What I learnt from Romanticism Presentation_HJ

The romanticism presentation was very informative and interesting. There were tons of information and detailed background knowledge of romantic artists. Before I watched the presentation, I wasn’t quite sure about what is romanticism and the difference between realism and romanticism. “Tyger” by William Blake had a great impact on me, because this poem explained almost every key features of romanticism.

I learnt quite a lot of romanticism features from Jesses’s presentation. I heard of “The Sorrows of Young Werther” so his presentation was familiar to me. I learnt that this novel is extremely emotional. It was very interesting to hear […]

Romanticism (Romantic Learning)

The Romanticism project was a ver insightful and very interesting project because I personally know a very few poets and artists and its these types of assessments which make me really learn more about the vast world out there with a huge about of literary poets authors and artists. We started learning about different types of artists and poets and even some authors who have written ver well read books and have been about a lot of philosophical values and prinicples. Romanticism itself connects itself to nature and the heard instead of the mind. Unlike neo-classicism which is about realistic […]

What I Learnt From The Romanticism Presentations

The presentations about Romanticism all gave me information about people and ideas I did not know about before. The artists, poets, writers, musicians all had different jobs and expressed themselves in differently but there were many similarities which were mainly linked to Romanticism but the artists life also had an impact on their work.

Shawn, Kim and Tanmay worked on William Wordsworth and John Keaths. William Wordsworth was a romantic poet who lived in Lake District. This was important because it was a big influence to one of his works called “Nature”. William Wordsworth wrote a lot about nature because […]

What I Learned From the Oral Presentations About Romanticism

From the presentation, I learned that Romanticism is a movement during the 18th and the 19th century that is against the Neoclassicism. People were being very idealistic and extreme ideas, the good people are good throughout the story, and bad people were completely bad. Transcendentalism is a movement in America from the 1830’s to the 1840’s, and is very similar to Romanticism.

William Wordsworth was a Romantic poet who loved nature, and was greatly influenced by his childhood. He loved freedom, and the many of the writings he did are about freedom and nature. Beethoven is a very famous German […]

What I learnt from the Romanticism Presentation

In the recent classes, we have been looking at different artists and poets of the Romantic era. We were split into 6 groups to research about individual artists and poets. Our group researched about John Keats and William Wordsworth. Others researched Mary Shelley, William Blake, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ludwig Van Beethoven, J.M.W. Turner, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Amos Bronson Alcott, and Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

Our group went first, as we presented the poets Wordsworth and Keats to the class. We analyzed their poems and their lives. Keats was born […]

Romantic Artists- What I Have Learned

In English class for the past few lessons, we have split into groups and studied different Romantic artists to present to our classmates. The different artists available included Samuel Taylor Coleridge, J.M.W. Turner, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Throeau, Bronson Alcott, J.J. Rousseau, von Goethe, von Beethoven and a lot more. My group researched Percy Bysshe Shelley, William Blake, Mary Shelley, and Lord Byron. These writers were Gothic Romantics, but I won’t elaborate on that until later.

The first group presented to us an analyses of the poems and works of John Keats and William Wordsworth. These writers were more […]


During the presentations on the various leading figures of the romantic era, it became clear that these men signified emotional qualities, and they represented these with passion, all their works are based on either inspiring emotions, describing emotions, or both. A recurring theme that all these authors present us with is nature and their philo for it. Example:

Their love of nature is, most probably, a reaction to previous times. Before the Romantic era, people were afraid of nature, but gradually a change came along, inspiring a love of nature, and views drastically changed, so that the trees in the […]

What I Learned From The Oral Presentations

I really enjoyed researching information about Romanticism for my oral presentation and watching others’ oral presentations about Romanticism. I found some useful and interesting information from oral presentations.

First of all, Shawn, Kim and Tanmay had an oral presentations about William Wordsworth and John Keats. The names were familiar but I didn’t know anything about them. I found out that William Wordsworth lived away from the city, and he was greatly influenced by nature. I believe that him not living in a city had an influence on him to write about the nature a lot and believe in nature. William […]

What I Learned From The Oral Presentations About Romanticism

Recently we had oral presentations where we presented different people from Romanticism to our peers. Most of the presentations were pretty good and I managed to learn several things from them.

From Shawn, Kim and Tanmay’s presentation I learned that John Keats’ first book was an utter failure, and that he was about to marry another women but then died. I also learned that romanticism consists of writing about nature, writing about daily objects and using dreamy language. In quite a few presentations it was said that romanticism was finding beauty in simple normal things and that constantly talk about […]

What did i learn from the oral presentations about Romanticism?

