What details in the story tell us that “A Horse and Two Goats” is a comedy?

Muni is from a small village by the name of kitram. Muni is a old deprived man living alongside his wife who are both poor. In the beginning, Muni is begging his wife to make him some drumsticks, but he does not have all the ingredients. In order to receive the food Muni is required to get the necessary ingredients. These details create a comedy for the story, as Muni has to fetch the what he needs in order to eat his breakfast most of the mornings. In the end of the story Muni encounters a strange american business […]

Letter to Mr. Z about chapter 3 on “On Writing Wells”

December 10, 2013

Dear Mr. Zinsser,

Just recently I read chapter 3 of ‘On Writing Well’. It was a outstanding piece of writing. How you could know all these rules for writing. I admire your work.

You have true explanations. The first line, ‘Fighting clutter is like fighting weeds’. This is definitely true. This is because clutter means messy; unorganized. Weed is the same, when you have your beautiful garden and a weed is the only thing that messes it up. You try and get rid of it but it’s so messy and the tip of your […]

My Personal Response to ‘The Custody of the Pumpkin’ by P.G. Wodehouse

This short story is that this story is suppose to make you laugh. The short story does not make me have a giggle or at least a chuckle. This might be because the English sayings it has. I am not English. ‘The Custody of the Pumpkin’ is a really original based story. That is because it has the correct factors for it to be funny (e.g. exaggeration, puns, ridiculous actions or words, awkward pauses, etc). It also has the butler being more logical than its master. For example Lord Emsworth does such silly things that he does not notice, until […]

Assignments: Y10 – Her First Ball

Leila does not like the fat man, because during her dance with him he had dampened her mood. Leila had originally arrived at the ball excited and enthusiastic. After the Fat Man told her that she will soon be among the fathers and mothers watching her own daughter dancing. She would also be fat and old. ‘You can’t hope to last anything like as long as that”long before that you’ll be sitting up there on the stage, looking on, in your nice black velvet. And these pretty arms will have turned into little short fat ones, and you’ll beat time […]

Assignments: Y10 – The Custody of the Pumpkin

Freddie Threepwood, Lord Emsworth son, is in love with Aggie Donaldson, which is the gardener’s niece. He loves Aggie despite of their class difference (although she is also the daughter of a millionaire). Freddie loves Aggie so much that he would tell his father, Lord Emsworth about his relationship with her. He is banned from London, but he needed to tell his father about the marriage with Aggie, although his initial intention was to inform his father through a letter which would be left with the Senior Conservative Club. He met his father at the entrance of the Senior Conservative […]


In the book ‘SAVING THE WORLD AND OTHER EXTREME SPORTS’ by James Patterson. In this novel the main character Maximum Ride (Max) is the narrator. The situation is when the flock (Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gas-Man and Angel) split up because Max and Fang had to different opinions and missions they wanted to do.

“And that was that. The flock was split in two. And I really had no idea if I would ever see Fang and his group again.”

I chose this quotation because it was really dramatic to me. This is because the whole flock had known and […]

Summary of English Literature Exam Paper 1

In my opinion the second most important rule in a examination after answering all the questions and getting them correct is reading the instructions and following them. 85% of the people that take the exam don’t read the instructions, so I would strictly recommend to read them and follow them, that should be the first thing you read of the exam. The examination will be two hours and fifteen minutes.

These words have a better easier definition below:

Drama – plays Poetry – poems Long prose fiction – novel Short prose fiction – short story

If question 1 is for […]

Personal response to “The Son’s Veto”

     In “The Son’s Veto” Thomas Hardy makes the reader notice about the social class difference, and how difficult it is for the two social classes to coexist; for example, Sophy doesn’t master her grammar very well, because she has never been educated properly. However her son – who, like his father, is well educated – becomes irritated whenever she makes speaking mistakes and corrects her(P47, L21). This is because people judge a others’ class by their language, and Sophy belongs to the working class. Morover, an upper-class man does not normally marry a working-class woman. This is why the author […]

