At Hiruharama – Jun Ho

I guess this story was on one hand confusing but on the other hand quite interesting and funny. The reason I was confused for a while is because I had no clue who the narrator was in this case. There weren’t any clues about who the narrator might be. There for I ended up that the author actually did this on purpose. He or she wanted us to know that the narrator is a person we do not know but the narrator seemed to know a lot about Mr Tanner so probably he or she must have a close relationship […]

Personal Respond to the Symposium to “Death of a Salesman”

The Symposium of “Death of a Salesman” consisted of many different authors discussing about Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”. In this Symposium, they included Author Miller into the discussion. I believe that this helped provide more insightful perspective of the novel.

One point that was brought up in the Symposium would be the discussion about Willy Loman representing the average man in America. Beaufort firmly said that he would not accept Willy Loman as an “Everyman” in America. Arthur Miller later support this point by saying that ‘the standard if averageness us hardly valid’. I believe this is true […]

Response to the Symposium of “Death of A Salesman”

The symposium of “Death of A Salesman” is very interesting. It leads me to discover more about the drama, and I was very surprised that a simple story can lead to so many questions. I think the most intriguing part of this symposium is in fact the author of the drama was invited. Very often, when people read a article/ passage, they will develop their own opinion. If one hundred people read “Death of A Salesman” there will be one hundred different version of Willy Loman. By inviting the author, we will know the author’s version of Willy Loman. However, […]

Response to the Symposium of “Death of A Salesman”

This discussion on a literary program involves the opinions of several writers, including Arthur Miller, about Willy Loman and the play itself.

My overall thought about this symposium is that it is the kind of discussion that never leads to a final conclusion but to even more questions. I think it wasn’t a good idea to invite the writer of the play to the program since he wrote Death of A Salesman and knows more about it than anyone else on there. He will always have the final word – this means that anything he’ll say will be right, proving […]

Response to “Death of a Salesman”: A Symposium

Response to “Death of a Salesman”: A Symposium


The first aspect of this essay, “Death of a Salesman”: A Symposium, that impacted me, was due to the fact of how this essay was constructed. For, unlike most conventional essays, this one was structured in the style of a conversation, which overall not only let you experience more than two different point of veiws, But also, gave the individual the ability to decide which of the speaker’s arguments, s/he believe makes the most sense, as throughout the essay the speakers are arguing about the flaws in each others analysis’s.



Second Impression on “Death of a Salesman”

My second impression on “Death of a Salesman”.

My first impression of Willy was that he was an arrogant man. Willy would exaggerate about his sales and boast about his son’s (mainly Biff) achievements. Although reading it the second time, I focus on the part which Willy shows his insecurities In front of the other character in the play, Willy portray as someone who is overconfident and likes to do thing his way. But with his brother Ben, he consider himself less significant to his brother, due to the fact that his brother is much more “successful” than he is. […]

“Death of A Salesman” – Second Impressions

What I remember from Death of a Salesman is mostly what I remember from the movie version of the play rather than the written version, and in the movie version I mostly remember Willy as volatile and someone who easily lost his temper. So after reading the play for a second time, it’s nice to remember Willy and his family as more than just a delusional guy with a dysfunctional family.

One of the reasons I thought Willy and his family are delusional is due to the fact that they are overly confident. Willy is very confident about his skills […]

Death of A Salesman, reading it the second time

On Thursday, the 17th of May; in english class, Mr. Macknight said, “In order to prepare for your exam, you must read Death of a Salesman, not just once. 2 times? You manage to reach the benchmark. 3 times,” he made a gesture with his hands, “is the minimum for you to get a good grade. Long time ago…” Mr. Macknight starts his story telling. 5 minutes later, Mr. Macknight ends the story, “And guess who got the best marks for the test? The student that read all day about Shakespeare got the best marks! So 3 times,” he made […]

Second reflection on Death of a Salesman

Since I have read this play once and fully understand the basic storyline, I was able to pick out some of the new features that I haven’t noticed in the previous time, because at the first time I was busy understanding the storyline and learning the relationships between each character. However as I know mostly about the plot, I could turn my focus onto different areas in more depth.

