Paper Towns.2

I just finished the book paper towns by John Green. This book continues as Quentin starts to figure out the clues Margo supposedly left for him, which turned out to be a poem called ‘Song of myself‘ by Whitman. Parts of the poem were highlighted, for example: ‘Unscrew the lokcs from the doors! Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs!’ After a long time of digging around, Q found out that Margo literally hid the clue between the hinges of his door. On the note is an adress to a subdivision in the middle of florida, an building that had been abandoned for decades, where Q discovered that margo was once here and found a map that lead to more mystry. On the map four cities were marked: LA, chicago, and 2 cities in New york, but it was impossible to know which one margo went to. With the help of his friends, Q finalised a plan to go to Agloe, new york, to search for margo. They ditched graduation and set off a 19 hours drive to Angloe.  Margo was in fact in Agloe, but it turns out that she didn’t want to be found. She wanted her friends to be who they actually are, but of course that couldn’t happen unless she leaves. Q could not presuade margo to go home, so she continues her journey to explore America.

The poem’ Song of myself’ is the key to this book, because it was mentioned almost on every single page. I realise this poem is needed to understand the metaphors, like: paper townthe strings, the grass and the vessel. In author’s notes, John green has mentioned the meaning of paper town: It is a town that only exists on map to protect copy right infringemnet.  But what i don’t get is how all these metaphors are connected, also why are they used. Paper towns is a great book that leaves unsolved mystries for us to solve, also hidden metaphors, but i haven’t figured out what they are. yet.

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On the Coast of Dorset

As the tide, of the British channel, returns to the open seas, it leaves the wonders of shells both big and small and unveiling the  sandy beaches.The sound of seagulls whining aloud, makes the customers of the local chip shop conceal their food from sight. The lingering smell of seaweed is all that fills your nose, however the smell is overwhelming and you smell it as soon as you reach the coast. Children play in the water and parents watch from the beach while the occasional couple walk along the peer. The weather varies even if it I it is predicted otherwise however the beach is never abandoned by tourists or the locals because their are other attractions on the seaside  whom supposedly make a lot of money from those tourists.  As you approach the crashing waves your feet are penetrated by the rocks,shells and pebbles beneath but you are rewarded with the smooth sand surface as you reach the shallows of the sea. The sea is cold therefore doesn’t host a large amount of fish or sea plants so it isn’t very good for scoober-divers who enjoy looking for different fish or coral. The cliffs which encircle the bay get smaller and smaller by the day due to erosion. Increasing the length of the sea in the bay. As the sun sets and the shadows grow large fire works explode with colour, defining you with each monstrous explosion in the sky brighting the sea below. The wind picks up as the night is young making everybody equip their second layers of clothing yet that dosn’t seem to be enough to resist the growing cold and developing wind. As the few remaining people slowly walk cautiously watching their step in the pitch black head steadily back to their vehicles, but the few remnants are those who had had a bit to much to drink at the drunken sailor. As the beach becomes empty you can hear the sound of the waves crashing almost more violently as ever and the wind seems to be blowing at speeds beyond extreme. But then you wait and listen closely and you realise silence total silence complete peace no disturbance in the wind or the waves just silence. Then the lights from the life guard huts light up the shore line and the sea in the encircled bay. Then camper vans arrive and park up on the edge of the beach overlooking the rough sea. Then a burst of excitement fills the atmosphere as surfers run along the sand printing footsteps in the sand as they go. Then the sea explodes as the current of the wave is challenged by the charge of the opposing  surfers wading through the water, to get to a good location where the waves are great to ride back towards the shore line. However, it is amusing when the occasional surfer succumbs  to the power of the wave pushing them along. I love the coast of Dorset because of the memories it creates and the peace which is their late in the night. Also riding a wave is the best feeling you can ever have with the adrenaline pumping around your body because of the tense atmosphere, being chased by a wave. The location of which i have chosen is the coast of dorset because of the memories it has created for mesa well as the funny moments.

On the Coast of Dorset

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Descriptive Writing

When I was younger at the age of 10, my best friend and I found a secret place in the bush where we both used to hang out. Every Friday afternoon we would both ride our BMX bikes to our little hideout in the bush, which was like a small forest, it had many native Australian animals such as Wombats, Iguannas, and plenty of blue tonuge lizards. It was an extremley  complicated route to get to our hideout due to everything in the bush looked the same. On the bike track or the walk path which went on for around about 3.5km from end to end.

We found our hideout on a winters afternoon when we went searching for fire wood. We turned around a bend in the track and found a man made footpath in the bush. It was quite faint because there were many vines dangling down over the pathway. On the journey to our hideout we came towards the river which streamed past the town we used to live in.The river flows for at least 120km through 40 different small towns, the river was a rich green colour which made the bush stand out. The river which was used for many different activities by different people in the town. It was used for fishing, canoeing, and feeding the ducks. On places around the river there were pinik areas which were in easy reach for everyone, the river was a great attraction for everyone, especially those who had babies.

We continued passed the river and came across a dozen of dirt ramps, sometimes when we walked to our hideout we would run up and down the ramps, while other times when we rode our bikes we would try and jump the ramps. On the other side of the ramps was a large hill which was near to our hideout, once you climbed the hill there was  a incredibly steep drop. My friend and I would lock our bikes on a tree and climb down the tiny mountain to our hideout.

The spot that we claimed ours was right on the river and had just enough trees surrounding us that it keep us in the shade. It was completing untouched by man kind, this is made it special to us because it seemed like we were the first people to discover that tiny chunk of land. It was such a great spot, even on the other side in which you could swim across the river to another spot that we didn’t quite prefer as much as the spot which we came across.

In the summers we would go there nearly all the time because where we lived in Australia, it got to around 35°. Before I turned 11 I moved away to another country but I used to come back quite often. It changed a lot really fast by the first time I came back for a visit. Instead of it being completely untouched some things had changed. My friend told me that a group of men about 21 years of age found its location and thought it was a great idea to build a rope swing from the top. The dirt hill that you had to climb down, collapsed on its self making in easier to get to and from the location, also making it better to build a rope swing.