Son’s Veto Assertion

Sophy loved Sam but does not want to get married with him. Sam was a young gardner of sophy’s acquaintance. Sophy would talk to Sam and they would always have delightful conversations. She told him the about the late event and they stood together, These two people standing with each other in the event. The event finished and Sam was with Sophy, so he walked her towards her mothers. Sam’s arm grabbed her waist however Sophy gently removed it. She does not feel the same way about her. He placed his arm around her waist again and she relinquished the […]

My Personal Response ‘The Son’s Veto’ (better version)

Sam feels that Sophy is living a lonely life. Her old pal Sam arrives at her door. She finds it quite awkward at first. Sam comes by another day and wants to go out with her again, still very demanding. She refuses but finally they head out to Covent Garden. She has a wonderful time, and nothing to worry about because she will be back home before anybody wakes up. ‘They talked as they had talked in the old days’ meaning she can finally talk to Sam like before, no awkwardness, but just being back to good old friends or […]

Personal response to ‘Her First Ball’ by Katherine Mansfield

‘Her First Ball’ by Katherine Mansfield is quite a sad story, it makes the reader think life is short and worthless, just as Leila did. When Leila and the old man dance and he talks about how one day she’ll be old and no one will want her it makes her think maybe the beginning of her first ball is also the ending of her last ball. That made and impact on me as a reader because it made me think maybe Mansfield is right; maybe everything is just the beginning of the end. The man tells her her future […]

The Son’s Veto

Thomas Hardy, author of ‘The Son’s Veto’, portrays Sophy as a weak, almost helpless woman who thinks of everyone else’s happiness above her own. Throughout her life she puts her husbands and sons wishes above hers, does everything they tell her to do and only when her son forbids her from marrying Sam Hobson does she question it. When Sophy falls down the parson’s stairs and becomes lame, she agrees to marry the parson not because she loves him, but because she knows that if she’s lame she can’t work and the parson does not want to lose her. ‘No, […]

‘Her First Ball’ My personal response

‘Her First Ball’ is one out of 10,000,000 short stories that actually dragged my attention and kept me entertained, also well understood. I like how Leila is all excited for her first ball in her life. She’s imaging when she’s in the cab on her way to the ball, thats she’s holding a mans arm. She all happy while her cousins and friends are used to this and acting ‘indifferent’. She sees happiness and love everywhere, because she’s so happy. Nobody comes to take her to dance, she is so heartbroken and if nobody gets her attention she will experience […]

“The Son’s Veto” Mr. Twycott’s proposal.

     Mr. Twycott is now lonely after his wife dies, because he no longer has anyone he eventually proposes to Sophy and, she rapidly accepts without giving it too much thought. After Mrs. Twycott passes away, his husband (the widower) is left alone in their mansion, with their 4 servants who now are left to waiter on a single person. Mr. Twycott soon after this realizes how lonely it is to live alone. Sophy who is his (parlor maid) falls down the stairs and becomes disabled; she is now no longer able to walk. After this Mr. Twycott says “No Sophy; […]

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Countryside life

I remember this place like the back of my hand… I have lived there for 8 years. The village where I come from is called Griesheim-sur-Souffel, located in Alsace, France. When you walked down the street that linked my house to the main road, you would see the Catholic Church. I liked the sound of the bell ringing every 15 minutes… Behind the church, there was a farm which was more like a mini deli and grocery store. Usually while the parents were shopping at the farm, children were playing and laughing at the back of the farm, visiting the […]

The best place on earth


Standing there, watching the waves break with perfect curls, you can see dolphins in the distance, and the sun has just risen and it is so beautiful. I don’t ever want to leave. It’s not too hot yet, but as the sun gets higher it starts to heat up quickly. All I can hear is the sound of the waves crashing against the beach and a faint whistle, which is caused by the wind blowing the sand around.

