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I am reading a book called ‘Never Fall Down’ by McCormick. the book is about a young cambodian boy and his life. When he was younger his family owned a very famous opera in Cambodia, his dad was the lead male singer and his mom was the lead female singer. One day when his father was coming home on his E-bike he got in a crash and hit his head really hard and died. the boys mom was too sad and could not continue the opera business without a lead male singer so they became poor, and live with their […]

“Lies We Tell Kids” By Paul Graham ~ Personal Response

“Lies We Tell Kids” gave me sooo much to think about especially since I, like I’m sure many people do, find myself in the exact same predicament when it comes to “being lied to.” I like how he considered and even labeled the adults involved in telling lies to kids within society as a “conspiracy.” It also felt especially nice seeing that an adult like Paul Graham, someone who should technically be part of this whole conspiracy, noticing and explaining the lies that are told to “us” and some of its hypocrisy.

After reading this essay, I realized two really […]

Responses to lies we tell kids. (By Paul Graham).

“Adults lie constantly to kids. I’m not saying we should stop, but I think we should at least examine which lies we tell and why.”


For starters, the Essay – Lies we tell kids – I believe is an analytical marvel. Not only does it talk about the reasons that we lie but also the intent and the history behind all of this lying. Despite the fact, that for the last 15 years a mist of deceptive fog has clouded my whole life, I actually liked reading and deciphering this essay.

Unlike many other tedious essay that I […]

Response to ‘Lies we tell kids’

‘Lies we tell kids’ is an essay written by Paul Graham. The target audience for this essay is vague and unclear, but anyone can enjoy reading it. It not only shows the common lies that adults tell their children but also some reasons behind it. There are various purposes lying to children, such as for protection, peace etc. I found this essay very entertaining than the other essays since it has assertion or argument that reader can easily agree on.

From this essay ‘Lies we tell kids’, how he has written very differently from conventional essay where there are headings […]

Personal Response to ‘Lies We Tell Kids’

I am sure almost every kid in the world including myself was told numerous lies in our childhoods. As I read through Paul Graham’s essay, ‘Lies We Tell Kids’, I could refer his ideas to my own experiences. In my opinion this might be the reason why I was so fascinated to read this essay, because I, in some day will lie to little kids and did spend my childhood, being lied. In addition this cycle will eventually continue for many generations.

In this essay, I especially like the part where Paul Graham mentioned negative effect of telling lies to […]

Personal response to “Lies We Tell Kids”

Personal Response to “Lies We Tell Kids”

Without a doubt, I would say that this is a fabulous piece of writing. This is an essay which gave me the chance to think deeply about what lies are truly all about. Before reading this essay, I asked myself, “if lying is a bad thing, why do we still lie?” As this essay unravels itself, the mystery to that question slowly started to be answered.

As I read this essay, I start to see myself appearing in every page I read. When I was a kid, I was definitely being lied […]

Respond to “Lies We Tell Kids” by Paul Graham

After reading Paul Graham’s “Lies we tell kids”, it revealed to me the most common lies that parents tell their children, and the reason that led them into ling to their children. Reading “Lies we tell kids” makes me reminisce about the times where I would ask questions that would consider inappropriate for my age, and how my parents tried to avert the question by changing the subject, when that did not work they would tell me something along the lines “Wait until your older” or “You don’t’ need to know about it now”. Being young and naïve I would […]

Personal response to “Lies We Tell Kids”


“Lies We Tell Kids” is a revealing essay about relationship of lies between parents and kids. Nobody wants to be lied to, yet all of the adults always tell kids lies. I am a 15 years-old teenage girl, being stuck between the age of kids and adults, I can kind of relate the feelings from both sides.

I understand how parents tell kids lies, at my age, I sometimes lies to my younger sister too. World has a dark side, once we grew up and knew the dark side, we don’t really want to let those younger, naïve children […]

First impressions on “Lies We Tell Kids”

After reading this essay I have become aware of how much parents actually lie to kids. I knew that they lie to kids, but I didn’t realize how much the average parent actually lies. Many of the things described in this essay I hadn’t even thought of before. Additionally, I didn’t realize that I was lied to this much, because I thought it kind of stopped as you grew older. I was wrong.