The rope swing was a great idea in my opinion but it turned from me and my best friends secret hide out, to a very active place where many poeple go and use the rope swing.  Ever since 2012 it was called ‘The Rope Swing’, last summer i went back to visit the place with my best friend and we found out that the tree that the held the rope swing had collasped, and now its floating in the river. Now that the rope swing has collasped, no one has been visting it as much anymore, which is great because now me adn my best friend get our hideout place back.

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Dear Journal; Percy Jackson the Titians Curse

Latey, I have been reading the 3rd book in the the Percy Jaskson series, written by Rick Riordan. I enjoy reading the series because each page is filled with excitement. “I doubted the cow serpant understood what I was saying, but it responded to the tone of my voice.” This vote is important because Percy could speak to sea serpants but with the cow serpant he wasnt able to hear its thoughts nor could it hear his. The cow serpant understood Percy’s tonne, if he was being serious the cow serpant would understand and also if Percy was talking calm the cow serpant would know that nothing was too serious.

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DEAR journal entry

I have recently finished The Turning by Tim Winton. It is an interesting collection of short stories. I enjoyed this book because the author is from Western Australia, like my family and I, and accurately describes life there. The topics include the life of a housewife (On Her Knees), relationships (Boner McPharlin’s Moll) and giving up an education and a job for an interesting life (Big World).

My favourite story in the book was On Her Knees, since it made me want to treat my ayi better, and not accuse her of anything or mistreat her in any way. In the story, a housewife (the main character) is accused of stealing a pair of precious earrings, but the main character is so good at her job that she is invited back to clean the house again.

Australians are slightly more likely to enjoy this book than other nationalities, since some of the concepts in the book are only found in Australia. It is also good for readers who like to read a small amount every day. As with other collections of short stories, a person could decide to read one story each day. People who enjoy reading novels for long periods of time would not enjoy this book since it is broken up into sections, which are at most distantly related to each other.

I enjoyed this book since it reminded me of when I lived in Australia and the things I did there. For instance, the importance of the sea in the stories reminded me of the fact that where I lived in Australia was close to the sea.

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The clod and the pebble

William blake’s poem ‘the clod and the pebble’ may not seem like it but it is a poem about love. The clod can be compared to lower classed people; though they may not have a lot, they are still happy and enthusiastic. However, the pebble, which can be compared to higher classed people, is not happy though it has almost everything the clod wants.

The clod and the pebble have two different points of view. The clod believes that love is something extraordinary and special, meanwhile, the pebble believes that love is selfish and heartbreaking. Though the two have two very different points of view, I believe that both the cold and the pebble are right. The clod has obviously experienced a different kind of love then the pebble. The pebble seems to have been hurt many times before, as to the clod has seemed to only seen the kind side of love.

This poem raises the question: What is love?
William Blake makes you wonder if love is a good thing or a bad thing. Much like Heaven or Hell. Either you experience the good or the bad. It can be the most incredible feeling, but it can also be the unbearable and heartbreaking.

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The Clod and The Pebble

My thoughts on, “The Clod and The Pebble” are that this poem portrays the image of how rich people are not happy or content while those who live a basic life are. As well this poem makes me think of how love can be considered a double edge sword. This can be shown in stanza’s one and three. In the first stanza, love is considered a good thing, “gives its ease” to other and “builds a heaven in a hells despair.” On the other hand, the last stanza gives the image from another side by saying that love is,“a hell in heaven’s despite.” The first stanza was first spoken by a clod of cay who, referring to the statement of simple life compared to rich people and their happiness, was walked upon by cattle and his ‘life’ was not as beautiful but he had a good perspective towards live while the, “Pebble of the brook” who sang the third stanza thought that love was nothing but trouble and overall was upset about it but he was by a small stream away from others indicating a nice life and despite this he was still upset. The questions this raise for me are, is love a good thing or a bad thing, and whether or not rich people are not as happy as people who live a simple life.

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The Clod and the Pebble

The Clod and the Pebble by William Blake is an encrypted poem about love. There are two non-human items, a clod(lump) of clay and a pebble in the stream are “talking” about love. There are many different ways you can interpret the poem.

For example, you could see the pebble and the clod as different classes of people. The clod, ‘trodden with cattle’s feet’ being the poor and the pebble which is sitting in a much more “comfortable position” in the brook being the rich. As the poem states, the “poor” feel love as something beautiful and amazing, like a heaven built in hell. The “rich” believe that love is something disliked and unwanted like a building a hell in heaven. Many people nowadays believe that poorer people appreciate things more in life than the rich who always want more.

It also seems as though the clod believes that love is something to help the person being loved while the pebble believes that love is selfish and is only good for the lover, not the person being loved.

Personally I think that it depends on the person being loved to decide whether they are agree with the clod or the pebble. For example if you are famous and don’t enjoy people adoring them constantly would more likely agree with the pebble than the clod. Others that like being loved or adored would most likely agree with clod.

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clod & pebble

This poem provides two contrasting interpretations of love, through a clod of clay and a pebble. The clod symbolises innocence to the experience of love and unselfish love, whilst the pebble, who may at one point have experienced hope and selflessness, has now lost these emotions due to its experiences. The clod is continually trampled on by cattle, showing that it is soft and is open to the idea of love, looking at the pebble, one may say that it was at one time was exactly like the clod, however it seems the experience of love has taught the pebble to build a protective barrier over itself, to hurt others rather than be hurt (much like the clod). Furthermore, ‘love’ may not actually be love at all ,Blake may be referring to human nature in general. One last thought is that, why did Blake chose to convey his message through a clod and a pebble, not only that but make it sound so similar to a nursery rhyme?

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Heaven and Hell

I think the most interesting theme in the poem “The Clod and the Pebble” would be heaven and hell. The poem itself is like a giant paradox, showing that love can be both hell and heaven, deadly and lovely, depending on your perspective on it.

The pebble in this story is portrayed as a shrewd higher-class individual — hard and cold. Because of its strength and worth compared to the clod, the pebble’s thoughts might represent the feelings of people who have a higher social status. These doubts on love are more realistic than the clod’s vision, and focuses more on protecting oneself before getting hurt.

The clod, on the other hand, is portrayed as a fool — a worthless, soft substance allowing people to shape, hurt and step on in whichever way they want. Although it is actually in hell (“trodden with the cattle’s feet”), the clod believes that love is all about being selfless and looks towards heaven full of hope. Because it is worthless, the clod might represent people in society that have a lower social status, basing all their motivation and hope on emotions such as love, in almost a religious way.