Figure eight is a privately owned island, in order to get on to the island you have to either own a […]

Reflection on the exam practices

Reflection on the exam practices

The exam practices certainly taught me a great deal of things. One of the things I learnt is that whenever I receive a practice poem be it analyzing a poem or an essay question, I should always keep calm and not panic. Keeping calm proved to be very helpful as this allowed me to think properly. This is especially important because, the questions asked would most probably be something we have not seen before or (worst case scenario), something we have never thought of before. For example, when doing the exam practice on the poems, […]

Book week project – Short Story

A Clear World

As a young kid, Patterson Rashaje was raised in the darkest ages of society, where the word “moral” did not mean anything to anybody. Everyone was out there to watch their own backs. His father was one of the few philanthropists that had even existed in the town he was living in. Life as a kid was quite miserable for him. Even though he had a loving father and mother, he was still bullied and bossed around in school and in his neighborhood.

Yet things only got worse for Patterson. As he turned 6 years […]

Personal Respond to the Symposium to “Death of a Salesman”

The Symposium of “Death of a Salesman” consisted of many different authors discussing about Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”. In this Symposium, they included Author Miller into the discussion. I believe that this helped provide more insightful perspective of the novel.

One point that was brought up in the Symposium would be the discussion about Willy Loman representing the average man in America. Beaufort firmly said that he would not accept Willy Loman as an “Everyman” in America. Arthur Miller later support this point by saying that ‘the standard if averageness us hardly valid’. I believe this is true […]

Response to: Symposium of ‘Death of A Salesman’

In the Symposium of ‘Death of A Sales man’, I found the conversation to be very thought provoking. There are some interesting points being brought up. Points which I have not pondered upon seriously before.

One of the parts in which I thoroughly enjoyed was the fact that Mr Beaufort sees Willy Loman as a person who has no “..ideals to being with.” However Miller thinks that “…Willy Loman…has tremendously powerful ideals.” This made me start thinking. Who do I agree with? As I started giving it more thoughts, I realized that both of them are indeed correct. Am I […]

Personal Response to The Merchant Of Venice

“The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare is play that is supposedly called a comedy but I don’t think so. It might have been one back in the old days when it the play was written but I think that right now, in today’s world, it would be more of a tragedy. The story itself is very biased which actually makes me think – Was Shakespeare a very racist person? If you think about it, this play would have been very popular when it was out because most of the audience was Christian and they would laugh at the […]

Letter To George Orwell_HJ

November 20, 2008

Dear Mr Orwell

I am sending this letter because I am so fascinated by your essay, “Down The Mine”. I never thought of life down the mine even if I am using electricity generated from coal which was gathered from the miners. You have inspired me with your deep, detailed description of the agony of the miners. I wish I could write a brilliant essay like you.

I was surprised when I heard that you actually went down the mine, not interview miners how terrible the condition of the mine is. I think that […]

Reflection on ‘evaluating peer’s essay’


Overall, the class activity we did in the course of two days was no doubt fantastic. I marked some of my classmates work while some of them marked mine. Our task was to evaluate a piece of writing.

I found this task very interesting. Usually, the teacher would be the one evaluating the piece of essay however in this case the students were the one in charge of doing so. Why? This is because, if my peers do not even understand what I am writing about, how can I expect my teacher or, even expect the examiner (in […]

Peer Edit

Peer Edit

In class this week we have been doing a peer assessment activity. In this activity we have all been given somebodies argumentative writing piece and have been given a set of instructions of how we are to edit and assess the draft that was assigned to us. Although this topic might at first seem daunting and worrying, given the fact that everybody will read your writing, it also has created an opportunity were we can get a taste of how others attack essay topics and write their ideas and emotions down on ‘paper’.


As an editor […]

“Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher

“Thirteen Reasons Why,” a novel written by Jay Asher is a very interesting book that I read within three days. It is a sad story about a teenage girl, Hannah Baker, and the reasons to why she commited suicide recorded on tapes and sent to all the students involved in her suicide.