However, this essay also made me see clearer why parents lie to their kids, for example the part of the essay where Paul Graham talks about sex […]

‘Lie We Tell Kids’ personal response

I think Paul Graham’s ideas are very interesting. Think back to my own experience, I realize my mother told me those lies too. However, most of the time, my mom is quite ‘honest’ most of the time. I realized my mother is more honest to me than my brother, who is 4 years younger than me. I think the reason why my mother do this, is exactly what Paul Graham said in his essay. She’s trying to keep my brother to stay ‘innocent’. My mother thinks that kids nowadays are now acting ‘like a children’. ‘Adults have a certain model […]

Hunting Snake by Judith Wright (one body paragraph)

The poet choice of words (diction).

In the beginning of “Hunting Snake” Judith Wright it gives you the feeling of a perfection with the “sun-warmed ”during the “late season’s grace” and “autumn’s gentlest sky”. “Sun-warmed” gives you a cozy feeling. “Late season’s grace”, the word “grace” can normally be connected to the word beauty. Lastly “autumn’s gentlest sky”, the season “autumn” usually gives you the impression of a quiet and calm place, “gentlest” makes you feel relax which also adds on to the calmness of autumn. The poet then froze the perfect image as the “snake went reeling by”. The […]

Where I come from…

This poem “Where I come from”, is very interesting. The poet, Elizabeth Brewster, uses a lot of imagery to make us think in a very unique way. By using imagery, the poet is trying to make us aware that the place a person is brought up from, would have an impact on what is going on through their minds. Take for example, in stanza one, the poet uses words and phrases like,”atmosphere of smog”, “museum smell”, “smell of work”, “factories”, “chromium-plated office”, “smell of subways crowded at rush hours”. What we see similar from these phrases are the word “smell”. […]

Nick Carraway and Loneliness

Nick Carraway comes of as a lonely character throughout the book and is not very often accompanied. Jay Gatsby is a hopeless romantic and has done everything that he thought was needed to get Nick’s cousin Daisy Buchanan, but was still unable to get her heart in the very end and Gatsby made it very clear from the beginning that he was in love with Daisy. Nick, on the other hand doesn’t speak much of his emotions or feelings. Jordan Baker becomes Nick’s love interest throughout the novel though this is rarely mentioned to the readers. It is suggested when […]

Who is Nick Carraway?

Nick Carraway is presented to readers of ‘The Great Gatsby’ as an unflawed character. However, from the first page we instill a whole lot of trust into our storyteller. We instantly trust everything Nick says and querying his opinion is something that rarely comes across the reader’s mind, but when we relise our narrator is flawed the whole perpective of the book changes. One of the less noticeable traits of Nick Carraway is that he is in fact very snobbish. Despite his claim that he ‘reserves judgment’ as the reader gets to know his character we can see that Nick, […]

The Great Gatsby Body Paragraph Nick Carraway “Racist”

Nick Carraway , the partially omniscient narrator of our story ‘The Great Gatsby’, being a man of reserved judgment however ironically has racist qualities. One of the earliest signs of Nick’s racist behavior is in the car with Gatsby on way to lunch when nick is observing cars as they go by and the passengers within. Page 58 “a limousine passed us, driven by a white chauffeur, in which say three modish Negroes”. “modish” describes a elegant or fashionable person or thing, Nick responds shockingly to this by then thinking “anything can happen now that were over this bridge” suggesting […]

Body paragraph of the poem “pike”!!!!!

Body Paragraph for “Pike”

The Poem “Pike” uses special word choises to create a violent imagery. In the first Stanza, “pike in all parts, green tigering the gold”. The word “tigering” give us an impression of violent preditor. Because tigers are the most powerful animal in the jungle, and it is also an animal at the top of the food-chain. The “tigering” suggest that the pike is the most violent creature in the lake. Also in the first stanza, “the malevolent aged grin” of the pike. “Malevolent” means evil. More than evil, the “aged grin”, the author is trying to […]