This also brings up the thought that love is very similar to religions — if you believe in it and is willing to sacrifice, then it is true, powerful and heaven-like for you. However, if you do not believe in it and treat it in a self-centered way, then it will become horrible for you and its existence will be disastrous.

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The Clod and the Pebble

In this poem there is a big contrast between clod of clay and a pebble from the brook. These two have very different ideas about love. The clod of clay cares more for others and has a big heart. On the other hand, the pebble is very vain and doesn’t think about anyone else so when he sings he makes love sound bad. The pebble is very evil and enjoys when someone else fails or is sad.

I think these two are represented like ying and yang, completely opposite each other. They are like the good or bad in people or in this case the good or bad in love. how are we as people? Like ying and yang? Like the clay and the pebble?

The pebble has a pretty nice life considering he lives in a brook but he still thinks that love is a bad and it sounds like the pebble had a bad experience in life making him think that love is bad and not good for yourself. The clod of clay hasn’t had this experience yet so even though he gets trampled over by down he still believes in true love or love it self.

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The clod and the pebble

The metaphors in this poem could be written for children or based on the clod and the pebble’s properties which are similiar to their contrasting prespectives on love. The clod is a lump of dirt, mellable and always being treaded. It’s prespective is that ‘Love seeketh not itself to please’ , selfless, and would change itself to please others. Pebble’s opnion is the opposite, selfish and seeks joy from others loss.  The tone pebble used is mocking because it mimmicks the structure of the clod’s, and changed only few words.

But is the clod always right about love? Sometimes being selfless shows not only kindness but also naivety. After knowing more about love and loss, selfless people become more like pebbles. Maybe the reason they are more selfish is that they want to be isolated and left alone, so they wouldn’t be hurt by love again; or to prevent others from being heartbroken. In my opnion, the clod isn’t always right about love. prespectives of the clod and the pebble are more extrem than how it’d be in real life. We are a mix of both, prespective depends on the situation. Some might be seen as pebbles, because they are unconcerned of others or cold, but they might be as  kind and caring as the clod, just don’t know how to express this.

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The Clod and the Pebble

The Clod and the Pebble gives us two conflicting perspectives about love. One is that it is good, and people love each other to make someone else better in some way. The other is that love is bad, and people love only to help themselves. The Clod, who thought loving was not done selfishly, was “trodden with the cattle’s feet,” or in a bad position. The Pebble, who may have been hardened by the time in the brook, thought loving was done selfishly, and lovers “[joy] in another’s loss of ease”. Although the viewpoints are the exact opposite of each other, love of both types can be found in the real world. Unfortunately, it is carried out by people rather than minerals.

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The Clod and Pebble

This poem made me think about weather love is a good thing or a bad thing. Most times I would think the same as the clod, that to be loved is a great thing but on other occasions I will agree with the pebble, love is a self wanted pleasure. It only pleases oneself and that is greedy. But then I go back on the page of the clod, wouldn’t it be great to be loved that much? If you have a good experience with love, you may agree with the clod that being loved is a great. Where as if you haven’t had great experience with love you may agree the pebble that being loved or in love is terrible.

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review of William Wordsworth sonnet

How can a city be as beautiful as the countryside? is the kind of question people would ask after reading this poem.William Wordsworth describes the city as beautiful and amazing while others are stuck to thinking the countryside is the most beautiful place.This is shown because we have lived in the city most of our lives and very rarely go to the countryside so we are basically set to think the countryside is beautiful and  because we rarely go there.Whilst on the other hand a man who would have lived in the wilderness all his life would see the city as outstanding and magnificent because he has never or rarely been there;it all lies on your perspectives.Other questions can be raised from this sonnet such as can a artificial or man-made object be as beautiful as the natural works of earth? which would go into a very complicated conversation about what is beautiful

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Revised Post on

William Wordsworth brought up a very interesting point in his sonnet, “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”. Is the city any less beautiful then the country side? Is nature more beautiful then artificial objects? In this sonnet, Wordsworth really makes you wonder what can be considered as ‘beautiful’. What is beauty? There is no solid definition to beauty yet we consider different objects beautiful or not. In Wordsworth’s point of view, the city is just as beautiful as the country side; which many people would disagree to. It is a common thought that nature is more beautiful then artificial objects because natural objects are considered to be ‘made by god’. However, there is still beauty in the city if you take a closer look at everything. A building may just be a building to you until take a closer look at it. Examine all the details and appreciate the effort people gave. William Wordsworth appreciated the hidden beauty within the city that many others may not be able to see and translated it into a poem. Hence more people would be able to realize and be grateful for what is in front of them.


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Sonnet: Beauty

Can a city be beautiful? People’s first response may be: ‘No, it is just full of buildings.’ However, if you start to look at the topic in greater depth, you will probably just confuse yourself. I believe that cities generally are beautiful. If you look at major cities: London, Paris, even Suzhou, contain mesmerising beauty, within the natural landscapes and the houses that line the street. Cities are beautiful because they combine nature and man-made to produce an ideal living area in which people may relax in the gardens or go to their local corner shop. Similarly,  Someone may come to Suzhou and think it is the most ‘artificial’ place they have ever seen; This may be the case but, what is wrong with being artificial – Sometimes artificial things are more beautiful than natural things. E.g. Art. Relating this to the poem, Wordsworth is in awe of London at sunrise. He states that it is as beautiful as nature, but in a different way. To conclude, Wordsworth raises many different questions about our idea of beauty and if artificial things are as beautiful as nature.

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Questions Raised by Wordsworth’s “Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”

Wordsworth’s poem, “Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminister Bridge” makes us wonder, “what is it that we consider beautiful?” Beauty is a label that we put on things that we like and we call close to perfect in its own unique way. For example, a model would be considered beautiful in the eye of the public because she shows a common conception of what most people believe someone beautiful would look like. That is why there will always be someone who will disagree. That is because we have our own definition of beautiful and our own portrait as well as idea’s to what pleases our definition of beautiful. Furthermore what is Wordsworth considering beautiful in the poem? He thinks that the city is as beautiful as the nature. He thinks that they have equal beauty. Often times we see it as nature is more grand and more beautiful then a city and we do not picture them as being compared equally.