It starts of two weeks after the suicide with Clay, a boy who had a crush on Hannah, recieving seven tapes without any return address. He then starts listening and can’t believe what ever is being said. The tapes has to be passed along as shown in a […]

Stephen King-The Dead Zone

Author:Stephen King

Title: The Dead Zone

The beginning of the book made me feel sympathy for the main character, Johnny. Johnny is a high school teacher in Cleaves Mills High. There, he met his girlfriend, Sarah, who is another teacher working there. However, on the night of their first date, Johnny met with an accident and he never woke up till five years later. When he woke up after five long years, he realized that his girlfriend, Sarah, had already gotten married.

However, if you look on the bright side, Johnny woke up with a supernatural power! He was able […]

Run – An Original Short Story

Chapter 1 – Run

“Run!” she yelled. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Heavy footsteps were heard coming from the graveyard. She gripped his hand. They could hear each other’s heart, beating wildly. Each heartbeat was getting louder and faster, and each breath they took was getting harder and harder. They stopped running. They were exhausted. She held his hand tighter. “You won’t leave me here alone, will you?” she uttered as she staggered for breath.

They looked around. The place was deserted. Completely empty. They were standing in the middle of nowhere – lost! Behind them were the dark silhouettes […]

The balance in nature


There must be a balance in good and evil. Just like the balance between day and night, there will be one in our mind and soul. For example, if the world had only ‘good’, then what is left to compare that ‘good’ to? If there is no comparison, then how are we certain that ‘good’ is ‘good’? Also, even if the society is ‘good’, there is always the ‘bad’ in people’s mind and souls. Examples are ‘greed’, ‘jealousy’, ‘lust’, ‘envy’, ‘heresy’, ‘hatred’, ‘gluttony’. There is no such thing as a throughly ‘good’ society, nor a throughly bad society. There is […]

“Down the Mine” – Personal Response

Reading “Down the Mine” was an eye-opening experience. Prior to reading this, I had a general idea that a coal miner’s work is very arduous with severe working conditions, but after reading what George Orwell wrote about coal miners, I have a completely better understanding of what they have to go through. Even then, unlike George Orwell, I can’t fully understand the ordeals of a coal miner since (as expected) I’ve never been in a coal mine. However, Orwell relays his detailed observations and experiences of the coal mine so well, that while reading, I attempted to imagine the back […]

Down the Mine Personal Response

When I heard that George Orwell actually went down the mine to provide us a vivid description, I felt that he is such a great author. I could sense a lot of efforts that were put into this essay, through his detailed writing; therefore I received different impressions from this writing about the coal miners. The only thing he has done in this piece of writing to make it more effective was just stating the ‘fact’. The fact of what is happening all the way down the deep mine where miners have to do mine works with their knees bent, […]

‘Down the Mine’ Impression

The first impression toward this writing I felt a little guilty and reminded me how I wasted things I’ve been using such as water, electricity, food etc. Therefore I considered that I should be using those effectively and beforeI use, I should think about perople doing harsh labour.

This type of writing was different from what I used to read. Often, the writings that tell us the informations about the child labour, slavery etc, about the social issues has the strong assertion at the beginning or at the end that leads the readers to the point whether it should be […]

What i think about COAL MINING…

What I think about coal mining


Down the Mine, written by George Orwell is an essay about coal mining. The author actually went down the mine that barely anyone would want to go just to get accurate descriptions, I found the spirit very admirable. He not only wrote a long essay about the forgotten coal mining industry, he also rose up questions and attention to this low status, hard-working job.


