsense because her teacher discriminates African American, who is virtuous. She tells her friends that we have to get rid of racism. Her friends bully her after that. The society is forcing a pure mind of young kid get colored with racism and other social problems.

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May 16th DEAR journal entry.

The book thief is by Markus Zusak, who has created a very thought-provoking novel. The story is narrated by death itself. Liesel (Main Character of book) is experiencing tough times as its based in 1939, this being the beginning of the holocaust. Liesel alongside her mother and brother(Werner) are being taken to the small town of Molching, just outside of Munich, Germany, to live with foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann. when riding on the train, Werner suddenly dies of random causes. Liesel and her mother are shocked and dont know what to do. They face a build up of sorrows as they will soon attend Werner’s grave.

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DEAR ‘Persuasion’ by Jane Austen

I finished reading the novel ‘Persuasion’ on Wednesday this week. I generally liked this book, even though the story took a few slightly boring twists and turns, it was still mostly enjoyable. As you may have guessed from the title, the main theme of this novel is ‘persuasion'; can we be persuaded to do something that goes against our better judgement, and will we always be left to live with the regret of not making that decision for ourselves? In this Jane Austen novel, the character of Anne Elliot is persuaded to refuse Captain Wentworth’s proposal by her close friend Lady Russell. Even though she was very much in love with Captain Wentworth, she chooses to take the advice of her good friend instead of following her own beliefs. This decision was based upon the fact that Captain Wentworth (at the start of the novel) was a relatively poor man, who had no name of his own and had only made his living through the navy. All of these factors indicated to Lady Russell and Anne that he was inferior to her and therefore, she should not be so disposed as to agree to his proposal even though she did love him.
In this quote, Anne faces the consequences of refusing Captain Wentworth’s proposal:

‘She was persuaded that under every disadvantage or disapprobation at home, and every anxiety attending his profession, all their probable fears, delays and disappointments, she should yet have been a happier woman in maintaing the engagement, than she had been in the sacrifice of it; and this, she fully believed, had the usual share, had even more than a usual share of all such solicitudes and suspense’

Even though the book does end happily, it does make me think that if Anne had just stayed true to her own feelings and not let those of others influence her she would have found happiness a lot sooner than she did in the novel. However, it also makes me think that even if we hold strong views on something, there is always the chance that we can be persuaded to go against them.

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Instructions for the Literature exam (Y10, May 2014)

Instructions to Candidates


•Time allowed: 1 hour 30 minutes

•There are two sections in this examination:

SECTION 1: POETRY tests your knowledge and understanding of the poems from your list of set texts that you have studied up to this point in the course.

SECTION 2: PROSE (SHORT STORIES) tests your knowledge and understanding of the short stories from your list of set texts that you have studied up to this point in the course.

•You must answer TWO questions, one from SECTION 1, and the other from SECTION 2.

•You should spend about 45 minutes on each question. The first 10-15 minutes for each question should be devoted to making a detailed plan for your answer.

•Some of the questions concern poems and stories that only Mr. MacKnight’s students have studied; others concern poems and stories that only Mr. Ventham’s students have studied. In both SECTION 1 and SECTION 2 you must choose a question about a poem or story that you have studied in class.

•You will find two kinds of question in this examination:

  1. passage-based questions”, in which a poem or part of a story is printed in the exam paper, and you must answer a question about that passage only; and
  2. essay questions”, in which the text of the poem is not printed in the exam paper.

You must answer one passage-based question, and one essay question. If you answer two passage-based questions or two essay questions you will be given a zero for one of them and your maximum possible grade will be 50%.

•All answers should be written in the form of an essay, i.e., in full sentences and paragraphs.

•Write in ink, not pencil.