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Sonnet Review (cities)


During the romantic period, many poets were like william wordsworth, who thought that cities are artificial things, therefore dirty and full of sins. Wordsworth had spent lots time of his life in the country where was surrounded by narture. But he discribed what he saw of the city as’  a sight so thouchging in its majesty: The city now doth, like a garment, wear the beauty of the morning.’  Cleary he had a change of mind after seeing the city at dawn. Maybe he had a think of ‘is nature(the original) always better than unnatural things’? or  ‘Is it possible for cities to be as good or even better than nature’?

We live in cities which are aka concrete jungles. Because they are more convenient and can provide us with a better life quality. But on weekends we would still like to go to the moutains/ national parks to have a walk and explore the nature. This is because some prefer to be closer to nature, under the influences of a city to experience the original lifestyle of human. In my opinion a city is an attempt to make our lives both close to nature and also convenient, kind of like an utopia, in this case trying to make the world to be balanced of natural and man-made things. Which could possibly be even better than nature. But in an attempt of doing so, we are actually destroying nature by logging billions of tress, digging into the earth for more mines and metals, etc.  In that case city would beocome a dystopia, an utopia gone bad.

Every poet’s words raises questions that would lead to more questions. In this poem it is about nature and man-made.  For example, wether a national park natural or not. Because although everything inside the park’s natural, but people have circled that area, given it a name. also gave animals living inside labels and the environment might have changed because of tourists.  So does the park still count as a part of nature?


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“Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” – The theme of cities

In a Romanist’s view, the city or anything manmade is considered unnatural and therefore bad. However, is this the case? If everyone thinks that nature is better than cities, then why build cities in the first place?

Think of it this way. Does a wood-built hut out in the woods with spiders crawling everywhere or an apartment with luxurious facilities such as a swimming pool provide better living quality? Most people would obviously choose the latter. In this world in which time is more precious than anything else, our definition of ‘living quality’ mostly considers how convenient something is. Everything in the city is designed to save time — the water taps save you from having to go to the lake to get water, the phone saves you from having to find the actual person in order to chat with them…

However, over-use of artificial substances can also cause great damage to the natural world. Although things become more convenient, the clean air becomes polluted, the clear water becomes dirty, and eventually, we will have to artificially clean them with man-made products. Natural ecosystems will get destroyed, but some people — the same people who probably took part in causing the destruction — spend time on doing research and protecting the ecosystems. It seems as if we want to take control of all natural things and believe we can fix any problem that goes wrong in nature with our knowledge and technology — but is that really true?

Is the city better or the nature better? Well, it really depends on everyone’s views — whether you believe the cost of our activities are acceptable compared to the development and convenience which it causes.

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Sonnet by William Wordsworth

This sonnet, written by William Wordsworth is about viewing the city as beautiful, not ugly and full of sin. He was standing on a bridge overlooking London at sunrise. William was from the countryside before he moved to London and he never believed that city, a manmade place, could be so beautiful.

For example, he said “Ne’er I saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!” He cannot believe how peaceful and pretty the city was.

I personally believe that the city can be beautiful in its own way but raw nature is nicer. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where there is nothing man-made and  everything is natural because life would be very difficult. I prefer to go, for example, to take a hike up into the mountains and camp for a few nights or find a secluded area of beach and sit, relax and watch the waves. That is when I like the purity of nature.

Cites are filled with people and excitement which can make people , including me on occasion, happy. Some might even consider a stroll through a bustling city at night even more relaxing and calming than sitting on a secluded rock near the ocean.

Overall I think that this poem is about the difference between the purity and beauty of nature and how the city can be similar to it in some ways.

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Thoughts about Wordsworth’s poem

An amazing picture.

An example of mathematical beauty. Rendered here.

The poem is quite interesting since it expresses the beauty of a city. When this poem was written, it was generally accepted that natural settings were far more beautiful than artificial ones (like cities) were. The concept that a city could even be beautiful at all was surprising, but saying it was just as beautiful as a “valley, rock, or hill” was shocking to say the least. The ideas about natural being better still remain today.

Another perspective on beauty is that mathematics and patterns which emerge from it are beautiful. As an example, see the image to the left. It is a visualization of the complex numbers Z on which repeating the recurrence “Z = Z^2 + original Z” does not go to infinity; in other words it is entirely artificial yet beautiful in its own way. For more info, see this Wikipedia article.


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Sonnet: Composed upon Westminster Bridge response

This poem raises many different questions and topics to talk about. Are cities better if they are natural, made in nature or artificial and man made? That is one question raised in the poem by Wordsworth under the topic of cities.

We say that natural things are made from God and living on the land is said to be beautiful because everything is so fresh and clean and living in the city, they say nothing is natural all those high buildings and everything man-made and artificial. Living on the land is beautiful and cities are mostly man-made, but these man made things are there to make our lives easier. So although our cities are man-made we do all live in them such as all the buildings or the house that you sleep in everyday.

I think cities should be mixed with the two. So the artificial things can make your lives easier but also enjoyable and nice to live in because it also has some natural things to make the city more green and have nature in it.

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Westminster Bridge. What questions are raised for Nature?

During the period of time, of which the class has been reading Upon Westminster Bridge and hearing the discussions which have been unveiled in the process, has arisen many questions about nature and What is beautiful in the world around us? Also in our discussions we came up with the point of many of the objects around us are copy’s of nature or it is an artificial product or thing, their to be convenient for us humans. An example of this is if we lived in a natural world and we wanted to get some food to eat because we are hungry, we may have to walk for miles to get to the food source. However, if we lived in a artificial world  there will be a supermarket down the road and it will be a 5 minute walk to purchase a ready meal or cleaned and prepared fruit and veg waiting to be eaten. In the poem William Wordsworth describes the city of London, in the early hours of the morning, as being beautiful a, but why? I think that city’s can be beautiful however depending on how the creator has designed it. But surely nature has a creator as well god! God didn’t create the city’s however William Wordsworth thinks that the city of London is beautiful and i think that this is because he see’s the city as a convenient place to be, because all he needs is right in front of him. God didn’t create nature to be convenient for humans but to be convenient for all of the species on earth. that is why God didn’t create 30 story sky scrapers. But why do humans make copy’s of objects. Humans make copy’s of things or Nature because then they can improve it to make it suit our benefit to make it convenient for ourselves.