If anyone asks me whether I have a compassion for Willy, I would not hesitate to say yes, and that my sympathy for Willy hasn’t changed, but in contrasting aspects. At […]

Death Of A Salesman-Second Impression

This is my second time reading The Death of a salesman. Majority of people reading this second time will agree with me that second time reading the play, we could see more things that we have not recognized before. For me, it raised me several more questions about Linda. In addition various aspect for Willy Loman.

First of all, I feel a lot of sympathy for Willy Loman. The reason why is because in the book of Linda speaking she says that Willy Loman has lived his life for his sons while Biff faced back from Willy. In addition, readers […]

“Death of a Salesman” — 2nd time of reading


The second time reading through “Death of a Salesman”, it’s actually more helpful than I think it would be. Also, don’t know was it because of the book edition of the play, but somehow I think it gets shorter. As I read through, I figure that I still remember quite a lot thing. When I got the book from Mr.MacKnight, I remember looking at the character list, the first thing pop up was “who is Letta?” I had no impression of seeing that name before from my first time of reading, but somehow I remembered Jenny and Miss Forsythe.


“Death of a Salesman” 2nd review

My second impression on “Death of a Salesman”

I totally sympathize with Willy. It is as if I can totally comprehend the way he feels. Just imagine trying so hard but in the end, failing to achieve what you set out for. I would be so devastated and it would be like my entire world around me has collapsed.

Throughout the whole book, Willy has also been trying his very best to teach his sons the right way. He wanted to make sure he teaches his sons well. He is always afraid that he is “not teaching them the […]

Second impressions on Death of a Salesman

As I read through Death of a Salesman again I realized how useful it actually was to read it one more time. There were a lot of things I hadn’t noticed before, and many things I had forgotten. However, there were a lot of things that were still clear in my mind, and I guess those are the things I payed most attention to when I read through it earlier.

For instance, The Woman. She really stuck in my mind the first time through, and caught my attention at once. Reading it this weekend I discovered that I hadn’t really […]

Second Response to DOSM

I don’t know if it’s just me, but while reading ‘Death Of A Salesman’ for the second time, it seemed like it was a great deal shorter than previously. I don’t know whether the cause is, because of the different book or because I have a fair idea of what’s going to happen next. Other than this there are a few other aspects of this story that have come to alight to me while reading this book again.



A major slice of this book is made up of stage details, which without would make the book about 50 […]

Death of a Salesman, second impression

The second time of reading the ‘Death of a Salesman’, I noticed something I had missed last time while I was reading. First of all is the flute. The book started with a large portion of background introduction. ‘ A melody is heard, played upon a flute’. Later, in the book Willy mentioned that his father used to make flute for the extra money for the family. Finally, at the end, after the Death of the Salesman, ‘Only the music of the flute is left on the darkening stage…’ I was wondering how the flute has its effect on the […]

Death of a Salesman Movie Review

Movie review.

the moment i saw the movie, i realized that all the setting was unrealistic. the walls are half transparent, the lighting seems unnatural as well. Willy had a problem, he kept drifting in and out of reality. This is what I don’t get, why is he behaving that way? Has Biff done something to him, or was it because of Biff finding about “the woman”

Also, he kept saying things contradicting each other. For example, he said, “biff is a lazy bum.”, but after a while he said, “there’s one thing about Biff he’s not lazy.” Willy has […]

What is a ‘Good Life’ ?