As a Taiwanese, I’ve heard plenty of stories about coal mining, it was a terrible job and the environment is pretty much impossible for humans to stay. Before […]

Personal Response to “Down the Mine”

“Down the Mine”, written by George Orwell. The author didn’t use strong emotional word to criticize the condition of the mine, neither did he show his personal feeling towards the working condition. The only thing he had done, was to present the truth. This piece of writing is written in such a way that it helps me, as a reader, to view the world in a total different view. For me, “Down the Mine” is not only writing about the miners, but also, it can be referred to those who contribute the society by manual labour. When I finished […]

The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, like you’ve never seen before…

It was a dark stormy night when Goldilocks arrived at the three bears house. She looked up. The moon, was glowing faintly through the clouds. It wasn’t raining, but the wind blew so strong, it seems like the forest was dancing wildly. The perfect weather, she thought, and she took out her lock picking tools. Carefully, she picked the lock at the front door of the three bears house. Click. “Ha, time for some revenge,” she smiled to herself. Goldilocks, in fact did not have blond hair, nor it was curly. It was jet black and straight. She wore a […]

Response to “Down the Mine”

I find “Down the Mine” very interesting. This is because, it makes us wonder about what our world is going to become. The modern society we are living in right now. These days, it is totally unheard of about people doing jobs which are not of high social status. People are not only talking about jobs which would get them lots of money but also jobs which would allow them to be well respected by the community. Before I move on to how I feel about “Down the Mine”, I would first explain the amount of impact I felt from […]

Personal response to “Down the Mine”

I found Down the Mine very interesting, and I had never really thought of what it is like to be in the mines getting coal. However, now that I do know I find it very disturbing. I do not know if it is still like this now in the modern mines, but even if it isn’t it was horrible how they were treated before.

In this text the author doesn’t actually say that it is awful. He does not go on about how working down there is terrible, or how we need to do something about it. He doesn’t give […]

What I Think ~ Down The Mine by George Orwell

What I Think ~ Down The Mine by George Orwell

Down the Mine by George Orwell is an interesting piece of literature given that it focuses on a ‘trade’, that to the normal population has nearly been forgotten. Although our lives generally run on coal to sustain its normality, the idea of men shovelling coal onto a conveyor belt hundreds of metres below the surface of the earth sounds unheard of in today’s society. Seeing we are currently in the computer age, most people nowadays would have the idea that machines were responsible for digging and moving the coal. This […]

Goldilocks – The stagescript

Image of a deciduous forest at the background. A few shorter deciduous trees are onstage, spread far apart from each other. GOLDILOCKS is walking down a path. GOLDILOCKS: Ah, it’s such a nice day today! GOLDILOCKS stops for a stretch. She continues walking until she is in front of the house. The house has two floors, the walls are made of wood, and the roof is red. In front of the door, there is a red ‘welcome’ carpet. GOLDILOCKS: (looking up) Ain’t this a pretty house? I’m soo hungry! I wonder if there is anyone in there. She walks […]

Q&A with Mama Bear

Q&A with Mama Bear

Q: Mama Bear, what were you doing before Goldilocks had sneaked into your house?

A:I was preparing our lunch, that day I decided to cook some porridge since it was Baby Bear favorite.


Q: What made you leave the house then?

A: I just finished cooking the porridge, so I decided to go out to get Papa Bear and Baby Bear back for lunch. Papa Bear was playing with my darling Baby Bear near the Waterfall, which was pretty far from our house, so it took us quite sometime to get […]

Personal Letter

February 21, 2012

Dear Dr. Smith,

How are you? Has anything interesting or new happen lately? I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve last been in to your office to see you for a session. I’ve been quite caught up in things lately and I’m sure you’re very busy with all your patients. So I thought sending you a letter would be the best way to reach you and tell you what’s on my mind.

Well yesterday, I had the most bizarre dream ever! Unlike most dreams, this one felt oddly real and vivid in my memory, so […]

Personal Letter

February 21, 2012

Dear Papa tiger,

How is everything going? Well, as I have told you a week ago I am still trying to arrange the travel schedule with my family to Suzhou. You’ve heard of Suzhou, haven’t you? It’s such a beautiful city don’t you think? I am already excited about the trip.