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My Review of the Sonnet

I am going to be explaing the ideas and questions raised on the topic: Beauty.  The question that were raised by Wordsworth’s poem is that is beauty a natural thing or an   artificial thing? The idea of the poem is that Wordsworth who was brought up in the outdoors most of this life thinks that the city is beautiful.

The question that is brought out from this poem means if beauty is just naturally there or if it is made by mankind. The answer to this question is very hard especially because there is a different answer for each person to this question. I did a survey which asked if beauty is natural or man made there will be a 50/50 response.

The idea of the poem is that beauty isn’t just naturally made, but also man made. Wordsworth lived in the lake valley most his life and he thought that nature is beautiful then he went to the city and appreciated that beauty.

In my opinion the answer to the question, is that beauty is in both naturally made and man made.

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dear post:lost horizon

The lost horizon is all about passengers on a plane which get kidnapped,but the problem is they have no idea where they are going.They end up crashing in the platue of tibet to then soon find out that they are in shang ga ri la of china where in the past it is said to be a valley of everlasting youth with people who live up to 100 years old.”a full moon rose,touching each peak in succesion like some celestial lamp -light,until the long horizon glittered against a blue-black sky”(65)i like this quote because it tell you a lot about the scenery of this magical valley and the atmosphere in this can also tell how far away from any modern civilization from “the long horizon”

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Fahrenheit 451

“Fahrenheit 451” describes a dystopian world in which everybody lives purely for pleasure. Books are outlawed as they create conflict, and firemen are not employed to stop fires, but to start fire and burn down books. People do not bother spending time to read books, enjoy nature, or take time to think about the world around them. Instead, they enjoy pure entertainment with giant television sets all over their homes.


The title refers to a rough estimate of the temperature paper catches fires and burns in, which I think is very interesting, as the idea of ‘burning’ becomes a very important theme later on in the story.


Below are some quotes I liked (They are all from chapter 1, close to the back. I won’t write down the page number because I read an e-book and the page system is different.):


“It took some man a lifetime maybe to put some of his thought down, looking around at the world and life and then I come along in two minutes and boom! it’s all over.”


“I want to be happy, people say. Well, aren’t they? Don’t we keep them moving, don’t we give them fun? That’s all we live for, isn’t it? For pleasure, for titillation? And you must admit our culture provides plenty of these.”


“Colored people don’t like Little Black Sambo. Burn it. White people don’t feel good about Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Burn it. Someone’s written a book on tobacco and cancer of the lungs? The cigarette people are weeping? Burn the book.”


“Funerals are unhappy and pagan? Eliminate them, too. Five minutes after a person is dead he’s on his way to the Big Flue, the Incinerators serviced by helicopters all over the country. Ten minutes after death a man’s a speck of black dust… Forget them. Burn all, burn everything. Fire is bright and fire is clean.”



These quotes left me many questions to think about. Can living for pure enjoyment really make someone happy? The novel describes a society where everybody lives “for pleasure, for titillation”. Anything that’s disfavored is burned, anything that does not provide enough pleasure is burned. People in that society live get entertainment from watching other people’s lives, but they do not realize they live in a world full of fantasy, of imaginary characters they might never meet and will never become. Plunging themselves in a sea of pure pleasure, the residents do not know anything about their own culture or, most importantly, themselves. They never take time off their ‘busy schedule’ to reflect on themselves. In a society in which precious wisdom and experience is burnt and forgotten in seconds, can people really become fully happy? What does it take to be happy? What actually is the definition of being happy?


The idea of fire is also mentioned throughout the story — “Forget them. Burn all, burn everything. Fire is bright and fire is clean.” However, can everything disappear just by burning them and pretending that they never existed? Can burning physical objects really help us forget things that are hidden deep inside our heart? Are we doing all this to create a better world, or is everything plainly an excuse to run away from the things we dislike, from the realistic and brutal side of the world we loathe? I believe nobody will ever find the complete answers to these questions, but reading this book can at least leave us pondering about the world in which we live in.


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Icefire by Chris d’Lacey

Icefire by Chris d’Lacey is a book set in the 21’st century with mythological dragons made out of clay. The main character is a geography student living in a house with a lady and her daughter their profession is making dragons out of clay and selling them. While making a new dragon David (the main character) says, “They are out of proportion surely?” “he looks like he is wearing baseball gloves. Why are they so big?” (10) I really liked this quote because it shows a bit of humour and it has descriptive words. It also sets the thought for the rest of the page as well, it has reappearing occurrences throughout the book.

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Gone- Lisa Mcmann

I am reading the book Gone by Lisa Mcmann which is the third book in the series. In this book someone significant comes into her life changing everything and she finds out many things about her family that she never knew before. “Henry Feingold. Janie says. the name sounds empty. It has no meaning to her. It doesn’t sound like what she imagined her fathers name would be.” This quote is on page 32. I think this is important to the book because it shows you about how much she knows about her father and the significant figure who comes into her life but she doesn’t even know. When she says “it doesn’t sound like what she imagined her fathers name would be” she thought he was a completely different person; that she thought he didn’t look like that but over time she starts to think more of him and who he is so he does become a significant figure to her.

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Paper Towns

Paper Towns by john green is a fiction novel with bits of many different genres, like: mystry,adventure,love and comedy. It is written in the main charactor Quentin’s point of view, there fore the language used in the book is casual and rebel teenage like.  I started reading paper towns because i just finished reading another book  ‘the fault in our tars’ by the same author, John Green. And his books are not just more high school cliche love stories. I have only read half of the book but it is pretty amazing.

Till where i’ve read, this is what the book was talking about: Quentin, who has crush on his classmate/neighbour Margo Roth Spiegelman. She(margo) always like to disappear and leave clues for her parents to solve, which lead eventually to a dead end. Margo broke into Quentin’s bedroom through the window at midnight and told him that she needed his help with an eleven parts plan whcih involves a lot of trespassing. Quentin later found out that the plan was to get revenge on the ones who lied and cheated on her. Jase, Margo’s ‘boyfriend’ is actually cheating on her with her best friend Becca. Also to thank the ones who helped and told her the truth.( this sounds so much like a highschool cliche, but it’s really not…) After they finished all parts to the plan, they went home, the sun is already up and the new day of school would start in a few hours. Quentin was hoping to see Margo at shcool but she never showed up, instead like she always does, she disappeared and left clues ,this time , for Quentin to solve.