I consider that majority of people in the world have thought about the meaning of good life, and what actually a good life is. Past few decades, most of people have considered that a good life must have high social status, high prestige, and be rich. So, having a high social status, reputation and being rich became the standard of a good life (what everyone thinks about and the meaning of good life). However, now, more and more people contemplate that money, social status, and respect from the public cannot make a good life. Those can be small factors […]

Death of a Salesman (2)

Just as I finished watching the tragedy, I was able to work out the entire query that I had while watching the play. And it was quite clear that in the begging the actions and conversations between characters actually gave audiences several clues by foreshadowing what would happen at the end of the play. Showing the audiences his illusions did a moderately important job at giving us the hint.

In the first response, I have mentioned that I have a compassion on Willy, and this idea still hasn’t changed throughout the story. Willy is one of the most pitiful characters […]

What is a “good life”?

What is a “good life”?

How do you measure how “good” your life is? Is it by the amount of money you possess? How successful you are? Social Status? Prestige?

Throughout the play Willy would talk about go on about how being success is important and would pressure, Biff, his son to do something important with his life. Although Biff had tired to tell his father that he is not capable of being the person that his father believes him to be, Willy would accuse Biff of “spiting” him. For Willy, a good life means being successful in life, being […]

“Death of a Salesman” response to the movie

In the beginning I though that the story processing on slowly, but later on as the story progresses I notice that some part of the dialog in the beginning actually hinted the events that would take place later on in the play.

In the beginning we understand that Willy tends to have hallucination about the past, because he is mentally unstable, it shows that he change his mind really quickly, which effects his temper. At first, I thought that Willy really does not like his neighbors Charlie and his son Bernard, because of the way that Willy seems to shout […]

What’s a Good Life?

It’s really hard to answer this question, because there’s an infinite amount of possible answers. It’s all based on opinion, and opinions can hardly ever represent authentic answers that are applicable to everyone. Typically, a person has a “good life” when they feel that their life is “good” by either feeling content, fulfilled, happy and so on, but what are considered to be aspects of a good life?

Well, that depends on every individual. “Depends” leads to a wide variety of answers, but as long as the person is relatively content, then they have a good life. There will always […]

Death Of The Salesman (2)

We took 2 lessons to finish watching this play Death of the salesman. Toward this play I feel very impressive. As I said in my first impression, it is distinguished from other kind of tragedy, since this tragedy happens to a person who does not have anything to lose. I quite liked this play regardless of some questions I have and confusing conversations with characters in Death of a salesman (mainly Willy).

What I liked about this play was that it is very different from other tragedy. I liked the characters of the play and the individual characters they have. […]

Good life vs. Bad life

Introduction – Good Life A good life, in a sense, is what a person believes to be a perfect life. Fame, wealth, and pleasure are the themes constantly repeated. Once you acquire fame and wealth, it is very unlikely that you could acquire the third. But happiness, is the base of living a good life. For example, one day you become famous and rich, you begin to pursue higher goals in life until you suddenly become aware that there is nothing left for you to pursue. You’ve come to a point where you realise that you lived your life in […]

‘Death of a Salesman” 2

Death of a Salesman 2

Finally we come to the end of the play. Overall, I have to say that I found this play interesting but at the same time also boring. I know it sounds confusing. However, if you will allow me to explain what I mean, I am sure you might just agree with me.

When I first started watching this play, I would always succumb to sleepiness. This is because I found the play boring. This play has very little action in it. After watching the play for a while, you will notice that in almost […]

3rd post about ‘Death of a salesman’ – Good life

3rd post about ‘Death of a salesman’


What is a good life?


What is a good life to you? It might take you a little longer to consider about that question, or you might not even able to answer that question. A good life’s definition varies because we have different dreams and desire, nobody can deny on the fact we are greedy, therefore we usually have dreams that might be unable to reach, that’s why we are jealous of those who are close to our dream, that’s why we work hard trying to get as close to our […]

What’s a GOOD life?

What’s a good life. I think that is an question no one can ever answer. This is because everyone’s definition of “life” is different. In ‘Death of a Salesman’, Willy thinks, ‘money, admiration,fame’ are the things what makes success. But what is success? I don’t agree with Willy’s definition of “good life”. But if take Willy’s point to the opposite extreme: someone who doesn’t have any money, always worrying what to eat next, discriminate against his race, being no one and died. No one remembers you, and what’s the meaning of life? There are thousands of people, including us, […]

‘good’ life?

