Dear Journal Post (Mid-Book) Thieves Like Us

Thieves like us is a very good book so far. I have read only to the middle and It is very suspenseful and eye catching. You really get hooked on it and then you read for house without knowing, which is why I enjoy books.

Jonah is the newest addition to the elite hackers and he is brilliant. Though he thinks it is a bit weird with the way things are being handled and the house, he is finding it rather luxurious. learning from the best which is Motti, Patch, Con and Tye. I would recommend this book as it […]

Fly In The Ointment- V.S. Pritchett

The father and the son have a very unique relationship as many parents will with there children. The son’s father had recently lost his business as 30 hard years of work is utterly gone. His son happens to feel sorry for him and during the passage he pays him a visit. The son’s name is Harold and Harold feels sorry for his dad because of his lost. During there chat the father asked Harold how was alice, Is she better? And the children?” (113). The father is changing the subject during the chat because thinking about the business is hurting […]

The Sons Veto

     She had done it all herself and she has no maid. She was young and was not educated very well. It was the only accomplishment she could boast of not having a maid. She was paralyzed and left in a wheel chair forever. Her son who’s name is not mentioned, is humiliated of her mother because of this. She is from the lower social class, which means she is deprived and does not have the education like the higher class. During a warm June afternoon she was watching a bandstand perform a concert going on in the beautiful park. Everyone […]

Q&A-Goldilocks and Three Bears


Q: Hi, Goldilocks! I heard that you had strange and scary experience in the forest. I have heard that you have went into the Bear’ s house! What is your motive to go into the house even though there was no answer?

A (Goldilocks): Well, I was walking in the forest and I found a very big house!!! I was just planning to pass by but I was hungry and tired. So, I knocked the door for food and rest for a little time. But, when I knocked the door there was no answer. I was too hungry […]

Interview- 3 Little Pigs

Interview with Mr. Pig


Q: So Mr. Pig how long has the Wolf been trying to eat you?

A: 3 days, each day he would try to get me out of the safety of my house.

Q: How would he do this?

A: On the first day he wanted me to go pick apples. So I went an hour earlier and got back to my house before he got to my house.

Q: So, This went on for 3 days till he tried to come down your chimney. How did you know he was going down the chimney?

A: […]

Interview with Mr. Pig

Q: So Mr. Pig, how do you feel after the dramatic event that occurred at your house last saturday?

A: It was very emotional indeed, my fellow brothers didn’t make the attack by the fearless wolf. My family and I sorrowed for one week, no less, no more. We had a silent moment for both of my siblings and they will be remembered for their creativity and lack of engineering skills.

Q: If you were able to sit down and talk to Mr. Wolf before you ate him, what would you have said or asked?

A: I would ask him […]

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