I learned a lot from the presentations about Romanticism. Before the presentations i was not sure about what Romanticism and Realism was, but now i know their meanings and what their differences are. Romanticisms was discovered in the mid 18th, it was an artistic movement that arose in Europe. It was seen was as an alternative to the ideals of Realism. It emphasised on the beauty of nature and glorified the medieval periods and folk cultures. Romanticism was expressed in many ways such as art, literature, music, theater, nationalism and politics. People who believed in Romanticism were called Romantics. These […]

What I learned from the oral presentations about Romanticism

The oral presentations taught me a lot about Romanticism. Now I know what Romanticism is and how it is expressed.

Romanticism started in the mid 18th century as an alternative to the ideals of the Industrial Revolution and Enlightenment which emphasized science, empirical evidence, and rational thought. Romanticism was expressed in literature, art, music, theater, architecture and nationalism and politics. It emphasized the importance of emotion, sensitivity, passion, imagination and intuition over reason. The beauty of nature and the wilderness also had a great value. Nature was especially celebrated as a classroom for self-discovery and spiritual learning, the place in […]

Romanticism Project

English Romanticism William Wordsworth: Kim, Tanmay, Shawn Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Mizuki, Da Ye, Rebecca William Blake: Eric, Jun Ho, Hyeong Jin Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley, and Lord Byron: Eric, Jun Ho, Hyeong Jin John Keats: Kim, Tanmay, Shawn J. M. W. Turner: Sunniva, Denise, Janani

American Transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Bronson Alcott: Mizuki, Da Ye, Rebecca

French Romanticism Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Jesse, Guillaume

German Romanticism Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and The Sorrows of Young Werther: Jesse, Guillaume Ludwig von Beethoven: Sunniva, Denise, Janani

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A Letter to Walt Whitman

12 May, 2012

Dear Mr Whitman,


I am one of your biggest admirers, “Song of Myself” in the “Leaves of Grass” was amazing, and I got new inspirations every time I read it. It feels fantastic to be able to write a letter to you. I am just an “ordinary” high school student that lives in the 21th century, but I guess you wouldn’t agree with me, everyone is extraordinary, right?


In the 21th century, we’ve categorised all the poems into different eras, you are considered to be the greatest Romantic poet in America. I found […]

Dear Walt Whitman

April 23, 1812

Dear Walt Whitman

I have been reading your poem, ‘Leaves of Grass’, in your ‘Song of Myself’.

I am especially interested in you concept of the men’s consciousness. ‘I CELEBRATE myself’ you wrote for the first line. ‘I loafe and invite my soul;’ As human beings, our own consciousness is so complex, but that’s the only thing we know. We cannot see other’s, but our own. You poem, unlike the ones of my time, is written more freely, without rules and rhymes. Just as your thought, which is unstrained and closer to the real world.

I really […]

Letter to Walt Whitman

Dear Mister Walt Whitman,

Recently in class we read your poem “Song of Myself”. I really enjoyed reading it. I like your reference to nature, and how you expressed that everyone is equal .In your poem you showed traits of Romanticism, for example individualism; which is shown from the title “Song of Myself”. In our poem you mention numerous reference to the organic world, telling how everything that is natural is something good. From your poem you expressed passion with “A few light kisses, a few enhancing reaching around the arms”. From “Song of Myself” , there was a line […]

Letter to Walt Whitman

Dear Mr. Whitman,

Hi, Mr. Whitman, how are you doing? I am a student from 21st century. I don’t know if you can believe this, but the current generation has changed noticeably to the world you are living in. In our English class, we are focusing on different literature in Romantic era. At the present time we are working on what Romanticism might be by looking at various Romantic poets and relate their pieces of poetry to Romanticism, the Naturalism. It is a fortunate that we are given such a chance to read through your writings and I have to […]

Dear Walt Whitman

May 2012

Dear Walt Whitman,

I am a student who has been reading your piece of work-‘Leaves of Grass’. It is a very great pleasure to me to write a letter to you thus, I appreciate your wonderful poetry with all of my heart. While I was reading, I was very impressed by your vivid image of nature.

I admire your poem in various aspects because I felt really comfortable since you have used nature as a main feature and also at the same time raising other ideas and themes. At the […]

To Mr.Whitman, From Mr.Coleridge

Dear Mister Walt Whitman January 29th, 1799

I have recently read your poem Songs of myself and I felt like I needed to write you a letter about it, because this poem really gave me a lot of opinions I want to share with you.

You are dragging things way too far Walt Whitman! When I write poetry I do not write like this. For example, in my book that I recently published with William Wordsworth, William and myself do write about things like nature, passion and equality. But it is a disgrace how you put dirt all over the […]

Letter to Walt Whitman~

Dear Walt Whitman,

This is my first time writing to you and thus, before I get to the main point, I would first introduce myself. My name is Jack and I am just like any other ordinary fourteen-year-old kid living on a tiny island somewhere in Asia. Just so you know, I am writing to you from the 21th century. I do not know how, but I am sure or rather, I hope that this letter would be able to go back in time. I do not want to bore you and so, I would now begin.