What makes your life a good life?

Each person has very strict and different views towards what they think a good life is; some people may desire a huge amount of money for their ‘good’ lives, and some would just wish for their happiness and to maintain their good health condition. This is because the term ‘good’ life consists all of these elements, it cannot be justified as right or wrong when we rise up this question.

These days there are many youths who have an ambitious mind and exert themselves for their bright future are easily seen. Their behavior […]

“Death of a Salesman” End of Video Response

In my first response to the play I would have probably given “Death of a Salesman” on a scale of one to ten a score of four, but now after watching the whole play I would now give the play a score of 6. Even though my personal opinion only slightly improved, from “not good” to “ok,” I still think that as the play went on, the themes introduced and the character development, significantly improved the play. The play was still pretty slow which made it hard to remain interested, but I really enjoyed the part when Biff finally comes […]

What makes a good life?

I believe that a good life is a life you enjoy living. There is not really any meaning with life, you just have to make the best out of it, the way you want to do it!

In order to have a good life, live the best life you can possibly live and create good memories to look back at we have to go to school, and get a job. This is, as you all probably guessed because or else you wouldn’t have money for food, and other things that are necessary for surviving. I am not saying you necessarily […]

DOSM movie

The Worst Story Ever!

Why would anyone want to watch a movie about a man who kills himself?

For starter the movie title doesn’t even let there be a chance of a happy ending as it reads, Death Of a Salesman. Although the main character, Willy, goes from wanting to kill himself because his son hates him, to wanting to kill himself because he wants his son to exceed in his future career, I still believe that this change of events might seem dramatic, as it still results in the same ending, of Willy killing himself.

Even though I dislike […]

The Good Life…

The “Good Life”… Tanned, Rich, and Skinny.

For some this is the “Good Life” as the description above is what most people would say when confronted this question. Although this is a great response, many would argue that this is incorrect and the good life is: spiritual awareness, financially stability, and spending time with family.

Even though these are all great examples of the “Good Life” none of these are one hundred percent correct as these three options change from person to person.


In the Death Of a Salesman’s Willy argues that the good life is: a High Social […]

2nd impression of ”Death of a salesman”


2nd impression of ‘’Death of a salesman’’


After watching the movie about ‘’Death of a salesman’’, I have some serious question I’d like to ask Author Miller. In the class, we’ve talked about how he purposely set up the whole play to make it unreal, but doesn’t that means he is disagreeing himself, by saying ‘’Death of ‘a’ salesman’’, suggesting there’s people like that living around, and Willy is just a representative? The movie is actually really good on transferring the text to movie, it literally did those imaginary walls, high up bedrooms and purple apartment building that […]

Death Of the Saleman (1)

After learning the love poetries, our class just began to learn a play ‘Death of the salesman’. I have no idea what it is about; characters of this play, and what it is meant to tell readers. On the first day, we learned about the relationships between each characters and stage directions.


My first impression toward to this play was a little confusing, because it was very different comparing to previous plays I have learned. The thing that I was unfamiliar about was that it had relatively long stage directions before starting to act. I learned something new, that […]

Last Impressions of “Death of a Salesman”

In my blog post on my first impressions I wrote that I thought the movie seemed a little boring, but had some interesting questions I would like to have answered. After watching the whole movie I still think it was a little boring, although less boring then at the beginning. I also got an answer to some of my questions about the film, and I also got some new questions after finishing the film.