Summer Farm – Imagery

Summer Farm – Imagery

As I read this poem, I could forget about busy and crowded city life and think about relaxing, cosy and calming country life and I had a strong feeling that everything in summer farm is passing slowly, peacefully and thoughtfully. This is all because that Norman MacCaig has used lots of ‘unusual’ imagery: “A swallow falls and, flickering through the barn, dives up again into the dizzy blue”. We, as readers question how can a swallow possibly flicker through the barn and dive up into the sky. The word, flicker in a literary definition, means to […]

A Birthday -Structure (another body paragraph)

‘A birthday’ –by Christina Rossetti


‘A Birthday’ is a beautiful poem written by Christina Rossetti. In the first stanza it is very easy to find out all the lines starts with ‘My heart is…’, it brings a childish but naive feeling about this poem, also emphasized those similes afterwards. It’s also obvious to see rhymes in this poem, the rhymes gives you a regular beat when you read it, the pattern offers a happy and joyful atmosphere. There are only two stanzas in this poem each contains 8 lines. An organized poem gives a better affect visually and the […]

Another 1 body paragraph

Imagery – “The City Planners”.

In the poem, “The City Planners” by Margaret Atwood, there are many examples of “imagery phrases” that are used to create a clean or artificial world. “Houses in pedantic rows” and “sanitary trees” are two examples of how she uses an everyday object, such as a tree, and makes it into a flawless and dull picture. This is also shown by “Levelness of the ground is rebuke” which helps to create this tedious suburb with uninspiring rows of houses, painted white, and a standard tree out the front with typical green leaves. This image is […]

Chapter Nine Overview: The Great Gatsby

Chapter nine is the last chapter in the book and I think it is effective in that it sums up the events in the book very well. Nick starts off in a recap of the last two years of his life. After Gatsby’s death Nick puts it on himself to inform people Gatsby may have known or been close to about his untimely death but only to find out his close friends cant be reached at the time. So Nick travels to tell Wolfsheim in person who then curiously rejects the invitation to the funeral. Nick and many other people […]

Chapter Eight Overview: The Great Gatsby

This chapter begins with Nick heading to Gatsby’s house at 4 in the morning which is when Gatsby had arrived home from The Buchanan’s house. Not much happens at his house other than Gatsby spills his love for daisy, talking about how Tom doesn’t deserve her but he does. We learn all about how Gatsby and Daisy met and their short time together five years ago. Things in particular were: Gatsby went to Oxford and sent Daisy letters, and how when Gatsby went to war Daisy couldn’t wait so she began to date other men. Soon she meets Tom and […]

The Great Gatsby Chapter 9

The last Chapter of The Great Gatsby concludes with Nick trying to find people to come to Gatsby’s funeral, here Gatsby’s voice tells nick to get somebody for him. This reminds me of the book “Death of a Salesman” because the main protagonist also hears things by going into the past, he also wanted people to remember him and one was to have a lot of people at his funeral. This is also true for Gatsby because it seems as if no one wants to come. Nick finds Gatsby’s father who is so proud of his son and all his […]

The Great Gatsby Chapter 8

After the Crazy night Nick goes over to Gatsby’s house to find that he had stayed there till four, again seeming a little weak on Gatsby’s part. Tom didn’t try to hurt Daisy, and we hear the story of how he first met Daisy, this story reassuring Nick of Gatsby making me think that this story was true and that this was the real Gatsby. The butler interrupts and says he needs to drain the pool and Gatsby denies saying that he has not used it and wishes too. This showed that he doesnt really care about his items that […]

The Great Gatsby Chapter 7

Here we know that Gatsby is in love with Daisy and that he has plans to get back together with her. Tom is somewhat suspicious of this but never has any proof in this chapter. I found his jealousy and suspiciousness was out of line as he had cheated on Daisy. Gatsby after seeing that his party was not fun for Daisy he cancels all of them and his servants because the only reason for them was too attract Daisy to his house. This showed me how centered his life is around Daisy. Nick visits Daisy’s house where we first […]

The Great Gatsby chapter 6

In chapter 6 of the Great Gatsby a reporter comes to Gatsby’s house to try to get a interview with him, due to the rumors circulating about him. here we learn about Gatsby’s past here we learn that he was cheated and plundered out of his money and from there he dedicated himself to being successful. Nick neither believes or dismisses this about Gatsby, I thought it was totally believable, and a nice story about being the underdog. Nick doesn’t see Gatsby for several weeks and we don’t find out about what he did then as if Nicks life has […]