Today afternoon I and my family were busy having some words with the travel agency. I was quite upset by the fact that the schedule they have arranged and the schedule we want were completely dissimilar. As we come home, we were not so happy […]

Business Letter ~ Papa B. Bear

20 February 2012

Police Commissioner Police Station 164 Law and Order Way London, England 101 Dear Commissioner:

On December 2nd my house was broken into, at approximately 2 o’clock. While nothing seemed to be missing some household objects had been moved or used.

After ringing the police they arrived on the following day and removed some evidence for further analyse. The objects they took included; three bowls, three chairs, and to my discontent, all three of our beds. While I do support the work of the police and will fully co-operate with anything demanded of me, I would request an […]

Personal Letter – Goldilocks

February 20, 2012

Hey Emily,

Today something scary and very weird happened to me. I was just taking a walk in the forest because I had a very bad fight with my mum and couldn’t stand being in the same house as her anymore. I walked and walked and I have no idea for how long, but when I decided to go back home I realized that I had lost my way, and had no idea how to get back to my house.

I decided to walk a little longer hoping to find somebody to ask, or find my […]

John R. Pig Obituary

John R. Pig, 13, of Red Wood Forest, passed away on June 12th due to an aggressive attack upon his house by a wolf. John was born to the late Larisa and Rudolf Pig, Feb. 22, 1999. John received no education and was raised in the forest, not being a particularly clever pig. John was never married, but had two brothers whom supported him dearly throughout his short life. John was an extremely lazy pig, known for lying around and letting his brothers support him economically, but that’s how we all loved John and he will be greatly missed amongst […]

What is ‘a good life’?

What is a good life?

Life? What is life? Do we even understand what life is? Can we even comprehend the full meaning of ‘a good life’? In this modern society of ours, the meaning of ‘a good life’ has been greatly distorted. People from different races, nationality, culture and even religion, have something in common and that is, wanting ‘a good life’. However, before they start embarking on their journey to seek ‘a good life’, do they even know what a good life is?

Usually, when a person thinks about what ‘a good life is’, the first thing […]

Horses – (Structure) Body Paragraph

‘Horses’ written by Edwin Muir is a poem that observes one aspect of the war due to the rapid development of technology. There are distinctive features (structures) of this poem that readers might find it as they read along. Every last word of the line has a word that rhymes with the word on the next line. For an instance:

” Perhaps some childish hour has come again,

When I watched fearful, through the blackening rain,

Their hooves like pistons in an ancient mill

Move up and down, yet seem as standing still”

This structure of the rhyme occurs in […]

Early education, is it okay?

Early education, is it okay?

Age of 5, it is the age when kids should play outside with their families or friends. However what parents are doing to their kids is forcing them to learn other languages, mathematics, science that is for elementary school. Early education, what we call is not essential, but problems occur when they are expecting too much things to their kids. They believe that teaching 5 years old kids ‘你好’ or ‘5 times 6 times 17 plus 9 equals 519’ may brighten their future. I am very sure that all the parents are hoping that their […]

One Body Paragraph-Can people become successful just by working harder??

Can people become successful just by working harder??

People can be successful by working harder, but there are still difference between all the successful and the most successful ones. There was a word said that “success is from 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration”. Of course if you want to achieve something, you must at least work on it. There are definitely differences between the result of the careless work and the work that actually put an effort in. But the problem is there is always someone that is the smartest in the group. Everyone is different, which means […]

Essay (Body Part)- Aliens’ Existence

Over a period of time, there were many evidences that supported the idea of aliens’ existence. Though, most of the evidences such as photographs, reports and human’s experiences are remained as a mystery. Nevertheless, I strongly believe the fact that aliens exist. First of all, advanced science technology has been proving the lives of aliens.The scientist called ‘Frank Drake’; he created an equation to calculate the number of creatures those habits outside of the earth. Therefore, as a result of the equation, he asserted that there might be 100,000 to 1000,000 lives living in the whole universe. From then, more […]

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