“Pygmalion” is a play written in 1912 by George Bernard Shaw. It’s a romantic comedy about Henry Higgins a professor of phonetic who (along with Colonel Pickering) had taken the challenge to pass Eliza Doolittle, a common flower girl with a distinctive cockney accent, as a Duchess by only teaching her how to ‘proper English’. “Pygmalion” explores the differences between the social classes through the language, morals/manners, and the role of woman in society.

The play shows how learning how language can distinguish a person’s social class. This is shown by the way Henry Higgins which is consider a higher […]


At the first time I didn’t quite expect that this kind of old play would be interesting, however as the story went on I soon found myself actually focusing on watching the play.

This play has clearly shown the audiences criticisms against the society at that time of the setting throughout the storyline which included some concepts of social issues such as social classes, gap between rich and poor, two distinct cultures due to the different social status, and sexism.

A professor of phonetics, Henry Higgins with his friend, Colonel Pickering, carries an experiment of changing a lower class girl […]


I really enjoyed watching the play Pygmalion mainly because of its unique themes and the way those themes are incorporated within the dialogue seamlessly. Among those themes are: language, social class, and the discrimination against women, all of which are aspects of Pygmalion’s society and culture.

The theme of language I consider to be the main and most unique theme of Pygmalion, simply because there are many books and plays which comment on sexism or discrimination between social classes, but I’ve personally never seen a play or read a book that brings up the discrimination or differences caused by the […]

This is a movie review of Pygmalion… Wait, is it?


I quite enjoyed the movie, actually, and I thought the ending was quite amusing. I thought the movie was going to be something like this: A friendly and kind professor picks up a poor flower girl and turns her into a perfect lady and she will open up her own flower shop and become a rich flower lady, but of course, if the story was so perfect, it wouldn’t be so fun to watch. My suggestion is that they could maybe show more detail of the learning process, for example, how Elisa learnt her manners, how she learnt to […]


Pygmalion is the romantic comedy including all the conventions such as the clear social classes, distinguishable culture, and the language people use in that period. It was published in 1912 at England. The reason why this play is widely known and loved my numerous people is probably because throughout this movie, on the one hand it obviously criticizes the society and on the other hand it wraps the criticism into romantic comedy.


In this play ‘Pygmalion’, it shows the clear and strict social classes between Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins. Eliza Doolittle is the lady selling flowers on the […]


I really liked the movie Pygmalion and I found it very interesting to see the way Eliza develops throughout the movie. She starts off as a poor flower girl and turns into a lady. However, the movie is questioning if it really is better to be a proper lady than a flower girl. As Eliza says in the movie, all her independence is taken away from her, and after she is turned in to a lady she is now dependent on a man to take care of her and give her money. Another thing that raises this sort of question […]

Pygmalion 101


Set in olden age England, this story of a transformation though the classes has its twits and turns as the relationship between man and women is questioned and queried, along with the idea that ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness’.


In this story there are many examples of different types of ‘language’ being used. Although all the characters are speaking English, the audience is led to believe that English people can’t teach their children to speak properly. As Professor Higgins is almost offended that Mrs. Doolittle says her “A’s, B’s, C’s”, in an almost unrecognizable way.

Language […]


I think the movie, “Pygmalion” is very interesting. This movie really makes the audience to understand the power of speech, also how the language is related to ones culture background. I personally like the character of professor Higgins in the movie. He talks in a very intriguing and humorous way. Due to his great knowledge to the English language, it makes his speech even more interesting. At the same time, he has a very special personality. He has a talent to the language, but he has lost his social skill. On the other hand, he doesn’t care about anything else, […]

Review on Pygmalion (play)

I really like this play, ‘Pygmalion’ a lot. I find this play very interesting. I especially like the part where they speak. This is because, they speak with a lot of power and that is what impresses me. This movie has a lot of meaning to it.

The poor might not have enough money to receive a proper education but, some of them have talents that are hidden in them. In this movie, the girl, Elizabeth was lucky to receive an education and her teacher said that she is learning faster than some of the kids of a higher class […]

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