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DEAR Journal Entry

The book is called The Turning by Tim Winton. It is a collection of short stories.

The following quote is from a story called On My Knees, about a maltreated housewife from the perspective of her son. The “she” in this quote is a member of the family hiring her. From page 104, paragraph 8:

Actually, this is about a woman, Mum. What kind of person accuses you of stealing, gives you the sack and then asks you back for one week while she looks for somebody to replace you?

I chose this quote because it emphasizes the irrationality and injustice present throughout the story. It also shows the dependence of the house owner on the main character’s mother. These themes have a lot of importance in life nowadays, since they teach us not to be so dependent or jump to conclusions. The story has a constant theme of the mother knowing she’s worth more than what her employer is paying her, and staying optimistic and composed through cruel times.

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Little Brother

Little Brother is a book, written by Cory Doctorow, about a 17 year old hacker (marcus) from san francisco that is in the wrong place at the wrong time. After a bomb blows up the bridge, him and his friends are suspected of playing a part in the attack. So far this book is packed full of excitement and tension, also the hacker side of things is really interesting – It is more for people who like explosions and action in general. “Finally, i was peed out and cryed out and the guy was pounding at the door.” This quote is on page 56 and enables the reader to empathise with marcus and get an idea of what the scene around him is really like. In this part of the book, Marcus and his friends are being held against their will in a homeland security prison because of their suspected involvement with the terrorism.

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Angels and Demons – Dan Brown

Angels and demons by Dan Brown is a book based on the secret society called the illuminati, religion and science. The scientist Leonardo Vetra and his daughter, Maximilian Kohler found a way to find and contain antimatter in a vacuum tight container that works with electricity, I’m not exactly sure. If the antimatter touches any normal matter it will explode with the force of many nuclear bombs, the more antimatter, the more power the explosion has.

The illuminati end up killing Leonardo to allow access to the anti matter and because he was a man of God. His daughter and a symbologist named Robert Langdon are summoned to a Swiss research facility where Leonardo worked to research the missing antimatter and the dead scientist.

They then find out that the illuminati are planning to blow up the Vatican city on the day of the re-election of the pope. The 4 preferiti (cardinals most likely to be elected pope) had been kidnapped and the illuminati are planning to kill one every 12 hours (I think) in a church.

That is as far as I got in the book. So far it has been very confusing and I don’t think I will finish it because I have no idea what is really going on. I think that people that like scientific and more difficult to read books.




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Dear Journal Entry Part Two

The book I am reading is Percy Jackson; The Titans Curse. I have read up to the 70th page and it is an exciting book so far. “I’d never seen camp Half-Blood like this before, and the snow surprised me” (53) this sentence makes me wonder how the snow got there. In the camp the climate change is controlled, normally it is sunny and warm but its not, which means that the new leader isn’t such a great guy.

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Dear Journal Entry

The book that I’m reading is called Percy Jackson, so far it’s about Anna beth has gone missing and Percy is getting worried. The son of the sun has came to help the gang of Demi gods and he brought them back to camp half blood. I think in the future they will go on an adventure to go find her

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Dear journey entry

Friends forever


I started reading this book a week ago and i am a third of my way through this book. Friends forever is written in the third persons point of view about these kids who met on the first day of kindergarden. As the story progresses, the writer talks about all the kids as they grow older. I believe many people will be able to relate to the story because the book includes many typical points of view. There is six kids who are all best friends and stuck together throughout all the tough times. They all grow up to be very different people but still managed to stay together as friends. No matter how you view yourself, there will be one person in the book that you’d be about to relate to. Either athletic, nerdy, musical, artistic or a computer geek there will be at least one, if not more people the writer will talk about that you can relate to. Hence, the book is is basically about the life of six best friends and all the difficult/troublesome times they had to go through.

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Early purges

in my opinion the early purges shows how humans are influenced by how they and their family live e.g. if you lived in a city like london today death would be un-natural however if you lived on a frm death would be natural thing because of how you have grown up to be with your type of enviroment. it also shows how humans adapt to occasions when theyhave committed or have seen them happen such as the young boy only being 6 years old death was un-natural to him but as he continued to watch dan taggart kill the pests he developed no emotion for the pests anymore, instead he thought of it as natural.this also shows how humans adapt to things even if they dislike it at first but then they get used to it. another thing shown in the early purges is that pests is a living thing which is slowing down or obstructing a human to complete a task therefore thy are killed or relocated. but if thats the case what are humans to animals, since we destroy their homes and the build ours or to suit our personal needs. because if we put this situation into perspective we are the pests not the rats for example us.

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personal thought on poem

my thoughts on early purges is that it tells us a lot about how people have different perspectives when they live in different places.for example when people where in the city they believed the subject of animal cruelty,and while in the farm they do even the farm they believe these animals are pests but this may differ when people have kittens or other “pests” as pets.but this can become really complicated when u ask someone how far they are willing to go to stop animal cruelty

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Game of Thrones

over the summer i have read the noval a Game of Thrones. this book consists of many genres e.g. adventure action and even romance. so it is a good book for anybody with a good range of vocabulary. in the first book two of the familys collide with each other due to the execution of the father of the stark family king edd who was serving as head of the king, and he was executed by the lanasters starting a brutal conflict between the two familys. But other than war the book contains mythical creatures such as dragons and white walkers and the dragons in the later books cause many exsplosions. but in my opinion any reader with a good range of vocabulary would enjoy to read this book and even series. i rate the book at 9/10 because of myself personally enjoying every book in the series and cant wait for the series to com out.

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The Poem

The poem is about the six year old boy who witnessed kittens being drowned. In the beginning I thought that it was wrong to drown kittens. But in a farmers perspective it might be the right thing to do because kittens are considered as pest where as in a city citizens perspective kittens are kept as pets. The poem is about the different peoples perspectives.

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The Early Purges

The Early Purges is a poem about a little boy who saw a kitten drown by Dan Taggart at the age of six. At the time, he was frightened and the image of the kitten drowning stayed with him for days. When the memories were finally forgotten, it all came flooding back when Dan trapped big rats, snared rabbits, shot crows and pull of the heck of old hens. But as time passed, and the narrator got older, when pups were killed brutally in front of him. All he would say was, ‘Bloody pups’ and feel no remorse.