You will really […]

Letter ~ To Whitman, from WIlliam

November 7th 1810


Dear Mr. Whitman,

This is William writing. You may not remember, but we have met before at the 1806 poetry convention in Paris, four years ago. I was the man who asked you whether or not you had ever thought about converting to another form of creative expression.

Despite this, I am writing this letter to you as a fan, of your latest work: ‘Song Of Myself’. Which I thought was a great read. Given I was captivated throughout your poem, Even with this being the case, like any man I have some questions about […]

Romanticism Personal Response

I had never even heard the term “Romanticism” until recently, but surprisingly it turned out not to be a completely alien concept. Now after learning a lot about it thanks to Mr. Macknight, handouts, a podcast, and a wonderful presentations, I think of Romanticism as kind of being divided into two parts. One side is like the political, rebellious, individualistic ideas, and the other side is all about nature, freedom, beauty, etc. I’m not too familiar with the political aspect of Romanticism, but from what I’ve learned, I do find the natural side of Romanticism to be pretty interesting.

While […]

Reflection on Romanticism

For the past weeks we had been learning more about Romanticism. We were paired off to do some research on how our chosen Romantic influence the later generations.

During the time spent on research I learnt a lot more about the Romantics. One of the things that I particularly notice Romantics like Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley’s work are influenced from their childhood.

Mary Shelley ‘s father was a political philosopher, which impact her works, she believe the key to improve society was politic. Mary’s mother also has a big impact on her works, her mother was a feminist, […]


The Romanticism is the period of time that is full of natural, amazing, yet unrealistic dreams. William Blake, who was the father figure of the romanticism, the pre-romanticism. While he was alive, he wrote a lot of poetries, in very simple form with comprehensive words. He’s regarded as the most important people during the romanticism period, and influenced a lot of romantic poets after him. However, William Blake wasn’t famous nor rich when he was alive. He had given his entire life for art and literature, but he’s suffering from living. From looking at William Blake’s life style, it makes […]

Reflection on Romanticism

This term, we have started a new unit called romanticism. Although I didn’t know much about romanticism until now, it seemed fairly interesting, as for this unit we were be split up into groups of two and assigned two or more famous or influential people, who had connections towards romanticism.

As a result of this project every English class has been about a different group of romantics, and how they contributed towards romanticism. Albeit this situation can be prolonging and embarrassing, the information that we have already collect from these presentations has extended my knowledge about romanticism ‘twice fold’.

For […]

Reflection on Romanticism

In recent English classes, we were focusing on the Romantics and Romanticism. We have grouped into twos and began the research on the Romantics in different countries. Not only we found some information about them, but also how their literature works have influenced the later generations and the way in which they presented Naturalism and Romanticism in their works.

When Aurora and Alissa’s group has presented their research, I was amazed by the amount of research they have done! Although they did not really tell us how they contributed on the Romanticism, they gave us a lot of information on […]

Reflection on Romanticism

Reflection on Romanticism

During these two weeks, we have been asked to do a presentation on the different aspects of Romanticism. We need to study how different poets portray the elements of Romanticism. So far, three groups have already done theirs and, my group presented one of them. I would say that just by these two presentations, I have gotten a better understanding on what Romanticism is all about.

The first group did on Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley and Lord Byron. The second group, which was mine, did on American Transcendentalists and French Romanticism. We did […]

Thoughts on Romanticism

Although the majority of our class has yet not presented their work about romanticism I feel like I have already learnt a lot about it that I didn’t know before.

From my research about romanticism I must say I find it more interesting than I thought I would. For example, my favorite romantic poet so far is probably Mary Shelley. She was a strong female who fought for equal rights between men and woman. I also found it really interesting to get to know how she came up with the story of Frankenstein. I didn’t even know who the author […]

Reflection on Romanticism



This week, we started on a new project about Romantics and Romanticism. Only 2 groups have presented theirs so far, but both of them are really good. They did the section of English Romanticism, American Transcendentalists and French Romanticism.


Aurora and Alissa were the first one to present their work; they did the English Romanticism on Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley and Lord Byron. Out of all 4 people, I’ve only heard of Mary Shelley before because of the book “Frankenstein”, and didn’t imagine that would be categorized as Romanticism, so that’s one of […]

Reflection on Romanticism PR

So far, our class has been looking at the Romantics and Romanticism. Only 2 groups have performed their presentation this week, but I feel I have learned wide range of Romanticism such as English Romanticism, American Transcendentalists and French Romanticism.

First of all, Aurora and Alissa’s group has presented the English Romanticism on Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley and Lord Byron. I found interesting on work of Percy Shelley and Mary Shelley have done. They both have written the poems and created new field of literature (romanticism) but Percy and Mary also made a […]

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