Great Gatsby Chapter 4

After reviewing my section on this blog I noticed that I had accidentally skipped out chapter 4 which I believe I put parts of it in my “chapter 5” response. I immediately remembered the passage about the fruit being brought in and being squeezed as we did test prep with this passage. I thought that the party was strange because it was more wild than I would think for the age of the host presumably and time that it was set in. Nick is invited to the party by the butler, this showed me that Mr.Gatsby was a posh or […]

One Body Paragraph

Should Animal Testing be banned?

All animals have the right to have their lives treated with value and respect; therefore animal testing should be banned. As we debate whether or not we should continue with animal testing, animals keep suffering. It is unfair for experimenting companies to take advantage or animals’ helplessness and abuse their lives by testing medicines intended for human beings, plus it is even more unjust for society to let experimenters get away with this atrocious act. Secondly, experimentation on animals diverts from being only for the “sole purpose” of research since the experimenters routinely abuse the […]

Writing an essay is like building a building

A writer and an architect is almost the same. A writer is like an architect. Both building a building and writing an essay requires the same thought process. Before an architect builds a building, the architect would first need to have a plan like, how is the building going to look like and, what is the purpose of building that building. This goes to the same for a writer. Before a writer starts to write, the writer would first need to pen down ones thoughts. The writer would need to think about what is one going to write and also, […]

One Body Paragraph – “Stress Can Be Good”

Stress can be good for you.

Stress: pressure or tension exerted on a material object. Most of the time you’ll hear people claiming that being stressful would damage your health and it does not do you any good. Although not many people actually know that having some stress is actually good for you. The “fight or flight” response, which is known as the stress response is when important during emergences. For example, when if someone is driving and all of a sudden about to crash into something or someone, he or she need to slam the brake. During that short […]

Why winter is the best season of the year!

I believe that winter is the best season! One reason for this is that in my opinion I think that everything looks really pretty when the snow is covering the ground and hanging from the trees. Everything just looks much more stunning when it is covered with snow! Additionally, Christmas is in winter and I really like Christmas. It is really nice and I feel like everyone gets happier around Christmas. Moreover, in the winter there are so many things you can do outside! You can go skiing, ice skating, sledding down a snow-covered hill, have a snowball fight or […]

The Great Gatsby Chapter 9

This is the final Chapter where you really get to know the Buchanans, they are selfish and only care about money. Daisy didn’t even show up at Gatsby’s funeral which makes who image decrease even more than it has already and Daisy just becomes this disgusting Character. In this chapter you also find out that Gatsby’s real name is Jay Gats.

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The lonely body paragraph – Is chocolate a real diet and health killer?

The only paragraph we’re allowed to write

Is chocolate a real diet and health killer?


Many people misunderstands chocolate, chocolate is actually one of the healthy foods. Most people think chocolate will destroy your diet plan but it’s actually not true. However, it is the most common, most ridiculous and the most unscientific mistake about chocolate. In fact, every 40g of milk chocolate contains only 210kcal, it is only 10% of a human’s daily calories need, and therefore a 40g of chocolate is nothing. Furthermore, the technology now is available to produce diet chocolate, also sugar-free chocolate. This kind […]

Chapter Seven Overview: The Great Gatsby

My first impression to chapter seven was that there is a lot that happens, and it is by far one of the most captivating of the chapters. Gatsby is acting differently, we learn that Gatsby has stopped throwing his infamous parties and has fired every servent he had and replaced them with people who wouldn’t gossip about him, which is curious. Most likely because he now has Daisy and he doesn’t want anyone to know abou it. Everyone is at The Buchannans house: Nick, Gatsby and Jordan along with Tom and Daisy. At the time Tom does know of the […]

Chapter 9 of ‘The Great Gatsby’