In my opinion, the poet was trying to show the readers through the poem that peoples perceptive and feelings towards things can change dramatically through-out time if it is given. Though not all people may be influenced as easily, it is hard to keep your own beliefs when everyone that surrounds you and the environment has a different belief or point if view.

The people that surround you and the environment you live in really effects you as a person. In the last stanza, the poet talk about how ‘prevention of cruelty’ had persuaded in town, however, on well-ran farms animals(pest) was still being killed. This shows the readers the difference between different environments and how the environment can effect how a person acts and their perspective/opinion on different things.

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My thoughts on “The Early Purges”

The Early Purges is an exemplar of the difference that a different up bringing or different environment and actions from what we consider to be a norm may affect a person life or beliefs as well as behaviour. This is evident as the writer expresses his strong disapproval during the first stanza while he shows no remorse only the thought of doing whats best on a farm during the last stanza. I believe that we cannot define what one does as correct or incorrect but whether or not they have a strong enough reason as well as a way to prove morale reasoning and a logical approach to what they are about to do. The word pest is a animal that has no use for us. A kitten is a typical household word as well as presence that we daren’t hurt but a stray that may take food from your livestock or cause havoc would be considered in that sense. As well the environment that the writer grew up in was in a farm and in farms, death is always around giving a dulled moral compass in that sense. Ultimately I believe that the actions and descriptions in the poem are justified for reasons none of then the environment, their logic and the understanding of their points and their beliefs can be explained and understood.

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My Response to “The Early Purges”

I think the poem ‘The Early Purges’ means and tells me that people can get influenced by other people and depending on where you live or where your from have different opinions on things. in this poem the person who is talking, first thinks that animal cruelty is bad and like Dan Taggart, killing the kittens, the things they do on his farm to animals but as he grows up he starts thinking differently about what he thought before since in the end of the poem he starts killing animals like Dan does so his view changed. I think he got influenced by the people around him, how they think and what they believe is good and told him it is good  so he changes his mind and has a new opinion on the same thing. Also in the poem it says that: “‘prevention of cruelty’ talk cuts ice in town where they consider death unnatural but on well-run farms pests have to be killed.” He lives on a farm and not in a city where they have different views. in the city they say that animal cruelty is bad but the people on the farms they think its fine to kill animals. so they have different opinions. So depending on where you live your environment influences you too.

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Personal response to the poem.

The Early Purge’s writer Seamus Heaney, in the poem described how his opinion has changed over the years.

Contrast between the two charactors is extremly obvious in the first 4 stanzas. Dan Taggart represented the farmer’s point of view on killing animals. can tell from the descriptions ‘ When Dan trapped big rats, snared rabbits, shot crows. Or, with a sickening tug, pulled old hens’ necks’ that farmers feel no guit or pity for the animals as they are being brutally killed. The oppoiste point of view comes from the write as a kid. He was horrified seeing the kittens die and pities the animal: ‘Suddenly frightened, for days I sadly hung round the yard, watching the three sogged remains, turn mealy and crisp as old summer dung’ . The write used 3 stanzas to describe the scene of kittens being killed and just being tossed away in detail, this shows how vivid the memories are, even it had been decades since it happend.

But as time passes by, the writer started to think that ‘ living displaces false setiments’ and his reaction to seeing animals being killed has changed too: ‘now, when shrill pups are prodded to drown, I just shrug, ‘Bloody pups’. It seems to me that the writer has become very cold-hearted and more like the farmer dan taggart. In the last 2 stanzas, the poem sounded like it is written in dan taggart’s point of view but is actually the poet’s. Although the ‘prevention of cruelty’ talk cuts ice in town’ , it does not amongst the farmers. This tells us that our surrounding environments can be influencial to our opinons on all sorts of things. In this poem, while people in town want to prevent cruelty, and think death is unnatural. farmers think ‘on well-run farms pests have to be kept down’. This poem brings up questions like, which point of view is more reasonable and why. If animlas are put to death by euthanaisa when they are suffering, but why are human to kept alive in the same situaltion, etc.

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My Thoughts On “The Early Purges”

This poem brings up many questions about our world, of which I believe the most important theme to be the difference between how people view the world and how these visions might be caused or affected by the environment.

The contrast between the attitudes of people in town and rural areas is an example of different views from people. People in town, who grew up in an environment in which most people care for animals as pets, and probably in a family with a stable income, would think that killing is cruel. On the other hand, people in the countryside, who fully rely on crops or livestock for a living, and are used to other animals roaming around destroying things, would most likely view the animals as pests and try to get rid of them. As the poem states, “living displaces false sentiments” — the reality often takes away many ‘useless’ emotions. Perhaps you would think a kitten is cute, but if it starts harming crops that you rely on for a year’s living, you would probably forget about your fondness for it. Because of the environment, these animals regarded as ‘pests’ are treated the same way city people treat insects such as mosquitoes. They are killed for good, and not an extra thought is wasted on them in this busy world, where there are much more important things to care about.

The change in the author’s attitude throughout the poem also shows how a strong influence the environment might be. Similarly, I probably would not ever kill a kitten in my lifetime, but if I’ve grown up in the same environment as the author, when there are more urgent and realistic problems I would have to face, then perhaps I would someday.

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The Early Purges

The early purges is a poem about how “pests” were treated at a farm. It starts out with a young child witnessing someone drown kittens in a bucket. At first he is surprised and sad but as he becomes older, he gets used to the deaths of unwanted animals at the farm.

At one point he says,”Still, living displaces false sentiments.” Here he is saying that his own life and wellbeing is more important than the unwanted animals. Some people believe that this is wrong, me included. The whole poem is about moral judgment and how it changes as you grow older.

Some people, such as the man who killed the kittens, would feel completely justified killing these animals because they are considered pests and there is no point for them at the farm. He called the kittens, “scraggy wee shits.” This also allows people to feel more at ease killing the animals because they don’t feel as though they are pets but as unwanted creatures.