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‘The Destructors’ Response

By giving the character of ‘T’ different personality traits to the other boys, Graham Greene marks this character out as superior to the members of the ‘Wormsley Common gang’. The instant difference between ‘T’ and the other boys in the gang is that he is ‘the new recruit’. He has not been a member for a long time (like Mike, Blackie and Summers) and consequently is given a position of low authority within the group. However, even though ‘T’ should only be able to assert a low level of control, the factor of his unpredictability must be taken into account. Not one of the boys knows ‘T’ and he does not appear to have any friendly connections with the other boys. The only attributes ‘T’ has exhibited during the start of the prose is his ‘brooding silence’, ‘dark gaze’ and ‘odd quality of danger’, which tells us that that the presence of ‘T’ in the group is almost one of ominous condescension. The effect of giving ‘T’ this personality makes the other gang members almost fear him. They feel both threatened by his quiet dominance and potentially scared about what he is thinking of next. Nevertheless, ‘T’ also intrigues the boys. They want to find out more about him, which causes them to look up to him out of both curiosity and fear. Yet, even though ‘T’ is the ‘new recruit’ he still possesses a large sphere of influence within the group. An obvious example from the start of the prose is when the narrator mentions there being no ‘ignoble ceremony of initiation’ for ‘T’, he was just established into the gang as if he had always been a part of it. Another example is shown at the start at the story with the explanation of how he received the name ‘T’. The actual name of Greene’s character is ‘Trevor’; a name that would normally be laughed at and mocked by the other boys, yet ‘Trevor’ is not subjected to this teasing. This suggests that he must be exerting some influential power over the other members through his ‘statement of fact’ manner and through the gang’s fear of not knowing him to give him the impression of superiority. I think it is this combination of feelings towards ‘T’ that marks him apart from all the other boys. The other boys have straightforward personalities. Blackie is the natural leader, he is calm, unbiased and ‘happy-go-lucky’, and Mike is youthful, watchful and ‘surprised by everything’, whilst ‘T’ is more complicated.

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“Destructors” about “T” and the other boys

In the short story, “The Destructors”, ‘T’ is different from all the other boys. ‘T’ is a nickname for Trevor. Trevor became the new leader of the Wormsley Common gang. He deserved to get it and gained it. Trevor is described as a more mature kid. He follows by the rules and does not do any kind of non-sense. While the other kids are mucking about. Boys will be boys but also they need to take some stuff seriously. “Mike laughed suddenly and then was quite again. The meeting was in a serious mood.” Mike is just 9 years old, you expect him to be immature. But if you are going to be in a legit gang, at leaf act like you try to fit in. Mike just laughs out of the blue, not even after a funny joke. To make this even worse they were in a serious meeting. If you see, all these children are in the same gang. Although they all have different minds, shouldn’t they think alike? What makes ‘T’ so special to the other boys, is that he is pretty young and acts mature. Like if he was born ground up. ‘T’ has a brilliant mind, unlike the others who just follow orders from him. ‘T’ in destroyed buildings from bombins in World War Two, ‘T’ is still able to create some sort of chaos. He is a genius.

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Response- The Destructors

The people who were related with gangs were not really allowed to speak about their personal thoughts. They were all obeying to the rule. But when they were having a meeting for the ideas about pinching the old house, T comes late while others were very punctual. Also, he was not involved in the election, which was essential to everyone. He went to Old Misery’s instead. Though he was late and did not follow the rules, he speaks out his own opinion. Despite he was bit nervous, he was the first one to say something with courage. At first, gangs were puzzled and they did not admit his thought. But soon, they start to believe T’s opinion is adequate more than other opinions. So, he takes to lead and starts to be the commander of the whole group. Graham Greene tried to differentiate T. from other boys by depicting him as the sudden leader to come up with the idea of destructing.
Also, he never gives up about something he feels responsible. In the story, Mr. Thomas comes back earlier than they forecasted. No one expects T to finish destructing before he founds out, so they start to leave. But T never gives up and finally succeeds in destructing the old house. Writer distinguished T. by portraying him as a person who never gives up what he has planned.

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“The Destructors” – Response to Prompt

In the story The Destructors by Graham Greene the protagonist, “T” is portrayed as different from the others as all of the things he does and his ideas are very different from his companions. For example he does not want to steal, we can see this in the story when he suggests that their gang (Wormsley Common gang) should destroy Old Misery’s (Mr Thomas) house, after this is proposed he is asked by several members of the group if they are going to steal, they sounded keen on it. But he refused, which shows that he is different. Another example is when he asked Mr Thomas to show him his house, this was definitely not without purpose, T. was analyzing the house for the destruction. This suggests that T. is a thinker who does not go in blind, he plans everything out beforehand. Lastly, T. does not have a specific reason for destroying the house apart from it being fun. This is mentioned when T. and Blackie are talking after the first days work, T. reveals that he found a lot of money hidden in Mr Thomas’ mattress. Straight away Blackie suggests they should keep it, T. decides to burn it as he does not want to steal nor let Mr Thomas keep the money. Again this showed that he does not think or act like the other boys. Oh, he also has a ‘funny’ name.

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