In Chapter 9, the last chapter of the novel, we hear Nick reminiscing about what happened in the past 2 years in his life. He tells the story of Gatsby’s death. Nick, being a good friend, tries to get hold of people Gatsby knew, but all those close friends, like Daisy and Mr. Wolfshiem, cannot be reached. Gatsby never mentioned his father, and people thought he ought to be dead, although a few days before Gatsby’s funeral, his father, Henry C. Gatz, arrives in West Egg. He tells Nick how Gatsby always had a future, and was an accomplished man […]

The Great Gatsby Chapter 3

The chapter starts with descriptions of the extremely luxurious parties that Gatsby throws, showing the lavishness and wealth the upper class people displayed. While Nick and Jordan wanders around looking for Gatsby, they ran into his library and meet this middle aged guy – Owl Eyes. He seemed to be shocked when he discovers the books in Gatsby’s library are actually real. I’m not entirely sure what this means but I thought that perhaps Owl Eyes thought the books weren’t real because he believed that Gatsby’s life was just like a show, just like some other rich people who just […]

“Poets often use unusual images that force us to think in new ways about familiar things.”

Poets often use unusual images that force us to think in new ways about familiar things. I think it is often difficult to understand the message that poets are trying to convey to the reader, when they use unusual images or concepts.


On the other hand, I think it also sometimes can help you to understand the true meaning of the poem. There isn’t a word in English for every single feeling that you can feel. However, if you combine two words that usually don’t go together you can get closer to describe the feeling that you feel. For […]

Chapter 8 of ‘The Great Gatsby’

The chapter begins with Nick going over to Gatsby’s at around 4 a.m. when Gatsby returned from the Buchanans’. At Gatsby’s house, pretty much what happens is Gatsby talking about his love for Daisy, how he deserves her and not Tom. Gatsby tells Nick, his and Daisy’s past encounters, where they met at war. Also, how Gatsby went to Oxford and Daisy sent him letters regularly. She couldn’t wait for Gatsby so she started dating other men, in which she met Tom, and eventually married him. Since then, Gatsby has wanted to see Daisy again, and tell her he still […]

Chapter 7 of ‘The Great Gatsby’

I think that Chapter 7 is by far the most interesting, so much happens, and it all happens in the length of a few hours. Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan are at the Buchanans’ house on the summer’s hottest day. Nick only goes because he thinks Ms. Baker will be there, and Gatsby goes because Daisy invites him. Tom now knows about Daisy and Gatsby’s affair, but doesn’t want to reveal anything, since he too is in an affair. While in the house, Daisy takes a risk and tells Gatsby, ‘I love you,’ infront of Tom. Tom doesn’t like this, and […]

Chapter 6 of ‘The Great Gatsby’

From Chapter 5 to Chapter 6, a few weeks have gone by where Nick, Gatsby and Daisy haven’t seen each other since their small gathering at Nick then Gatsby’s house. Then, Nick passes through Gatsby’s house where Tom Buchanan is there, along with his horse-riding friends, Mr. and Mrs. Sloane. I was confused of why that was like that, and it turns out they just stopped to say ‘hi’. Tom invites Gatsby over for dinner, but doesn’t end up going. Tom is suspicious and has a feeling that something is going on, but has no idea its an ‘affair’ between […]

“Poets often use unusual images that forces us to think in new ways about familiar things”

“Poets often use unusual images that forces us to think in new ways about familiar things”

Before I start to write what I need to write, I would first have to say what I need to say. Poets are really smart crazy insane people who really tries to make things real complicated. I really cannot comprehend why. Are they trying to use analogies in their poems or are they trying to make us think in a different dimension altogether? Now’s the time to find out!

In the book “Songs of Ourselves”, there are many poems, or rather all poems, that […]

Chapter Six Overview: The Great Gatsby

Chapter Six had a lot of explanation of Gatsby and his life, having the interviewer do a report on him. I thought it was a little hard to follow at times but it did help figure out how Gatsby got to be the person he is now in the book. The description of Gatsby from the report is beside all gossip or rumors which was a refreshing change from the curious Gatsby history we got from the characters themselves. We learned how Gatsby’s will to become rich stemmed from looking after a very wealthy man named Dan Cody, who not […]