Finally, the end of the poem is about how the city people think differently about killing than people in the farm. The people in the city believed that “death is unnatural” and cruel while the people from the farm believe that killing the unwanted is the right thing to do, even if it is painful and cruel.



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the early purges

The early purges, for me, is about a young boy/girl witnessing a scene that is classed as disturbing for him, yet to dan taggart it is like he is doing them a favour “isnt it better for them now?”. This is portrayed in modern society via euphanasia, and is it right to kill one animal but not another? For example, if your frail old dog was suffering excrutiating pain every day, you would probably put it out of its misery, however, if your grandpa was your dog in this scenario would you try to keep him alive for as long as possible? Similarly, another moral debate is: Is it right to kill one animal over another based on, looks for example. I believe that if an animal serves a purpose that is useful and isnt a pest then it should not be killed unless it has a greater use when dead, e.g. Cows, pigs.

Moving forward, the young child grows up to become much like dan taggart (probably due to the fact that they have grown up in an environment  where this is considered normal. Also, the last stanza states that the people in the town consider death unnatural, which brings up the question: Are natural things always good? I think that most natural things are essential, growth, reproduction, death, the list could go on. What i think Heaney is trying to get across is that people adapt to certain environments and come to think of them as normal, then when an opposite belief comes along it seems extreme to them, like in the poem. The last line of the poem however, unites the difference of opinion and says something that is true for most situations: But on well-run farms pests have to be kept down.

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The Early Purges

I was quite surprised about the topic of the first few stanzas: drowning some kittens. This section and the rest of the poem raise many moral questions; some about whether it is acceptable to kill certain animals and others about the definition of “pest” and species-ism (compare racism). In class we were introduced to the idea that marking something using the word pest made it somehow less than human and acceptable to kill.

Death and morality are both quite touchy subjects, because they allow us to question the beliefs of ourselves and other people. Deciding what animals and plants are worthless enough to kill is a common dilemma that most people don’t think about. On the one hand, killing a human or letting a human die is very bad. On the other hand, we need to kill living things in order to survive, for our energy.

Another dilemma resulting from being close to death is when it would be kinder to keep a being alive or to put it/he/she down. One example given in class was an old sheepdog, who has grown old, weak and very sick. In most cases, the dog would be put down. However, if the same thing happened to a great-grandfather or great-grandmother, who is also very sick from old age, he or she would be kept alive as long as possible.

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Over the Summer holidays I read a book called wake by Lisa Mcmann. Nothing is scarier than being pulled into someones nightmare. Thats whats happening to Janie now she’s 17 years old and goes to a school called Fielridge high school. She has an alcoholic mother who is never there for her therefore she spends all her free time in an elderly home. Her best friend  is called Carrie, they do lots together and is there for her more than her mother is. Carrie has another best friend called Melinda. Melinda is rich and hates Janie without a doubt.

If a door or window is left open over a certain amount of distance she gets drawn into their dreams. She gets paralyzed and blind. She was eight this all started. when She gets sucked into people nightmares the distance usually increases. She keeps this all a secret because she thinks this is crazy having this ability and seeing their dreams and fears. At school she meets a boy named Cabel and they fall in love. Cabel is a loner and supposedly a drug dealer but is in much further. He starts suspecting something when she starts to act weirdly. As she grew up her powers have been getting stronger and stranger. In her dreams people keep asking for help but she doesn’t know how to help them. As they were falling in love on a class trip in Cananda he finds out about her abilities. Their relationship doesn’t last very long because he starts eeping secrets and hanging out with Melinda.

Although he keeps working in the drug business they still love each other. Janie then finds out how to help the people in their dreams and learns more about herself. She also finds out that Cabel is actually an under cover cop helping with a drug bust which he actually achieves with the help of  Janie as she gets pulled into the dream of the eager of the drug business.

Janie Discovers she is a dream catcher and starts helping others. In the end of the book Cabel’s boss gives her a paycheck for her help, a scholarship offer and a contract to help out the police.

I like this book because I like the concept of her being able to catch dreams. The book was also really interesting to read through as it was more like a diary. I couldn’t stop reading as I got further into the book. This book captivated me.

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I have read a wide range of books and series however I have only gone back and re-read 3-4 of those series. Eragon is included in one of those series. It is written by Christopher Paolini and is set in a mythological place named Alagaesia. The genres of this book are almost identical to the ones that would be ideal to me. Fantasy, adventure, action, mythological and a bit of dungeons and dragons. Ironically that is part of the plot. A small village farm boy, Eragon, who lives in the remote area’s of a mountain range called the Spine, one day finds a stone magically appearing in front of him. However, the stone is unlike any he has perviously  seen. It is harder then diamond but hollow and it seems to be made of more then pieces. One morning when Eragon is getting ready to tend the fields, the rock begins to wobble and finally cracks. Out emerges a dragon. When he touches the dragon’s snout a jet of pain like a flame flies through his veins. Waking up he sees a silver symbol on his hand. It is used to mark dragon riders. He is the last of its kind, except for the king who has used arcane magic to twist his dragon and his subjects to do his wishes. When strange men arrive in the town asking questions, Eragon flees with Saphira, the name of his dragon, into the Spine and in the process removes almost all skin from his legs by riding her without a saddle. Returning the next morning he finds his uncle dead and with the help of a local story teller goes out to seek revenge. Through their travels Eragon learns more about the abilities of a dragon rider and the changes that occur. They travel city through city, Eragon growing stronger and Brom, the story teller, revealing more and more about his past. However in some unfortunate events, Brom is killed and Eragon barely escapes with the help of Murtagh. To find out more you can read the book. I believe most readers would enjoy the book and series because it has a bit of everything from romance to explosions. It is not long to the point that you cannot continue reading but not so short that detail and a thorough plot can be established. I believe those who would not like this would would be people looking for a one book thriller and not a series that can take a while to read. I have enjoyed this book for a multitude of reasons. First it goes perfectly to what I look for in a book. Secondly, the language and structure is more advanced as well the length is more appreciable as I do not finish the book in 1-2 days as I would normally and lastly, the book is very captivating and demands focus and attention from you. There are parts for example: when Eragon has his fortune read by herbalist and the prophecy that is told plays a part till the last page of the last book. I really urge many people to try and read this series as well to try and read a similar book by the name of Belgariad by David Eddings. The books are very similar and yet have a completely different plot.

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