The main character, Willy Loman is a sad and depressed character. When I watched the movie, I didn’t really like the way Willy was acting around […]

The Death of a Salesman

Despite the fact that Willy has such a unlovable personality, at the end of the movie, the audiences have sympathy for this character. Each one of the character has his own unique qualities. All of them are not perfect. The imperfectness make this play very realistic. The truth is, no one is perfect. In the play, Biff steal things, Happy is a girl chaser… And Willy… Willy is actually very irritating in many ways. He cheated on his wife, he lets his son down, he gets anger very easily, he is constantly in his imaginary world… But he’s very […]

First Impression of “Death of a Salesman”

At first when we began discussing in class the background of “Death of a Salesman” I first thought the tragic element of the play is the fact that a salesman dies. However, now after seeing the play I consider the whole thing to be a tragedy. This is because my first impressions, especially after seeing the way the actors portray the characters, are that Willy and his family are all really depressed and lost within their heaps of troubles. Especially Willy, he just seems completely miserable. But one thing that I kept wondering about while watching the movie is what […]

‘Death of a Salesman’-first impression, questions, comments

My first impression to the death of a salesman is this play is a true portrayal of life. It is a play about a common, or rather an unsuccessful man and his life. From the name of the book, we can tell the salesman, Willy Loman, would die eventually. And then we started to watch the movie. The movie gives me a clearer idea of what kind of thing the author is trying to say. The movie gives me a dreamy feeling. The main character, Willy, his mind has always been jumping to the past and the present. The play […]

First Response to DEATH OF A SALESMAN

Death Of A Salesman

This dream/realistic setting of “death of a salesman” instantly introduces us to the main character and some of the traits to his personality, as it lets the audience experience the main character in two extremely different ways. Although we haven’t seen how the story develops we can pretty much tell that this dream like state the “Willy” dives in and out, will in fact be a very important part of this story.

Although we have only watched the start of ‘DOSM’ the audience already has a pretty good introduction to a few of the characters present […]

Death of a Salesman

My first impression towards ‘Death of Salesman’

‘Death of Salesman’, the title gave me the feeling that this book would be quite tragic, because ‘death’ always represent something miserable.

While reading the stage guide, I was quite surprised by the length of it, because I have never seen such a play that had that much stage guide. It was so specific and detailed which made readers very easy to think of a clear and realistic image how everything is set and looked like.

I think the main character, Willy Loman is pretty interesting. As the time goes by, Willy often […]

First Impression of “Death of a Salesman”

My first impression of “Death of a Salesman”

The book started off with a page and a half of specific stages directions; this gave me the impression that the book might have a complex plot.

Willy (the main character) is an old man who just came back form work, and he talks about the hallucination that he saw on his way to work and had drove off the road, which gave me the impression that he’s not mentally stable. From the dialoged between Willy and his wife, Linda when she asked, “Did you smash the car again” which shows that […]

First impression of ”Death of a Salesman”

First impression of ‘’Death of a Salesman’’


At first, when I heard from Mr.MacKnight that we are going to read ‘’Death of a Salesman’’ in English class, I was really confused. Death of the salesman? Who’s dead? The salesman? Why? What genre does this book belongs to? For what purpose are we reading this? What is this book about?


Later, when we were talking about its background, I realized it was another book about American Dream, immediately I thought about ‘’Of Mice and Men’’, then a hundred different question popped up again. Are they similar? Why are we […]

My First Impressions of “Death of a Salesman”

Personally I think Death of a Salesman seems a little boring so far. However, we have only watched a little bit of the movie, and only read the stage directions in the book so I might change my mind later!

Even though I find it a little boring there is a part I especially like. I thought it was interesting to see Willy’s flashback to before when his sons was young and what was happening back then. One question I really want to know the answer to, is why do we see flashbacks? Why does Willy keep thinking about what […]

‘Death of a Salesman’

I have only read and watch the first few parts of the story, ‘Death of a Salesman’. However, just by reading and watching the first few parts of the story, I am already able to get a vague idea about who the characters are and also what is going on in the story.

When I first saw the book ‘Death of a Salesman’, I thought that it was going to be a really interesting story but, as I watched the first few parts of the show, I almost fell asleep. The play is like in slow motion. The movie of […]

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