The Great Gatsby Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of the Great Gatsby has been my favorite so far, the reason for this is that it seems to be the most real time in the book. We learn that Mr.Gatsby is not the confident man that he appears to be , or usually presents himself. We also learn about his background and that he may be into some shady deals and that is how he has made his money. I found it strange that his family was rich and then he lost all his money and then had to make it back, so in some respect he […]

Chapter Five Overview: The Great Gatsby

The start of chapter five is slightly odd. Gatsby catches Nick when he comes home from a late party and invites him out again but really you can tell he just wanted to talk about the tea with Daisy. Its obvious to the reader that the only thing Gatsby wants is to be with Daisy once again because he wants everything perfect for her when she gets there. Gatsby sends over gardeners and a greenhouse with acceptable flowers for the occasion. I thought it was odd when Gatsby offered Nick a job that was “confidential”. When it comes to the […]

Chapter Four Overview: The Great Gatsby

Chapter four begins with Nick describing many sorts of people which I think were some of the people who attended the party at Gatsby’s house during the summer. I think its just to illustrate the types of people who would usually go to his parties and the large quantities of people as well. The next morning Gatsby invites Nick to lunch out in New York, in the car ride there Nick and Gatsby talk a lot about Gatsby himself with things like the war, his family, and oxford. There is another hint about how he may have not gone to […]

“Poets often use unusual images that force us to think in new ways about familiar things.”

“Poets often use unusual images that force us to think in new ways about familiar things.”

This idea can be confirmed by almost ever type of poem, as this is the main function of poetry, to make the reader experience a common topic in a new way or approach. For this is the epic struggle that poets all around the world want to achieve in their poetry as this is the main task or purpose that you want to write down for other people to experience.

A great instance of this is in the poem “the city Planners” the poet […]

The Great Gatsby Chapter 3

After reading chapter three new information is introduced. In this chapter Nick is invited to the party personally by Gatsby, Gatsby’s parties are more lively and seem to be more entertaining than west egg parties. Gatsby doesn’t know half the people that are there and the fact that Nick has an invitation is surprising to a guest. I thought that this was normal behavior of a “rager” party that a college kid would have, This may suggest that Gatsby is still young or has young peoples tendencies. We are introduced to Gatsby’s library, which is very elaborate and made from […]

Chapter 5 of ‘The Great Gatsby’

We know what Gatsby wants is Daisy, he has been dying to see her again, but never really knew how, until Nick Carraway became his next door neighbour. The chapter starts with Gatsby at Nick’s house waiting for Daisy to arrive, since Nick invited her over for tea. At this point Gatsby is really nervous, and tells us that he is an inpatient person. Daisy was to arrive at 4 o’clock, and 2 minutes before that, Gatsby was very anxious. When Daisy arrives, her butler takes her to Nick’s house, and this reinforces the point that Daisy is from West […]

Chapter 4 of ‘The Great Gatsby’

Chapter 4 starts off with Nick Carraway mentioning many names of different people, which at first seem pointless, but this list of names are the people who attended Gatsby’s house in the summer. This may suggest abundance, and Gatby’s massive garden in which he can host many people. The image I got while reading this was an enourmous crowd, all gathered together in the midst of Gatsby’s garden. Later on, Gatsby goes over to Nick’s house and invites him for lunch in New York City. On the way there, Gatsby shows off to Nick his medallion he carries with him […]

Great Gatsby Response chapter 2

In my own personal reading of The Great Gatsby I have finished Chapter 2. The author starts of by introducing a new place, The Valley of Ashes. I find that instead of “a ash dump” the valley of ashes has you imagine the immensity of the place. He describes the area as being a whole town or world as if all of our waste is so vast it creates a whole new world. We first meet Tom Buchanan’s mistress here. I noticed that the relationship that he has with his mistress is odd. When I think of a mistress I […]

Chapter 2 Response

Chapter 2 is interesting in the way that we get to see the influence that Tom has on people. It’s very easy to tell that when Tom is around, he can get people to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants because people depend on him and his money. This goes for Myrtle as well who it seems isn’t herself when he’s around as it seems as if she is of a higher status when he is around and that she can act differently. Myrtle’s husband, George, showed how weak he is for Tom as well in the beginning of […]

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